February 3, 2022

Chapter 63: Punishment

Wang Qian didn’t know that her sister group had sold her out together.

She just didn’t feel very good. She always felt that the teachers in this school were partial to Zhang Yansheng, unlike her previous school, because her family had donated a lot of money to that school, so the teachers were very kind to her.

When the sister group came back from the teachers’ office, she asked everyone what they had said to the dean, and they were all hesitant trying to dodge her questions.

Wang Qian felt that something was wrong in her heart, but no one was willing to tell her the truth. If these few joined forces to sell Wang Qian, they would definitely not be able to stand with Wang Qian anymore.

Zhang Yansheng didn’t care about this at all. Punishment or something, she was used to it from her previous life, so Zhang Yansheng didn’t take it seriously.

She is now busy making up notes! Because of Wang Qian, she was late in the class and a lot of notes were left behind.

She was also polite and went directly to the future champion Zhang Zhiyuan. She just walked over and before speaking, Zhang Zhiyuan smiled slightly, and already handed over his notes: “Quickly copy it, there is a lot of homework today.”

Zhang Yansheng let out a “hiss” like a toothache, and said, “Thank you.”

There is no shyness of ordinary girls, but she is not the kind of girl who is very boyish and carefree.

She is… very special.

Zhang Zhiyuan brushed two major questions, and couldn’t help but raise his eyes to see her back while writing, a smile appeared at the corner of his mouth.

With this faint smile, the young man lowered his head to continue solving the question.

Thinking, solving, calculating, checking, every step is full of joy. In such a class with a positive and energetic style of study, between the tiredness of studying, he can see an unmovable back and will be filled with happiness as soon as he lifts his eyes.

High school is great.

There was indeed a lot of homework on this day, and Zhang Yansheng even ate dinner very quickly.

At the dinner table, Zhang Heling glanced at her from time to time, always wanting to talk, but Zhang Yansheng was thinking about the half-solved problem in her mind, and she didn’t pay attention to anything at all.

When she finally finished all her homework, she leaned back in the chair and breathed a sigh of relief.

D*mn, high school is so hard!

After some stretching, she went downstairs and had a late-night snack. After eating and carrying a drink upstairs, Zhang Heling’s door suddenly opened with a creak, and the little girl looked out sneakily from the crack in the door.

“…What are you doing?” Zhang Yansheng stretched out a finger and poked her forehead through the crack of the door. “Why haven’t you slept yet?”

Zhang Heling opened the door, hugged her hand and dragged it in: “Sister, I have something to tell you.”

Zhang Yansheng was dragged into the room by her, holding a glass: “What’s the matter? Go to bed quickly after speaking, children are not allowed to stay up late.”

“Aren’t you not asleep as well?” The child said with dissatisfaction.

“Can you compare with a high school student?” Zhang Yansheng flicked her forehead, “How much homework do I have? How much homework do you have? Say it, what’s the matter?”

Zhang Heling rubbed her forehead, muttered a few times before saying, “Do you remember Qin Hao? The one I told you before.”

Zhang Yansheng remembered this name! She blinked: “What happened?”

Zhang Heling let out a “cough” and said, “I told him what you asked me to say to him…”

“…” Zhang Yansheng was speechless, “You just said it now? It’s been so many days since I told you about it?”

Zhang Heling stammered and said: “Well, there is no way I can say that all of a sudden, ah. I have to ponder about it…”

“You are a little coward.” Zhang Yansheng sneered, “Then, what did you say, how did he behave?”

Zhang Heling’s toes made circles on the ground. “Well, he pulled my braids again today, but my rubber band broke, so I became angry and asked him that.” The little girl seemed to have entered a new stage of her life, and began to face some strange things that she had never thought of before, “And then he just…”

Zhang Heling was angry and it happened to be in the corridor on the side of the building. There was no one nearby for a few meters, and the people who could be seen were not from their class. Zhang Heling finally plucked up the courage, stared into the boy’s eyes like Zhang Yansheng taught her, and asked in a deep voice, “Qin Hao, do you… like me?”

Then she watched this naughty and annoying boy, starting from his neck, a patch of red spread upward until it covered his entire face and rushed to the top of his head.

The little boy seemed to have suddenly lost all his courage and guts, becoming the most timid quail in the world, and ran away with his tail sandwiched between his legs.

“Then what?” Zhang Yansheng sipped a drink and listened to the gossip of her little sister.

Zhang Heling said, “Then he never talked to me again. When I looked at him, he was like this…”

She made an appearance of lowering her head and staring only at the tip of her shoe, which was quite vivid.

Zhang Yansheng laughed, then finally held back and said, “Look, you just killed it with one blow.”

But Zhang Heling’s troubles have just begun.

“What should I do from now on? Will he never talk to me again? Will he come and provoke me again? What about me, what should I do? Do I have to talk to him first? Or should I just ignore him?” The little girl asked like a cannonball.

Zhang Yansheng thought for a while and said, “If this kind of thing is exposed, he wouldn’t dare to come and provoke you again. As for you, think carefully if you want to ignore him or not.”

Zhang Heling’s face was a little red, and she was careful to verify: “So he… actually likes me?”

Without saying a word, Zhang Yansheng squeezed her cheek and pulled it out: “What are you thinking? Puppy love is not allowed in elementary school. You have to wait until the beginning of high school… No! College!”

Zhang Yansheng actually thinks it’s good to fall in love in high school. People are still pure, especially simple, and their feelings are sincere.

But her younger sister is too stupid and has never experienced severe social beatings. Even if she falls in love on campus, she may be scammed by boys.

So, she has to wait until she’s in college.

When she went to school the next day, Xiao Zhou said before the car stopped: “That boy is here again.”

Zhang Yansheng glanced at it, and sure enough, Xu Lichen’s car had already stopped there.

Seeing her get out of the car, the car also opened the door, and Xu Lichen ran over.

Because of the many years of combat training, he is stronger and dressed better than other boys of the same age. After running these steps, his sense of strength and youth are jumping as if they are about to spout out.

Zhang Yansheng couldn’t help but glance twice in the morning light.

In the morning light, Xu Lichen raised his eyebrows with a smile, and came over to complain: “I wanted to find you after school yesterday, but you had already left, and I couldn’t catch you. Why did you leave so early?”

Yesterday, when Zhang Yansheng looked at the amount of homework, she got in the car and went home after school. Xu Lichen, who wanted to catch her, threw himself into the air.

“There is so much homework that I have to finish.” Zhang Yansheng asked rhetorically, “Don’t you hurry home and do your homework, do you want me to wait for you to waste time together?”

Xu Lichen was speechless, in the end, there is still a wall between good students and bad students. He had to change the subject and asked, “What happened yesterday? You suddenly lost your temper.”

In fact, the rumor is very simple. As long as Zhang Yansheng asks the driver to pick her up at the school gate before and after school, then this will solve the issue.

Xu Lichen was just curious whether Zhang Yansheng would continue to keep a low profile and ignore him, or just break the game. But he didn’t expect that Zhang Yansheng would hit the door without saying a word, her temper exploded!

Thinking of her mad appearance yesterday, Xu Lichen’s eyes lit up.

Zhang Yansheng asked, “What is your ranking from the recent monthly exam?”

“…” Xu Lichen, “Huh?”

Zhang Yansheng didn’t squint: “I don’t talk to people who are within the bottom 100 ranking in the same grade.”

After speaking, she shook her hands and left.

Xu Lichen stayed there. After a while, he looked at Zhang Yansheng’s back and cursed, “F*ck!”

The incident of Zhang Yansheng beating up the girls in Class 8 yesterday finally reached Class 2 today. There was a “wow” sound in the class.

The girls in Class 8 behaved sneeringly and spoke ill of others across the class. This behavior made the students in Class 2 feel puzzled and unacceptable. The students in Class 2 all stood by Zhang Yansheng.

Everyone especially admired Zhang Yansheng’s hands-on style, not sloppy at all.

“As expected of Zhang Yansheng!”, they said.

The girls in the class who had been entangled by Wang Qian’s small group also comforted Zhang Yansheng: “Don’t worry, we can go to the teachers’ office to testify for you, they are the first to spread the rumors everywhere.”

Zhang Yansheng hooked the corners of his mouth obliquely, and said disdainfully: “The big deal is just a punishment, but it’s not really a big deal for me.”

Hey Zhang Yansheng, don’t just smile so evilly and madly! It’s raising the standards for people to find boyfriends!

As a result, the students from Class 8 yesterday were still speculating whether Zhang Yansheng, who was in Class 2, would be punished by the school if she broke in and hit someone, but they were all slapped in the face collectively today.

The punishment was indeed there, but it was not for Zhang Yansheng.

Wang Qian was given a demerit as punishment, and the other five girls received a verbal warning.

Xu Lichen’s previous punishment was nothing more than a warning, and Wang Qian’s punishment was more serious than his.

Once it was announced, the Class 8 was in an uproar.

The dean took up a full 10-minute time between classes, stood on the podium, and talked about the philosophy and principles of eliminating bullying on campus in a stern tone.

“Our Yi High School has a long history and an upright school atmosphere. We will never allow a precedent where a grain of mouse sh*t spoils a pot of porridge!”

The students in other classes were ignorant, and the students in Class 8 heard something out of the way. Someone asked the girls what was going on. The girls were deflated under Zhang Yansheng’s hands. Who would be happy to tell others that Zhang Yansheng pressed their heads and drank the sink water inside the women’s toilet? It was so dirty and disgusting that they refused to say anything.

It was Xu Lichen who leaked the truth: “They wanted to teach Zhang Yansheng a lesson, but they were taught by her instead.”

It dawned on everyone, thinking back to Zhang Yansheng’s ferocity yesterday, there was a lot of ‘tsk tsk’ sound.

Someone put his arm around Xu Lichen’s neck and squinted at him: “Okay, this time you’ll be punished with Wang Qian as a couple.”

Xu Lichen pushed him away: “Get out!”

The man said sternly, “Zhang Yansheng is very prideful and arrogant, you might as well just follow Wang Qian.”

Xu Lichen raised his foot and kicked him.

After the school bell rang, Xu Lichen returned to his seat, but thought of what Zhang Yansheng said in the morning, not to speak to people within the bottom 100 ranking in the grade.

It’s f*cking ridiculous.

Xu Lichen has never heard anyone talk like this before when he grows so old. What kind of thing is academic performance? Even if the students in the top class and the preparatory classes study well, it will be great for future doctors, post-doctors and the like, with an annual salary of one million yuan.

But isn’t he still the one who pays their wages?

But when Zhang Yansheng said that, there was a clear contempt and rejection, as if the two of them are not the same species.

And she is not joking, she is serious. It seems that she really looks down on him.

Xu Lichen had an inexplicable feeling of blockage in his heart, and he held it there.

He went to take a look at the rankings and counted up to 10+. There are 80 to 90 students from his rank.

Xu Lichen put an arm on the back of the chair, pursing his lips and blowing on his forehead.

Most people have self-esteem. After stabbing Xu Lichen with the deliberate sentence “I don’t want to talk to people within the bottom 100 ranking in the same grade”, Xu Lichen really stopped pursuing her.

Zhang Yansheng was able to study quietly in school.

Soon it was the second monthly exam, and when the results came down, Zhang Yansheng looked at her ranking first. She has climbed two places higher than last time, but overall, the general position has not changed.

Looking at Zhang Zhiyuan again, apart from being tall in the class, this boy was silent and unobtrusive. His results of the second monthly exam were also silent, and he climbed up quietly.

Finally, she couldn’t help but glance at the ranking of the grades again. She remembered the last time she saw Xu Lichen was about the bottom 10 in the whole grade, right?

Zhang Yansheng looked from the back to the front and found it quickly.

Xu Lichen actually climbed more than a dozen places in one breath this time. Although the results of those at the bottom of the rankings may be able to climb one or two places with just one or two points, but still…

Zhang Yansheng couldn’t help but curl up the corners of her mouth somehow.

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