February 4, 2022

Chapter 64: Leave Request

As the fall season started, the temperature quickly cooled down. This was followed by the midterm exam.

This was the first midterm exam after entering No.1 High School. After this exam, a new class arrangement would be faced by the first-year high school students.

Yansheng was like facing a big enemy, so she studied behind closed doors at home every night during the week of the exam.

The two kids were muttering, Huan heard them and asked curiously, “What’s wrong with your sister?”

Before Heling could speak, Shuocheng grabbed him and said, “Sister has become a nerd. Hahahaha!”

Heling knocked him on the head and said to Huan, “Sister is studying very hard now. I got up to drink water at night and saw that there was still light in her room.”

Which parent would not like their children to study hard? Huan immediately smiled and then straightened his face. “Look at your sister, then you two should go and study as well. You’ll be spanked if you don’t study well!”

No child would be happy to be reprimanded by an adult. The two kids scattered like birds and beasts.

Huan sneaked up to the second floor and when he saw that Yansheng’s door was closed, he went up and knocked on the door.

Yansheng came over to open the door and was a little surprised when she saw him. “What’s the matter?”

“What happened? Why are you staying up late recently?” Huan asked with concern.

Yansheng replied impatiently, “It’s time for the midterm exam.”

“Oh~” Huan said, “Don’t stay up too late, you have to pay attention to your body.”

Saying this nonsense will not help me in the exam.

Yansheng rolled her eyes and said, “The classes are adjusted in the middle of the semester and the students in the last positions will be eliminated. If you don’t want me to fall into the ordinary class and shame you, don’t delay my time to study.”

Huan then hurriedly said, “Okay, okay, I will not delay you anymore. Go and study well.”

He still wanted to say something but Yansheng already slammed the door, which almost clamped his nose.

He shrank his neck, leaned his mouth against the door, and shouted, “Go to bed early, don’t work too hard.”

Then, he shouted again, “Dad will give you more pocket money.”

Yansheng’s phone soon received a notification. She picked it up to check and saw the extra pocket money had arrived.

In her previous life, when she needed his care and discipline so much, her father just ignored her.

In this life, as she was studying voluntarily and didn’t need him to worry at all, Huan was showing some concern.

She thought that it was just a blind act that disrupted her studies.

Yansheng threw her phone aside angrily and focused on solving questions again.

The more she dwelt on it, the dizzier she felt and couldn’t figure it out. Tomorrow, she still had to find Zhiyuan to explain to her the idea of this topic. He explained it very clearly.


When the last subject of the midterm exam was finally over, the papers were put away and the bell rang. Yansheng let out a huge sigh of relief.

Unexpectedly, she was not the only one who did it. As she turned her head and looked around, she found that her classmates all had a look of ‘finally over’ on their faces. Some even rolled their eyes mischievously while lying on the table. “I’m dead, you need to burn some paper offerings for me.”

Yansheng felt amused.

She thought that in this class, she was the only trash who squeezed in, and the others were real academic bullies, so she was the only one who faced so much pressure from the exam. Unexpectedly, everyone was actually under so much pressure.

She couldn’t help but curl her lips and smile.

The girl in front of her looked back and wanted to talk to her, but suddenly her eyes flashed. She leaned over and lowered her voice, and said sneakily, “Zhiyuan is looking at you.”

As soon as Yansheng turned her head, she bumped into the boy’s gaze.

The young man was at a loss for a moment, and then he turned his head around to talk to others. However, his posture was a bit unnatural.

The girl in front laughed happily and winked at the other girls. The classroom seemed to be flooded with adolescent hormones.

Yansheng turned her head back.

The girl in front lowered her voice and asked her, “To be honest, are you two…”

Yansheng pinched her cheeks. “Our school rules prohibit puppy love.”

“Stop pinching, let go! My face is already big! It can’t get bigger!” The girl slapped Yansheng’s hand to break free from her, then she rubbed her face and said, “Everyone says you two are a couple! You are so mean, you didn’t even tell us!”

Yansheng replied, “Don’t talk nonsense.”

The girl made a funny face, obviously did not believe her.

However, Yansheng was reminded because of this and felt that she needed to restrain herself.

After rebirth, she had always looked at her classmates as if they were her younger brothers and sisters. This attitude had made the girls in the class to be coquettish with her now, and she didn’t feel much about the boys. For Zhiyuan, she felt that she had to make the best use of everything and she couldn’t waste having a college entrance examination champion by her side. If she didn’t understand anything in her studies, she often asked Zhiyuan for advice.

Zhiyuan was always very patient to help her.

Yansheng thought it was nothing. In fact, if it were someone else, Yansheng actually felt that it would be no big deal for them to fall in love even if they were still in high school. But Zhiyuan was different because he would be the champion of the college entrance examination.

For the college entrance examination, tens of thousands of students tried their best to pass and it was a fierce competition.

In case he missed getting into Q University because of her influence, or even if he didn’t miss it but lost the title of champion instead, Yansheng would really feel so guilty about it.

In the future, she had to pay attention to keeping a distance from Zhiyuan, Yansheng thought inwardly.

Two days later, the results of the midterm exam that made everyone fearful came out. At the same time, the homeroom teachers announced the first adjustment list of classes for the first year of high school.

No one could have imagined that for the first adjustment, two students entered the top class and five students fell into the ordinary class.

The students felt huge competitive pressure all of a sudden.

Yansheng’s midterm exam results ranked 11th from the bottom in Class 2, which was even better than the previous monthly exam, so she was safe.

She wiped a cold sweat from her forehead.

Looking at Zhiyuan’s results again, sure enough, he jumped up again without making a sound.

This boy was not the kind of outstanding talent, but he fought steadily and went up bit by bit.

This achievement of climbing up made Yansheng faintly feel an indescribable sense of power from it.

She couldn’t help but turn her head to look back again, and once again bumped into Zhiyuan’s line of sight.

This time the teenager did not avoid it, he met her gaze, pursed his lips, smiled, and gave a thumbs-up. Yansheng couldn’t tell if he was proud of his progress, praising her progress, or maybe both.

Anyway, she thought that it was very youthful and cute.

Yansheng couldn’t help but smile at the boy.

After smiling, she remembered that she had thought about keeping a distance from each other, so she quickly put away her smile and turned her head.

In the back row, Zhiyuan tried hard to control his smile, but the corners of his mouth couldn’t help but curl up.

The five classmates that were eliminated walked very tragically. Everyone was sullen, their mouths pursed tightly as if they were going to the execution ground.

Most of the other students in the class looked at them with a kind of sadness, as if they were the next to leave.

The students who fell from the top class lowered their heads when they entered their class and did not greet the others. They seemed to be not interested in meeting new classmates. It was conceivable that the five students who fell out of their class probably looked like this when they went to the ordinary class.

Only the students who climbed up from the ordinary class had shiny faces when they entered the door, and there was a little excitement and joy in their eyes.

After sitting down, they also took the initiative to exchange names with the surrounding classmates, obviously wanting to integrate into the new class as soon as possible.

It showed two different mindsets.

Yansheng held her cheeks and looked at this matter with great insight. If she was to follow Zhiyuan’s rate of progress, he would probably go to the top class in the next adjustment, and then all the way up.

Although she was in the same school, she wondered why she didn’t feel any pain now. All those times when she was absent from school, was smoking and drinking, was crying late at night—she contemplated. Her drunkenness and death in her previous life seemed to be just a dream.

Yansheng couldn’t help but smile and her mood became relaxed and bright.

After the midterm exam, the atmosphere was obviously relaxed for a few days, and there was no longer a situation where everyone was quietly solving questions during breaks.

Of course, the atmosphere of learning had always been maintained. However, it was not as depressing and stressful as before.

On this day, Yansheng was present in the class. The homeroom teacher suddenly appeared at the door, greeted the other teacher, and then called her out, “Your father called to help you ask for leave and said that there is something urgent at home. He will come to pick you up and will be here in a while.”

Yansheng was taken aback and asked, “Did he tell you what happened?”

“No.” The head teacher comforted her and said, “Don’t worry, the adults will handle everything.”

The homeroom teacher and Yansheng both thought that when the parents suddenly called their children to ask for a leave, generally, it was because a family member suddenly fell ill or had an accident.

Since it was Huan who called, Yansheng deduced that he should be fine.

So, who would it be? If it was Yingying, Huan would not call her. He was not a fool. Yingying having an accident had nothing to do with her.

Could it be Heling or her grandmother?

Yansheng hurriedly packed up her things and left the classroom. The girls who had a good relationship with her and Zhiyuan in the back row all glanced at her worriedly.

Yansheng hurried to the school gate, and as expected, Huan’s car arrived in no time.

Without waiting for the driver to come down and open the door, Yansheng opened the door and got into the car. Huan was sitting inside, frowning at her.

Yansheng’s heart sank, she suppressed her anxiety and asked as calmly as possible, “What happened?”

“Well…” Huan stopped talking as if he had something to say that was not easy to say.

This made Yansheng more anxious. “What’s wrong?”

Huan cleared his throat and finally talked, “Ahem, well, everything is okay. It’s just that Shuoshuo’s homeroom teacher called me to come over. Since he listens to you more now, I just thought of having you to come with me.”

Yansheng was speechless.

The car was quiet for a few seconds.

Then, Yansheng pulled the door lock with her backhand without saying a word.

“Hey, Yanyan! Yanyan! Yanyan!” Huan moved over and grabbed her arm. “Help Dad this time! Help me, okay? Just go with Dad!

“Dad will double your pocket money!