December 13, 2021

Chapter 6: Younger Sister (Part 2)

At first, Yansheng yelled at Heling several times. The little girl was merely a coward, with a small face, bulging cheeks, and a flat mouth as if trying not to cry. Later on, Yansheng couldn’t find a way to yell at this little girl anymore, so she just ignored her and treated her as if she didn’t exist.

It’s just that she couldn’t believe that upon her death, this girl would be the most broken-hearted and cried the most.

The expectation in those big tearful eyes was very stressful, so Yansheng looked away.

However, Heling was very cautious and solemn toward Yansheng, so she moved closer to her sister. The small body eventually touched Yansheng’s arm.

Yansheng froze, then turned her head to the window to escape.

Children’s instincts were very keen. They didn’t have as many twists and turns in their hearts as adults do; and most of the time, they just followed their intuition.

Despite Yansheng’s stiffness, she did not push Heling away nor did she impatiently frighten the little girl with a fierce look. Compared to the past, it was more than a hundred times gentler.

Because of that, Heling became courageous and her whole body leaned towards Yansheng. To her surprise, she was already leaning on Yansheng.

Yansheng stiffened for a moment. She felt that the little body beside her resembled a little animal and she could even smell a faint scent on her body. That was the smell of children’s skincare cream, not as fragrant as adult women’s skincare products, but it was very relaxing and smelled good.

But her arm suddenly got wet.

Are her teardrops still falling?

Yansheng looked at the night view outside the window and was silent for a moment, then pulled a piece of paper towel and shoved it over to the little girl.

Heling squeezed the paper towel in surprise and looked at Yansheng. Her older sister’s gaze was now in the front, looking steadily forward.

She suddenly smiled, wiped her tears, and also blew her nose.

Yansheng thought that children were really annoying as they would cry then smile afterward.

When they returned home, Huan’s anger had not been extinguished yet.

“Lock up all his game consoles for me!” he ordered Liang Yingying, then pointed to Shuocheng’s nose and scolded him, “This summer you will take extra lessons with a private tutor here at home! Look at your useless results last semester!”

Then finally, the scolding returned to Yingying, “And you, don’t go shopping and play mahjong all day long! Watch your children study! The children were born from you, not from the nanny!”

Losing face in front of her stepdaughter, Yingying was frustrated. But she relied on men to eat, so she knew when to behave like a baby and when to behave with integrity. She obediently responded, “Yes, I understand. Let’s go back to the room and talk about it.”

Shuocheng hid behind Yingying. It was also the first time he had seen his father have such a big temper. His mother did not open her arms to protect him, so he was stunned. Although he was not convinced, he did not dare to say anything.

Yansheng was reborn in just half a day and she already saw the separation of the couple who had stood together in front of her before, which was very meaningless. She was too lazy to look at them now, so she turned away and walked upstairs.

Heling saw her sister go upstairs and immediately transformed into Yansheng’s little tail. “Sister, wait for me.”

The bedrooms of the two sisters were on the second floor, next to each other.

Yansheng strode off. Heling ran after her and finally caught up.

“Sister!” Yansheng’s attitude tonight was very different from before. Heling, the little girl, took advantage of it. “Sister, are you going to sleep now? Good night then!”

Yansheng just walked to the door of her bedroom and opened the door.

She stopped and finally, as she couldn’t bear it anymore, turned around and stared at Heling.

The little girl blinked her big and bright eyes.

“Zhang Heling!” Yansheng asked with a calm face, “Why are you following me all the time?”

“Because…” Heling answered seriously, “I am your younger sister!”

Yansheng didn’t expect that kind of response.

She crossed her arms and asked the little girl again, “Do you remember what happened when you were a kid?”


“Do you remember what happened when you first came to my house?”

“Emmm… I don’t remember much…”

“Forget it.” Yansheng turned around to go back to the room.

It was rare that her sister was willing to talk to her and she was so calm as well, so Heling hurriedly grabbed her skirt. “I remember, I remember!”

“Remember what? You were only four years old then!” Yansheng shouted.

Although the fifteen-year-old Yansheng often yelled at home, she was far less imposing than the twenty-one-year-old Yansheng who had enough experience being in society. At this moment, Yansheng’s voice was not too loud, but her grandeur was much stronger than before.

Heling flinched in an instant.

Yansheng just stared at her. While taking advantage of her height, she asked condescendingly, “What do you remember?”

That was difficult to answer because Heling’s childhood memories were all scattered and fragmented. She was a bit dazed for a while. She actually had no idea what Yansheng was asking, so it was only natural that she couldn’t answer.

Yansheng asked her again, “The first day you and your mother came here, I pushed you down. Do you remember that?”

Heling suddenly had a realization. “Oh! That one… I remember it!”

“Do you really remember?”

“Yes! It’s in the living room on the first floor where I knocked my back in the corner of the sofa, right?”

At that time, she was very young. Unexpectedly, she actually remembered what happened.

Yansheng said, “I thought you forgot. If you remember, why do you keep chasing me? Don’t you hate me? Are you not afraid of me?”

“I’m a little scared…” The pink and tender girl scratched her face and raised her head and said, “However, although you were loud and scary at the time, what I remember very clearly is that sister—you won’t stop crying…”

The voice of the sister whom Heling met for the first time was very loud, and it sounded very fierce and a bit scary.

But her eyes were crying, her tears kept flowing.

Her mother was dead.

Just after her mother died, Heling’s mother wanted to be her mother now. Heling felt that if the same thing happened to herself, then she would be very angry and sad as well.

There was no way she could hate her fierce sister.

The little girl was not so mindful, she could just say whatever she was thinking in her heart.

Her big eyes were black and white, and they had the clearest spring in the world but not that clear. This kind of clarity was called childlike innocence.

Yansheng stared at the little girl, then stretched out her hand and slammed the door shut.