February 1, 2022

Chapter 61: Hostility

The female classmates who were inexplicably dragged by a few girls from the young master class to talk about gossip did not believe them at all.

First of all, if you knew a hot gossip, then you would probably tell it to people you know with interest, and would never just talk to someone you don’t know at all. This behavior was weird, and it was sneaky and deliberate.

So, you want to talk about Zhang Yansheng, this girl… you said she was a gold digger? Emmmm… I don’t even know that I am in the same class as her. How do you know?

And when it comes to gold diggers, there are indeed some stereotypes.

When a girl worships gold, it is usually because of vanity. This kind of girl usually dresses up to the nines, and she tends to whine when she speaks, because she wants to please that kind of rich man, it must be like this.

Why can’t this image be put on Zhang Yansheng’s head?!

Although Zhang Yansheng is beautiful, she is an A!

It rained one day before, and water accumulated in a depression on the road between the teaching building and the experimental building. When everyone walked from there, they all jumped over.

But the shortest girl in the class had short legs, so she couldn’t step over. She stood there hesitantly, just as she was about to tiptoe to the water, Zhang Yansheng came over.

Zhang Yansheng was dressed in black clothes and black pants, with long legs and long black hair tied in a single ponytail, simple and neat.

She came over, without a word, leaned over and stretched out her right hand for a catch! She grabbed the girl’s waist and hugged her with one hand, then jumped over the puddle in a vertical leap.

Then, she gently put her down.

This gentle domineering aura is definitely an A burst!1A爆了 – A burst (A is an abbreviation of Alpha) – it describes a person very manly, very masculine. A burst, which means special A, and her boyfriend’s strength is bursting.

The girls screamed at that time!

Later, when the boys took advantage of the long break, they used the thinnest and lightest boy in the class to do experiments, and found that none of them could pick him up and hang him on their bodies with just one hand. Only one or two can do it, and you can only hang one for a second or two and you can’t hold it. Not to mention the fact that there is a person hanging in his arms and taking him diving with him. That’s okay if you can’t even jump up by yourself.

Usually, girls who are particularly beautiful are more likely to be rejected by the same sex, but Zhang Yansheng has a fascinating attraction to the girls in Class 2.

After that, the girls had already discussed it. If Zhang Yansheng was a boy, she would be a proper lieutenant colonel! Who is going to take care of that bunch of straight steel men?

During the class meeting, when the head teacher repeatedly emphasized that puppy love is not allowed, the girls giggled and said, “Teacher, don’t worry, we don’t want to have boyfriends, we just want to have girlfriends.”

Head teacher: “???”

The whole class laughed and heckled blindly: “That’s right, isn’t it good to have a girlfriend with a boyfriend power?”

Class teacher: …What is boyfriend power? Am I out of date again? The generation gap is getting deeper and deeper.

Zhang Yansheng seems to be the shared male (crossed out, female) friend of the girls in the class.

So, when Wang Qian’s friends pulled the girls in Class 2 to strike up a conversation and said bad things about Zhang Yansheng, the girls in Class 2 could only look at them with mentally retarded eyes.

Wang Qian and the others thought that if the words were passed on, with the gossip of the girls, they would inevitably make an uproar.

How did they know that after the female classmates told the person in charge regarding Zhang Yansheng about the incident, they turned their heads and went to brush 5-3?

So many questions to be brushed!

When Zhang Yansheng heard this familiar routine, she knew that Wang Qian had done it.

Wang Qian had triumphantly told her before how, in middle school, she made everyone isolate and crowd out a girl.

In fact, Zhang Yansheng and Wang Qian are very different from each other. But in their self-righteous period, she stubbornly believed that Wang Qian was ‘one of her own’, and if they didn’t agree, they had to stay together. At most, it was Wang Qian who did the things, she just didn’t participate.

But now, Wang Qian is deceiving her again. As expected, Wang Qian is not someone who can scare away at once.

Zhang Yansheng felt that he really couldn’t be too low-key as a human being, and if he kept a low profile, he would go down to the ground. She stood up.

“Where are you going?” The classmate next to her asked, “Class is about to start.”

Zhang Yansheng said “clean up the trash” and went out.

Just in the same corridor, it is a matter of two steps to get into another class.

When Zhang Yansheng appeared in the classroom of Class 8, the originally messy class suddenly fell silent.

Although not in the same class, Zhang Yansheng is recognized as the first-class flower and Xu Lichen’s pursuit object, but Xu Lichen has been scammed, and they have just heard rumors about her from Wang Qian. Although they don’t know if it’s credible, almost no one in the class doesn’t know Zhang Yansheng.

Seeing the rumored heroine suddenly appeared, everyone felt that something was about to happen!

“Zhang Yansheng!” Xu Lichen greeted her with a look of surprise, “Are you looking for me?”

He was tall and sturdy, and he stood in front of Zhang Yansheng, blocking her sight.

Zhang Yansheng stretched out her hand and pressed his shoulder.

Before Xu Lichen could be surprised, he felt an irresistible force passing over his shoulders, and he staggered to the side involuntarily.

Zhang Yansheng set Xu Lichen aside, who was blocking her vision, glanced away, and found Wang Qian.

Wang Qian sat in her seat, surrounded by members of the small girl group. This group of girls had been pressed by Zhang Yansheng to drink water from the sink in the subway toilet before. So now that they saw Zhang Yansheng come to the door, all of them turned pale.

Zhang Yansheng strode over. The girls in the small group subconsciously retreated, and Wang Qian, who was sitting in the seat, flashed out.

Everyone in Class 8 can see that Zhang Yansheng was coming for Wang Qian. Even the people in the seats around Wang Qian were so shocked by Zhang Yansheng’s striding approach that they stood up subconsciously and backed away.

Drums are playing in Wang Qian’s heart as well.

The main reason is that Zhang Yansheng’s force value is too high, she has already experienced it last time.

But she didn’t believe that Zhang Yansheng would do it in school. She wouldn’t even really bully anyone in school. The Yi High School has such strict control, this kind of thing must be moved outside the school to solve it.

For a student in a good class like Zhang Yansheng, Wang Qian bet she would be scrupulous about school rules. At most, she would just quarrel with her after hearing about the rumors.

Wang Qian felt that if she lost, she would not lose the battle. Even if she couldn’t beat Zhang Yansheng, she would have to beat Zhang Yansheng. First of all, she can’t lose in terms of momentum!

Wang Qian propped her hands on the table, intending to stand up and confront Zhang Yansheng with great momentum.

But she only pressed her hands on the table, and Zhang Yansheng’s long legs wrapped in black trousers had already kicked out, kicking Wang Qian with a chair to the ground!

Wang Qian screamed!

Class 8 fell into silence for an instant.

Followed by an uproar!

There are many people in this class who have been the dominant masters in middle school before. They are all not afraid of high stages when watching dramas, lest the world would not be chaotic enough.

There is nothing more than the two beautiful girls fighting and tearing each other apart.

A boy who has a good relationship with Xu Lichen grabbed his arm, whispered to his ear and said excitedly: “F*ck, this is the girl you like! She’s awesome!”

Xu Lichen rubbed the shoulder that was pinched by Zhang Yansheng just now, looked at the black, slim but straight back, and grinned: “Of course!”

Wang Qian didn’t expect Zhang Yansheng to really dare to do it at school. Isn’t she a good student? Why is she so bold? Don’t they have a lot of scruples and care a lot?

It’s a pity that Wang Qian doesn’t understand Zhang Yansheng in this life.

Zhang Yansheng really didn’t care about anything in her life. She doesn’t know how many times she has broken the school rules in her last life, and she was even expelled later. They have never been able to restrain Zhang Yansheng’s violent temper.

“Zhang Yansheng! What are you doing?” Wang Qian screamed with a sharp voice.

Zhang Yansheng glanced at her coldly: “You know what I’m doing.”

Wang Qian sat on the ground, appearing to be in a difficult situation. She was about to stand up, when she suddenly caught a glimpse of a figure at the door of the classroom from the gap in the crowd… Wang Qian moved for a while. Instead of standing up, she fell to the ground and put on a weak posture, as if she was a victim and said, “I don’t know what you are talking about, why do you have to hit me?”

She thought she was acting well, but she didn’t know how well Zhang Yansheng knew her.

As soon as she put out this posture, Zhang Yansheng didn’t have to look back, knowing that there was a situation behind her.

But Zhang Yansheng didn’t care.

Didn’t Wang Qian want to be a victim, then let her be!

Zhang Yansheng kicked Wang Qian in the leg! Wang Qian did not expect her to be so cruel, so she screamed again! This time, she was really embarrassed! Zhang Yansheng shouted: “Since you have that much time, why can’t you to study hard? Isn’t it better to brush 5-3? Can’t you memorize the formula?”

“Do you know how stupid you are?!”

“You have entered such a good school! There are such good teachers and so many resources! With a little bit of hard work, you can get into a good university! In the future, you don’t need to go to that kind of pheasant university, which no one has heard of even when you mention it!”

“What the hell are you doing? All this useless sh*t all day long! You think you are acting in an idol drama! Do you not know that you came to school to study? So, learn!”

“If you don’t like to learn by yourself and you want to waste your life, then close the door and make trouble by yourself! Don’t harass the classmates in our class!”

“They are different from you (me), you know! They have to work hard for these next three years! Whether you learn well or not is related to your future life! They don’t have time to play this bloody love and hate with you!”

Zhang Yansheng cursed and kicked Wang Qian. Wang Qian screamed again and again. But this scream couldn’t cover Zhang Yansheng’s voice.

“Do you think you are amazing? Even if you count this and that at a young age, do you think you can manipulate people’s hearts? Can you be so smart and pull up your test scores first?”

“You have conditions that no one else can match, but look in the mirror and see what kind of virtue you are!”

Zhang Yansheng gritted her teeth, and finally squeezed out two words from between her teeth: “Scum! Scum!”

She didn’t scold Wang Qian.

She was scolding herself.

In the previous life, she was one with Wang Qian and Xu Lichen. They are all scumbags.

They all have economic conditions that ordinary teenagers can’t match, but they all live like scum, wasting youth, wasting lives, and living meaningless lives.

Zhang Yansheng looked at Wang Qian, who was lying on the ground in embarrassment, as if she had seen her embarrassed self in her previous life. She hated herself to the extreme.

After gritting her teeth, she couldn’t help but turned her head and gave Xu Lichen, this scum, a fierce look.

There was indisputable anger in this glance, disgust at seeing one’s own image, and hostility that could not be let out. Those eyes were as sharp as a knife.

Xu Lichen felt like an electric current was flowing through his fingertips, scurrying in his body.

With this glance, Xu Lichen knew that he had fallen on Zhang Yansheng from then on.

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    A爆了 – A burst (A is an abbreviation of Alpha) – it describes a person very manly, very masculine. A burst, which means special A, and her boyfriend’s strength is bursting.