March 23, 2022

Chapter 9: I Will Not Wear It Even If I Die

Yifan took a look at the clothes and suddenly became furious. “Zhizhi, you dare to bring your dress here again?! I will tell Dad that all of this is your conspiracy, you just want to slander me and destroy the only person who will continue the bloodline of the Qins!”

Zhizhi sighed with exaggeration, walked up to him, and slapped his buttocks.

Who could have the intention to engage in any type of conspiracy?

She probably would not be able to focus all her thoughts on herself now, so how could she still have extra time for other people?

Yifan cried out in pain, “You shameless woman! Who told you that you can touch a man’s buttocks so casually?!”

She looked at him coldly and taunted him, “This is called casual to you? I can tell everyone casually that you got yourself beaten, do you believe it or not?”

“I am your brother! You are really shameless!” he yelled, while he clutched his buttocks and moved away from her with all his might.

Zhizhi laughed out loud and noticed that this younger brother was too cute, which made her want to bully him so much.

Unexpectedly, she now had a younger brother all of a sudden.

What else could she do aside from bullying him?

In her opinion, if the younger brother was not bullied by his older sister, then everything will be meaningless.

She sat down on the bedside while dangling her legs slowly. “I heard that Dad deducted money from your allowance, is that right?”

Yifan got furious again upon hearing that. “And it’s all because of you!”

Zhizhi ignored him and said, “You spend hundreds of thousands of yuan a month. So, after reducing your monthly allowance, what will you spend in the future? You know, I have a way to help you get your full allowance back. Would you like to hear it?”

Yifan had been pampered since he was a child to the point that he would just open his mouth to be fed and hold out his hands to be dressed.

If you really wouldn’t give him money to spend, in less than a month, no, in just one day, he would be on his knees begging his father and mother for money.

He gritted his teeth and firmly refused her. “I will not be corrupted by wealth and honors. Even if I starve to death and live on the streets now, I will never agree to wear a dress!”

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Two hours later.

At Qins’ parking lot.

Zhizhi glanced at the person next to her and opened her red lips to say, “What are you trying to cover? You wear swimming trunks in broad daylight, right? Don’t tell me you haven’t exposed your buttocks in public yet?”

She was actually standing beside a ‘girl’ who was one head taller than her.

The girl was wearing an aqua pink dress, with long curly hair, delicate light makeup on her face, crimson cheeks, a pair of deep eyes which were blurred and vexed, a high and stylish nose, and thin and red lips.

She looked so charming and beautiful, young and naive.

But she was a little timid as she kept on grabbing the dress with one hand and pulling it down hard, and her image was even more broken when she opened her mouth.

“Zhizhi, what is this thing you put on me? Why is this dress so short? And what about all the hair on my body? Why are they all gone now?!

“Also, I only wear swimming trunks and I haven’t exposed my buttocks outside at all!”


You were right.

The young and beautiful ‘girl’ beside her is Qin Yifan, who said that he would never wear a dress even if he died!

Zhizhi glanced at him lazily and said nonchalantly, “You didn’t wear open-crotch pants when you were young?”

Yifan couldn’t refute that and thought of many ways to kill his sister.

He made a vow that when it was no longer illegal to kill, then he would be the first to stab his sister to death.

Zhizhi once again defeated her foolish and stupid younger brother. She gave herself a thumbs up in her heart, raised her chin, and boss him around pointing to a car. “Drive!”

Yifan’s hands trembled in anger. “I will only turn eighteen next month. Are you trying to murder your younger brother?!”

This time, it was her turn to be speechless.

How could she know that this stupid younger brother was still underage?

The two came to the side of the road to wait for a taxi. They waited for a long time, but no taxi had passed by, not even a shadow of any cars.

Zhizhi’s legs were a little numb from standing too long.

From the corner of her eyes, she finally saw a car driving towards them. Without looking at the car model, she kicked Yifan on the waist. While avoiding his buttocks, she kicked him into the driveway.

The car stopped.

Yifan shivered when he saw the license plate on it and turned to look at Zhizhi.

That look seemed to be saying, ‘Are you looking for death?’

Zhizhi was puzzled by it until the rear seat window rolled down and a noble and proud face appeared, so she immediately put on a smiling face.

She became cheeky and waved her hand, then said, “What a coincidence?! Oh, my nephew, are you here to find me?”

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