December 13, 2021

Chapter 6: Younger Sister (Part 1)

There was an unpleasant episode at this birthday banquet. Finally, the birthday star had no choice but to go upstairs to change into a new dress, and also changed into a set of emerald jewelry to match the new dress.

That set of emeralds was precious though. But everyone knows that the old lady still preferred rubies and preferred to wear red on such festive days.

Yansheng’s grandmother’s face was very ugly all over the place.

Her grandmother endured it until the birthday banquet ended, and she burst out to Huan when she was about to get in her car in the courtyard, “If you can’t teach your son well, then don’t bring him out to embarrass me in the future!”

Huan didn’t dare to lead Shuocheng to follow the old lady at this time, and just let Yingying first take Shuocheng and Heling in the car to wait for him. Now, the only ones in front of the old lady were him and Yansheng.

“Don’t be angry,” Yansheng gently stroked the arm of the old lady, comforting softly, “It’s not worth it to be angry.”

The granddaughter was so gentle and lovely. When the old lady looked at her, her anger was a little bit lessened; but when she looked at her son, she groaned again.

Yansheng glanced at Huan and said, “My father can’t control that kid. He’s used to being like a little ancestor, otherwise, do you think that kid would dare to be so naughty?”

Her grandmother became furious, then she pointed to Huan and yelled, “It is the father’s fault for raising kids but not teaching them! If you can’t handle him, then let Yanyan be in charge of him!”

Huan sweated on his forehead and only dared to nod his head. “Okay, okay.”

Yansheng said, “That’s alright but how should I take care of him? If he will not obey, should I beat him up? Our family doesn’t hit children.”

“You are the eldest daughter of this family. The eldest sister is like a mother. Of course, you are qualified to take care of your younger siblings,” Yansheng’s grandma said with a cold face, “We don’t hit kids, but that rule only applies to you and Hehe who are obedient. Shoushou is like a monkey that needs to be beaten! Hit him! How old is he for you to not be able to beat him? Did you learn martial arts for nothing?”

Yansheng glanced at her father. “I can’t wait to beat him to death every day, but will Dad let me do it?”

That child was spoiled by his father. As for his mother who was better kept under the table, her grandmother didn’t have any expectations at all. She lowered her face and said, “If I let you beat him, then just beat him. If your dad will not let you, tell me and I’ll beat him instead! It’s not that I’ve never beaten him anyway!”

Huan could only smile when his mother revealed this secret in front of his daughter.

He was relieved as he watched his daughter coax her mother into the car softly. He sighed and said to Yansheng, “Let’s go.”

Yansheng glanced at him and walked towards their car in silence.

At night, her daughter’s eyes were exactly the same as her mother’s back then. The look in her eyes was the same as the look in her mother’s eyes in the last two years of her life.

He was no longer under any illusions, there was really no despair in her eyes now.

He was startled to figure that out. The eldest daughter had been wrong tonight, but she seemed to be too calm.

In the past, she would always feel indignant, would make a ruckus all the time fuming with rage. Isn’t that how she should be? Why did she suddenly change her character now? It’s as if she is possessed by her mother now.

On a hot summer night, Huan inexplicably felt a little bit chilly. He hurried to catch up with his daughter and headed toward their car.

After getting in the car, Yingying complained, “What’s with the big fuss? The kid is just naughty and that’s all. How can a person of her age be angry with a child?”

Huan accompanied his mother and aunt with a smiley face for the rest of that evening. So, he got angry when she scolded him now. He immediately yelled at her, “You shut up!”

He then turned around and pointed at Shuocheng’s nose and cursed, “If you dare to bring me this same sh*t when you go out in the future, I will beat you to death!”

As he said that, he leaned forward and grabbed the water gun in Shuocheng’s hand, then threw it out of the window.

“My gun! My gun!” Shuocheng burst into tears.

“Shut up!” Huan shouted at him, “If you cry again, I’ll beat you to death!”

It was rare for Huan to be so angry with his only son. Shuocheng was so frightened, so his wailing changed into sobbing.

Yingying was also terrified, especially with Yansheng that was sitting in the back row. Her face was a little bit awkward and whispered in a low voice, “He didn’t mean it—”

“Shut up!”

Yansheng only watched the farce between the father and son with cold eyes.

She knew that Huan was just scaring Shuocheng. Her father was a bit patriarchal. He had always wanted a son, otherwise, he would not have brought Yingying home and married her if not for Shuocheng.

She was stupid in the past. She regarded Yingying as a big mountain, so she had to jump around and turn her voice up. As a result, she pushed Huan to Yingying’s side, which promoted the relationship between the husband and wife.

But she wondered how united could this couple be. As she looked at it, for such a small incident, their relationship was now back in its original form.

She understood why Huan was angry.

Huan was not an only child. Although there were several independent companies under his name, the core business of the family was still in his mother’s hands. The number of points he scored in his mother’s heart now depended on how much power the old lady was willing to give him, and also on how much he could get from the old lady’s will in the future.

Yansheng, as a fifteen-year-old, had never thought about this in the past. But now that she had been in society for a while, she realized that she could do anything with money. Looking at such a strong old lady, she really wanted to give her a thumbs up.

She cast a glance to look at Yingying.

Such a young woman was together with her father, a half-old man, what did this picture show? This just proved that this woman wanted to scheme her father’s money.

It was so ridiculous that she used to think of this woman as a mountain, whereas in reality, this woman was just a little gold-digger who didn’t dare to let a fart in front of her grandmother.

Yansheng now recalled what she had done before and sighed to herself. She really did things in the wrong order and didn’t know what was the most important thing.

The woman sitting in the front was now unimportant in her heart. The illusion of a ‘big mountain’ was crushed already.

Even her father, she remembered his cautiousness and flattery in front of her grandmother. She couldn’t help but tilt the corner of her mouth, bringing out a sneer.

As she moved her eyes again, she saw Heling beside her.

Heling sat in the middle of the back seat. Her small face was white with fright. She wanted to cry, but no one in the car cared about her.

She was neither the first child who could bear the excitement of Huan being a new father nor the one that can handle and bear the expectation of being an heir of the Zhangs. She was caught in the middle, she was also a girl, and she had a mother who depended on her son. She was destined to be the pitiful one who was ignored by everyone.

As if feeling Yansheng’s gaze, Heling suddenly turned her head and looked at her sister. There seemed to be tears in her eyes, but she bit her lip timidly, not daring to annoy the adults.

The two girls’ eyes met.

Yansheng clearly felt the anticipation in the little girl’s eyes.

But she was baffled. When the three of them entered their household, she was angry for a while and had pushed Heling down. Logically speaking, Heling should be afraid knowing that she was hated by her sister.

But from the moment they entered the house, this little girl had always followed her, always wanting to be her little tail.