March 18, 2022

Chapter 1: A Thunder from a Clear Sky Transmigration

Qin Zhizhi was standing barefoot on the floor tiles that were as clean as new. It was in the late autumn, so it was quite cold.

Her feet were a little chilly from the cold.

She never thought that the insanely satisfying and ecstasy-like dream she was having would become real as soon as she opened her eyes.

“Shouldn’t you explain to me what happened last night?”

The man’s deep voice was like a melodious cello sound. It was pleasant, prolonged, and mellow, with a bit of hoarseness from having a long night.

She listened to it and her heart somewhat felt numb.

Her lips were pressed together into a thin line and there was this voice whispering in her ears, which caused her to clearly perceive that something was wrong. She was stunned by the cause and effects, which made that dream come true.

She raised her head. Her thick curly eyelashes trembled and her flaming lips opened.

“Who are you?”

The man also raised his head. His sword eyebrows were slightly furrowed, and a finely carved, handsome, and fearless face instantly took away all of her vision.

He was sitting on the sofa, his dark phoenix eyes narrowed slightly, two deep cold beams shot towards her, and a strong oppressive force exuded invisibly from his body.

She couldn’t help but want to kneel down.

She straightened her back and stared back at him, not admitting defeat.

So what if he was handsome?

She was a big girl who had never been in love and it was fine if her innocence was taken one day.

She enjoyed the process anyway.

The man didn’t plan to mind what happened. But she turned around just like that and didn’t even want to recognize him when she got off the bed. In the end, he was treated like a ghost!

The man raised his eyes to look at her. “Playing dumb?”

Who the hell wants to play dumb with you?!

Her head was now in a mess and quite confused.

She still stared at him. “I don’t even know who you are, so why would I play dumb?”

The man’s expression turned gloomy and he spat out a few words coldly, “Ye Yuchen.”

Her clear eyes flashed blankly at first, then she opened her mouth slightly in surprise, with a very subtle expression.

Why is this name similar to one of the characters in the novel I’ve read recently—The Overbearing President Falls in Love with Me? And that character seems to be a bit similar to this man, right?

She also thought that her situation right now seemed to be a bit in line with the novel’s plot.

She opened her mouth, pointed a finger to her nose, and asked, “Who am I?”

Yuchen frowned, his gaze was a little bland and cold. “Qin Zhizhi, what tricks are you playing?!” he yelled.


She slammed her head into the wall beside her.

Her eyes were red from the pain.

Damn it!

She actually transmigrated as the villainess in the novel with the same name as her!

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In the beginning, she just read that book—The Overbearing President Falls in Love with Me—all because there was a female supporting character with the same first name and last name as her.

That villainess’ name was Qin Zhizhi.

She was just missing one Zhi because her name was Qin Zhi.

The original owner and the male lead in the book were childhood sweethearts. She was adopted by the male lead’s parents when she was a child and became his playmate.

One boy and one girl, two innocent playmates, childhood sweethearts, what a beautiful life.

The original owner was found by her biological parents when she was fifteen years old. The male lead’s parents were not willing to let her leave, so together with her biological father, they entered the two into a marriage contract.

It was agreed that the two would hold a wedding after they became adults.

But she didn’t expect that when the male lead went abroad to study, everything would change when he came back. He fell in love with a girl she met abroad and brought a son back.

That girl was the female lead.

As the person who was arranged to marry the male lead, the original owner was of course not happy for this turn of events. She came to the hotel in a fury and paid for a male prostitute.

You secretly gave birth to a child abroad, right? Then I won’t keep myself pure anymore!

However, she didn’t expect that something would go wrong, as the male prostitute became Ye Yuchen, the nephew of the male lead. In the end, something indescribable happened.

Yuchen was a grown-up man who was not mentioned that much in the book. He was one year older than the male lead. He has a four-year-old son whose mother was unknown. The author described him as a strange god and was even more mysterious than the male lead.

After his power was seized by the male lead, he secretly established a business empire and faintly suppressed the male lead in his career.

As for the original owner, after discovering that she had slept with this nephew, she ran away before dawn and did not dare to let anyone know about it.

The original owner was also a fool. The male lead returned and brought his son back, but what did she do?

She decided to accept the child and be his stepmother.

Anyway, the child was born already and she just accepted the situation like she had no choice.

But she didn’t expect that she couldn’t do anything about the effect of the female lead’s halo, so she was forced to become a vicious female character. She hired someone to beat, drug, and kill the female lead. She had done everything a villainess would do.

The ending of all the villainesses was always not very good.

And the original owner was no exception to that rule. She was sold into a low-grade brothel by the male lead, where she was tormented terribly, both physically and mentally, and became very ill.

In the end, Yuchen rescued her.

The original owner had long been desperate and didn’t want to live anymore. She ran into the traffic and was hit by a truck, but she didn’t die. However, all the bones in her body were broken and she became as soft as a pile of mud lying on the bed.

She couldn’t die even if she wanted to.

Her biological parents’ company was also acquired by the male lead, enriching his career.

It couldn’t be more miserable.

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