February 2, 2022

Chapter 62: Easy to Crack

In this moment of silence, a clear and loud applause suddenly sounded in the classroom.

Everyone followed the sound and saw a teacher standing at the door of the classroom with her palms clapping, but her face was a little embarrassed.

This teacher was not the homeroom teacher, but one of the teachers assigned to teach a subject in the class. When the class was about to start, she walked into the classroom and bumped into the scene where Yansheng kicked Qian to the ground.

The teacher was furious. She heaved a deep breath and opened her mouth. She was about to shout to stop the commotion when she suddenly heard the girl who started it yell, “Why don’t you study hard?”

The teacher was stunned and failed to even make a sound.

She opened her mouth but just listened to the girl’s words. She found that every word she said was from her heart.

Wow~ This girl has such a clear mind!

Historically, Class 8 had been a drag for No.1 High School. Fortunately, No.1 High School had a countermeasure. The records of the students in Class 8 were not listed in No.1 High School, but in another ordinary high school under the same education group as No.1 High School.

In this way, the college entrance examination scores of these students were not regarded as from No.1 High School and it would not lower the enrollment rate of the school.

This was a so-called shadow school.

But even though this was the case, the school still had to be careful to prevent these rich second-generation kids and second-generation officials from ruining the school culture.

None of the teachers liked Class 8. They looked down at the students in Class 8, which was too contrasting with other classes, and it was not very good.

Just now, the teacher thought it was an infighting in Class 8, but only after listening to it, she realized that it was obvious that the students in Class 8 had provoked this girl, whom she didn’t know from which class.

Although this girl had a bad temper, she didn’t miss any point in her words. The teacher even felt good to hear those words. She couldn’t help but want to applaud her.

However, she had forgotten that she was a teacher. When one student hit another student, how could she applaud it?

Fortunately, the bell rang just in time which resolved her embarrassment. The teacher simply clapped her hands twice, raised her voice, and said, “Go back to your seats! These two students—yes, you and you, come here, come to the front.”

When Qian put on a weak posture, Yansheng guessed that it was a teacher who came. After three years of plastic friendship, Yansheng knew Qian too well.

Yansheng glanced at Qian and walked to the front of the podium. Qian was helped up and limped over.

This time, she didn’t need to pretend to be weak. Yansheng kicked her several times just now, which really hurt so much and she was crying now.

“Teacher, she hit me,” Qian cried directly.

The teacher did not respond to her and asked Yansheng first, “This student, which class are you from?”

Yansheng replied calmly, “Class 2.”

Class 2 was one of the preparatory classes in the school. To enter Class 2, you must be a good student in the Top 100 within the year level.

Class 2 versus Class 8, the teacher became biased toward Yansheng.

“Class starts now, don’t influence other classmates here, come and follow me to the dean’s office.” Then, the teacher said to the other students, “The rest of you, study by yourselves first. Class leader, maintain the discipline.”

How could the monitor maintain the discipline of this young master class? As soon as the teacher left, there was an uproar in the class.

“Yansheng is too arrogant!”

“But I think she is super cool!”

“What the hell was she talking about just now, I was so fucking dumbfounded! How can she just talk about learning?”

“That’s what I think as well!”

Some people even ridiculed Lichen, “Will she be punished like you? That would be interesting.”

Before Lichen answered, there were already girls from Qian’s small group who rushed to say, “She should be punished! Too arrogant! Punishment must be done!”

Students like them actually didn’t care about punishment. Like Lichen, he was triumphant when he got a punishment as if he had won a medal.

They thought that students in Class 2 were most afraid of punishments, criticisms, and the like because they were good students. If Yansheng could get a punishment, they could breathe a sigh of relief.

Lichen sneered.

For someone like Yansheng, who knew how to keep a low profile and dared to act so arrogantly, that meant that she didn’t care about the school rules, sanctions, and the like as well.

When Lichen found that everyone thought of Yansheng as just an ordinary good student and only he knew her true face, he suddenly became very happy.

He raised his head and said wickedly, “That’s just right, we’re like a couple now as we both get punishments.”

There was another burst of laughter, mixed with the class monitor’s weak ‘Quiet! Self-study!’ sound, there were also whispers and curses from the small group of girls.

The teacher took Yansheng and Qian to the dean’s office. The first sentence of her report of the situation to the dean made Qian angry—”As soon as I entered the class, I saw these two female students having a physical fight.”

What do you mean by having a physical fight?! It was so obvious that only Yansheng hit me, okay?!

This teacher is so biased!

Qian opened her mouth and refuted, “No! It was Yansheng who rushed into our class and hit me—”

The teacher’s face sank and reprimanded her, “This student, the teacher hasn’t finished speaking yet! Don’t you know that it is a basic courtesy not to interrupt when others are talking?”

Qian was cut off and had to shut up bitterly.

The teacher then reported to the dean, “I don’t have a clear idea of how it started. As soon as I walked in, I heard this female student from Class 2 questioning the female student from Class 8…”

The teacher deliberately and clearly repeated what Yansheng said.

As expected, you could see that the teacher and dean’s gaze were showing mutual understanding.

It was like a feeling of being connected through their hearts.

At first, the dean was taken aback when he saw Yansheng when they entered his office.

Because of Lichen’s punishment incident before, he was very impressed with Yansheng. At that time, he heard that a rich second-generation boy in Class 8 was entangled with a female student in Class 2, so the dean became furious—you poor kids still dare to mess with my good students? You must be taught a lesson!

Afterward, he remembered to look through Yansheng’s information and was surprised to find that this beautiful girl also had the same economic condition. He wondered how she got into Class 2. The dean verified the results of her placement test and found that although she passed with a low altitude, it was right that her result should be assigned to Class 2 or 3.

He also suspected Yansheng of cheating.

He naturally distrusted these children who spent money to enter the school.

For this reason, he also specifically went to Yansheng’s homeroom teacher. The homeroom teacher said, “I have always paid attention to this student.”

At that time, the first monthly exam hadn’t happened yet. The head teacher pulled out Yansheng’s morning test scores and said, “It looks okay at the moment. The placement test result she got should be the real score.”

The dean was relieved. He didn’t expect that the school would be able to collect money and bring in someone who could enter the preparatory class. It was really a steady profit without loss.

However, the dean just didn’t expect to see Yansheng in his office again so soon. He listened to the teacher repeat what Yansheng had said and he was ‘in a daze’ deep inside.

This kid, how can you talk so sweetly?

She just said everything all the teachers wanted to say!

After the teacher explained the situation and secretly expressed her biased opinion, she hurried back to the class and handed both Yansheng and Qian to the dean.

But the dean’s heart has already turned towards Yansheng.

“Zhang Yansheng, right? Tell me, why did the two of you fight?” The dean took the baton handed over by the teacher and first came up to characterize the incident as ‘the two sides were in a physical fight with each other’, rather than one party unilaterally hitting the other party.

Qian had a bad feeling when she heard it.

In the past, no matter what she did, she could always hide behind others. And in the end, if something happened, she could always clear herself. But this time, she inexplicably felt not very good.

“Dean, it’s her—” She tried to interrupt again.

The dean waved his hand and said impatiently, “Speak one at a time!”

Qian had to shut her mouth again.

Yansheng briefly stated, “This student, Wang Qian, because she didn’t like me, had cooperated with five other girls before the holiday and held me in the women’s restroom of the subway station in an attempt to teach me a lesson.”

The Ministry of Education had repeatedly stated that it was necessary to put an end to bullying in schools. This was the key task in the past two years.

When the dean heard this, his face immediately sank. He looked at Qian sharply and asked, “Student Wang, is that right?”

Qian couldn’t just obediently admit guilt, so she immediately denied it, “We did not! We just wanted to talk to her but she beat us up instead! She bullied us!” She simply put all the blame on Yansheng.

Yansheng snorted and said, “Dean, I am alone and there were six of them.”

No matter how much Qian quibbled, the number of people alone on her side was enough to explain the problem.

After Yansheng finished speaking, she turned her head and asked Qian, “I am from Class 2 and you are from Class 8. Before that, I had never talked to you nor did I know you. What did you want to talk to me about with a group of people?”

“That’s right.” The dean also asked in a deep voice, “What do you want to talk to her about?”

Qian was speechless.

She couldn’t say that it was about Lichen.

That would just prove that she was bullying someone after falling into the pit of puppy love.

“Dean.” Yansheng suddenly leaned over and picked up the pen on his desk, tore up a piece of memo paper, wrote down a few names, and handed it over. “These are the names of those girls.”

She remembered that she had just said that she didn’t know Qian at all, so she added, “I found them out afterward.”

The dean took the note, glanced at it, and asked Yansheng, “Were you injured at the time?”

“No,” Yansheng said vaguely, “I’m strong so they can’t hurt me, it was just an attempt.”

The dean breathed a sigh of relief.

Qian didn’t say anything about how they were bullied by Yansheng.

Also, she was surprised that Yansheng could figure out the names of everyone in the group.

The list proved that it was really six versus one. No matter how Yansheng bullied them, it was expected that the director would not believe her.

Yansheng continued to say, “Then a few of them, under Qian’s instructions, spread rumors to slander me. To spread this rumor to our class, they struck up conversations with my classmates. I only learned about it when my classmates came to complain to me. The students in Class 2 usually fight against the clock. We are even studying during lunch breaks. Because of me, they were harassed and delayed their studies. I was angry for a while, so I went to confront her.”

“I understand.” The dean stood up and said, “Okay, Yansheng, you go back to your class first. Qian, you come with me.”

Yansheng nodded, followed him out of the office, and went back to her classroom.

It had been ten minutes since the class started. The dean greeted the teacher in the class, “I had something to discuss with this student just now.”

The teacher did not reprimand Yansheng.

The dean took Qian to Class 8 and let her go, but according to the note given by Yansheng, he called out the other five girls.

He took all these five girls to his office, held up the sticky note, and wanted to ask one of them first. However, he saw that one of the five names was Zou Zihan with a horizontal line underneath. The dean subconsciously called Zihan to ask first.

Yansheng drew a line under Zihan’s name because she was particularly instigated. The other girls were still racking their brains thinking about how to make up nonsense and shirk responsibility. When Zihan was called out by the dean, she was so scared and told him everything, “Qian told us to do it.” She twisted her fingers and added, “I didn’t think about it carefully, but she was the one who said that we have to teach Yansheng a lesson.”

The other girls looked at each other in disbelief.

At this time, no one could take the blame on themselves. Everyone gave each other a meaningful glance and reached an agreement.

“Qian didn’t let us go.”

“Lichen likes Yansheng, but Qian likes Lichen, so she wants to teach Yansheng a lesson.”

“We just merely followed her.”

“It was all Qian’s instigation!”

Plastic had never been strong.

It was particularly easy to crack.