March 18, 2022

Chapter 2: You Must Not Blame Auntie

Qin Zhi thought that the original owner was treated as gasoline to keep the relationship between the protagonists running. When the author was upset, she would drag Zhizhi out to abuse her. And when she was happy, she would even torture Zhizhi more.

After recalling the original owner’s miserable ending, her expression changed from shock to disbelief, bewildered, annoyed, distressed, regretful, and finally, scared.

Her emotional transformations looked really good.

Knowing the original Qin Zhizhi’s fate, who would not be afraid?

Yuchen squinted his phoenix eyes and had a panoramic view of all her emotions. Seeing the regret in her eyes, his handsome face turned gloomy and his compelling aura became more intense.

She shrank for a moment and said with insufficient confidence, “Auntie doesn’t remember what happened last night. Do you believe me…”

His mouth slackened, then he yelled, “Qin Zhizhi!”

The man gritted his teeth and let out a sentence from between his teeth, “What do you call yourself in front of me?”

“Auntie,” she replied.

She looked baffled and then realized something. “Oh! Do you want to call me little aunt instead? But I think auntie is better than little aunt.”

I don’t dare to be your little aunt?

I can’t be called little aunt, only auntie!

Yuchen pinched his eyebrows. His deep and unfathomable eyes unabashedly showed a hint of anger, and his face was so cold that it couldn’t be any colder. He pointed to the door on the side.

He said coldly, “Get out.”

He was afraid that if she would not disappear from him at that moment, then he wouldn’t be able to stop himself from strangling her to death.

However, that was exactly what the woman wanted so she was delighted.

She waved her hand at him and a smile appeared on her small face. “Nephew, I really don’t remember what happened last night. You must not blame auntie, okay?”

Yuchen’s face turned gloomier. “Zhizhi, do you want to—”


Zhizhi interrupted him in time. How could she not sense that there was no good thing behind his next words?

She waved her hand at the man and left in a refreshing mood.

She had never been with a grown-up man in her last life, and after she transmigrated into this book, she had to be addressed as auntie by one. This really didn’t feel too good for her.

She couldn’t be proud of herself now.

What if he was five years older than her? Then, he should not call her auntie!

Those deadly words were stiffly stuck in her mouth.

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Yuchen’s dark face turned gloomier and colder in vain, his thin lips pursed, and a cool and indifferent breath swept his whole body. He stood up straight and then walked to the floor-to-ceiling windows.

His eyes looked into the distance and they were very cold and deep.

Behind him was a big messy bed. The sheets were crumpled and piled up at the end of the bed, the quilt was scattered randomly on the carpet, and on it lay a chain bracelet dropped by the woman.

Zhizhi came out of the room, contemplating the plot of the whole book.

She noticed that the author wanted to write about the love-hate relationship between the male and female leads, and the male lead’s career growth, but there was no extra writing regarding Ye Yuchen.

His appearances in the whole book were also pitiful.

They were all related to the original owner!

“Miss Qin.”

She was in a trance, so her heart skipped a beat when she heard a sudden voice behind her.

She looked back angrily and exclaimed, “What do you want?!”

“Miss Qin, I didn’t know that Qingchen had a marriage contract with you. You know, I didn’t plan to come back with him, but I couldn’t change his mind. I feel very sorry for the harm I caused you. I don’t know how to make up for this.”

Zhizhi nodded in a daze.

She realized that this woman was none other than the female lead.

The woman was wearing a soft white dress, her cheeks were clear and attractive, spotlessly white without makeup, and her eyes that were looking at her were somewhat apologetic.

In the novel, the female lead did not have an alluring appearance and her facial features were not very outstanding. She could only be deemed as a middle-to-upper-class beauty. The author described her as plain, simple, delicate, and weak.

The author also mentioned that her skin was like white paper, glittering and translucent as if it was a congealed fat.

Simply put, her skin was white.

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