March 18, 2022

Chapter 3: Fall Faster than the Female Lead

Zhizhi looked at the female lead and found that her skin was indeed white.

It was white and translucent!

Her fairly beautiful face was white and deathly pale, without the slightest bit of blood, and her lips were also pale. As you looked closely, you would see that there were many whiteheads on her forehead.

There was no expression in her eyes and they were as black as two hollow holes in a dry tree.

Zhizhi clutched her chest and raised her eyebrows. “You should go and make a ghost movie!” she shrieked.

If this woman didn’t speak as she stood in front of her, Zhizhi would think that she was a corpse!

Bai Qinyun, the female lead, was stunned.

Zhizhi held her chin and said slowly, “It’s really a pity that you don’t make ghost movies with this image. Do you want to consider it?”

Qinyun finally reacted, her almond eyes flashed fiercely.

Is she saying that I look like a ghost?

She wiped her eyes and a layer of water mist quickly appeared in her hollow almond eyes, and the two lines of clear tears flowed down like water columns.

“Miss Qin, I know you hate me so much now. As long as you can calm down, I can do whatever you want me to do. Make a ghost movie, right? I’ll go and shoot. I’ll do it right away…”

Zhizhi squinted and smiled.

She remembered that the original owner came out of the hotel and didn’t bump into anyone. Why did she bump into the female lead now so coincidentally?

Was it because the timing was different? She was thinking if she did come out of the room too quickly or too late.

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After pondering about it, she made an analysis and drew a conclusion based on all the novels she had read for many years.

When the female lead was present, then the male lead would also be there. If the female lead was wronged, the male lead, whether he was located in the Sahara Desert, or he was an alien, or he was in outer space, would immediately rush over to her!

Considering the original owner’s ending, if she wanted to live, then she should not follow the original owner’s old path.

Zhizhi also rubbed her eyes and her tears fell faster than the female lead.

“Boohoo… Miss Bai, I know you didn’t do it on purpose. I just… I just… boohoo…” she sobbed uncontrollably. “I just didn’t expect Brother Chen to fall in love with someone else.”

Qinyun was dumbfounded and thought, is this woman still the same Qin Zhizhi I knew?

The Qin Zhizhi she knew was the silent type, who would not say a word in protest and would just endure everything silently.

She swallowed before speaking, “Miss Qin—”

Zhizhi raised her hand to stop her. “Miss Bai, you don’t need to say anything, I understand,” she said with tears still falling from her eyes, “just let me cry enough by myself, my heart hurts so much, boohoo…”

She went from crying in a suppressed and low voice to crying loudly at the end.

This clearly showed that the person who cried so much was viewed as the ‘miserable’ one.

Qinyun was at a loss again and there was a lot of confusion on her mind. She couldn’t believe that Zhizhi just turned the situation upside down.

I’m supposed to be the one crying now, right?

She suspected that something was wrong, so she extended her hand to probe, “Miss Qin—”

But Zhizhi fell to the floor all of a sudden.

Qinyun was frightened at that instant. She was certain that her hand hadn’t touched her yet!

The hallway of the hotel was covered with a layer of carpet, so it wouldn’t hurt to fall down like that, but Zhizhi seemed to be in so much pain from the fall. She just continued crying on the ground for a long time and didn’t get up.

The more she cried, the more tears fell on her face, and her nose turned red after crying for a long time.

Qinyun’s heart was pounding hard. She now realized that she was in a tight spot. She couldn’t let Ye Qingchen, the male lead, see this scene. She stretched out her hand to pull her up. “Miss Qin, let me help you—”

But a figure suddenly came out from behind her.

Qingchen frowned and looked down at the woman on the ground condescendingly. “Qin Zhizhi, you know that you are a famous socialite in the imperial capital, but why don’t you realize how ugly you look right now for harassing someone like this?”

Zhizhi raised her head to look at this person with tears in her eyes.

He was a man wearing a suit and leather shoes, with a handsome face and furrowed eyebrows, and his whole body exudes a fierce arrogance.

He did have the capital to be a male lead.

Remembering the original owner’s fate, Zhizhi felt a strong feeling of contempt at him.

No matter what the original owner said and did, she should still be regarded as his betrothed and younger sister.

She fell down on the floor, but her husband-to-be sneered at her and even said that she was too ugly.

Zhizhi lowered her head, a hint of displeasure flashed in her star-like eyes, and then she said sobbing, “Brother Chen, you misunderstood me. I’m just walking fine here, then Miss Bai came to talk to me.”

Qingchen looked at Qinyun and frowned slightly. “Yunyun, what happened?” he asked.

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