March 18, 2022

Chapter 4: Boohoo… It’s All My Fault

“Qingchen, I…”

Qinyun pinched the corners of her dress and felt that something was wrong if she explained what just happened. She didn’t speak for a while and her almond eyes were full of grievances.

Qingchen was distressed by her look and he was about to speak seeing her like that.

However, Zhizhi on the ground pretended to wipe away her tears, then said, “Brother Chen, Miss Bai didn’t do it on purpose. It’s all because I didn’t stand firm, so don’t blame her, please.”

Qinyun was stupefied upon hearing that.

Qingchen frowned again with doubts in his mind. “Are you saying that Yunyun pushed you?” he asked to confirm what happened.

Zhizhi shook her head and explained, “No, I fell by myself. It has nothing to do with Miss Bai, boohoo…”

Qinyun couldn’t believe what she was hearing from her. She hurriedly grabbed Qingchen’s arm to break her silence. “Qingchen, it’s true! Miss Qin’s fall has nothing to do with me. I don’t know—”

She was interrupted by Qingchen. “I believe you,” he said while patting the back of her hand soothingly.

When Zhizhi heard that, her tears flowed down as if she had lost all her money.

“Ye Qingchen, I didn’t know that you’re like this now. When did you lose your elegant demeanor?”

Suddenly, there was one more person in the hallway.

Yuchen walked over there with an upright figure. His steps were elegant and calm, as he strolled down the hotel hallway. It looked that there was an invisible light hitting him, illuminating his dignity and pride.

He seemed to be sacred and inviolable.

He walked over and stood still, glanced at Qingchen casually, then narrowed his eyes and stretched out his hand to Zhizhi.

His thin lips opened and said, “Get up.”

Zhizhi blinked in surprise because she didn’t expect him to appear out of the blue.

She shook her head to refuse him and pretended to be ‘strong’. “Yuyu, this aunt can get up by herself.”

Qingchen’s expression changed when he looked at her as if he was looking at a person with severe mental retardation.

He was older than Yuchen, but he didn’t dare to call himself uncle in front of him.

Has she been stimulated too much recently that her brain is damaged now? How can she have the nerve to call herself an aunt?!

Yuchen furrowed his brows and his eyes narrowed fiercely at her, which appeared to have an undercurrent surging in them. He took a deep breath and retracted his hand.

He didn’t do anything to her, although he seemed to be a bit mad.

Zhizhi stood up from the ground and glanced at Qingchen sadly with a hint of ‘affection’.

“Miss Bai really didn’t push me, it’s just that I’m useless and unsteady,” she said in a dejected way.

Once again, Qinyun was hit by her words. It was an endless blame game in an inconspicuous way.

Can you please stop framing me?!

Zhizhi appeared to be ‘heartbroken’ and her body swayed.

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Seeing that she could not stand still, Qingchen hesitated for a moment, then stretched out his hand to support her.

But Yuchen’s eyes squinted and glanced at him faintly.

It was a fleeting glance, but it made his movements stiff.

Zhizhi took a step back with tears in her eyes. “You already have Miss Bai, so you can’t touch me anymore. Brother Chen, Miss Bai had told me—” She looked at Qinyun and continued speaking, “It’s okay, I will fulfill your wish.”

Her drama had not ended yet, so she still appeared to be heartbroken and sobbing non-stop.

On the other hand, after hearing her words, Qinyun almost went crazy!

“Miss Qin, what did I tell you? I’m just here to apologize to you. I’m sorry for telling you about my relationship with Qingchen,” she blurted.

Zhizhi responded while sobbing, “I understand Miss Bai, you and brother Chen are in love with each other. You will live and die being in love, even if the mountains collapse, no one will be able to separate you at the end of the world. Miss Bai, don’t worry, I have already given up on him. So can you please stop poking my heart over and over again?”

In front of the two Ye family members, Qinyun hurriedly explained, “Miss Qin, you misunderstood—”

“You don’t have to say anything. It’s all my fault, I know, boohoo…” Zhizhi pleaded, then she stopped talking.

She wouldn’t give Qinyun a chance to speak at all, so she turned around and ran away in distraught.

Yuchen looked at her back as she left, and felt a sudden surge of emotion in his heart.

It was always like that. She would always run so fast whenever she saw him.

In the end, there were only three people left in the hallway.

Qinyun secretly looked at Yuchen. She observed him for a while and inquired in a careful tone, “Qingchen, who is he?”

Qingchen hesitated before he answered, “He is my eldest brother’s son, the one who holds the power in the Ye family.”

Her expression suddenly became a little subtle.

Qingchen wanted to introduce her to Yuchen as well, but he didn’t know how to say it. After thinking for a moment, he said, “Yuchen, this is Bai Qinyun, Ziejie’s mother.”

Unfortunately, Yuchen didn’t look at them. He didn’t even respond and just walked past them with an indifferent and alienated expression.

Since Zhizhi had left already, Qinyun relaxed a little bit, but she was dumbfounded again by his attitude. It took her a long time before she came back to her senses and speak again, “Qingchen, he—”

“He has always been so cold, so don’t bother to care about him.”

She nodded. “Qingchen, would you like to go and check on Miss Qin? She was still standing fine when you were away. But when you arrived, she fell down all of a sudden. Did you notice that she was irritated seeing us together? You should go and coax her.”

She cleared up what happened using a few words, and also insinuated that Zhizhi wanted to frame her.

She observed Qingchen’s expression while she was explaining. She breathed a sigh of relief when she realized that he truly believed in her.

Ye Qingchen sneered. “No need! She should have accepted this fact a long time ago.”


Zhizhi washed her face in the hotel lobby restroom on the first floor. She touched her cheeks which were full of life. She looked at herself in the mirror and her mouth opened into an O-shape.

What kind of fairy face is this?

She now had a small face, which was about the size of a palm, and a pair of star-like eyes. The corners of her eyes were slightly raised and when she looked at something, they seemed to roam around, which was very fascinating and charming. Her nose was small and straight, which was just right, and her lips just have the right thickness with a natural cherry color.

Her lips were plump with the rare pearlescent gloss, which makes her lips look more three-dimensional and sexier.

When she bit her lower lip lightly, her eyes would curve slightly and show a tipsy and rippling expression, which made her gasp.

She was astonished to be able to get her hands on such a great fortune.

How blind were the male lead’s eyes? He didn’t want such a beautiful wife-to-be, so he went and asked for a side dish with clear soup and plenty of water?

He was really fearless about not eating meat!

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