December 12, 2021

Chapter 5: Get into Trouble (Part 2)

The two old ladies looked at each other with pity for the child who had lost her mother.

Her grandaunt was more temperamental and asked directly, “Is that woman making things difficult for you at home?”

Her grandmother also stared at her, waiting for her response. If she said that she was bullied by her stepmother, the two old ladies would have to teach this mistress who was sitting in a high position.

“I’m not afraid of her,” Yansheng replied, “It’s just that my brother is too annoying and out of control, so I should look after him.”

The words ‘not afraid of her’ did not mean that the woman had not bullied her, but that she could deal with it by herself. She also expressed her hatred for her younger half-brother.

Yansheng’s grandmother looked at her with admiration. She looked up and down her eyes, patted her hand, nodded, and said, “Okay, if you can’t handle it, then you have to call me.”

Yansheng replied in a deep voice, “Grandma, you don’t have to worry.”

Not long after that, her two cousins ​​came over to invite her grandmother and grandaunt because the banquet was about to officially begin.

Yansheng first helped the two old ladies to stand up; afterward, she lent her arm to support her grandaunt. Her grandaunt proudly said to her grandmother, “Look how filial Yanyan is to me.”

Her grandmother scoffed, “That’s not it. It’s only because you’re the birthday star today.”

Yansheng just pursed her lips.

During the birthday banquet, she had been closely following the two old ladies. The old ladies also enjoyed the thoughtful care of their beautiful granddaughter.

Her other cousins ​​were pushed out by their parents to the elders. The two old ladies didn’t refuse and both of them had smiles on their faces.

Yansheng didn’t fight with her cousins, but she didn’t leave as well and was surrounded by the old ladies.

At the same time, her eyes had been searching for Shuocheng in the crowd.

In her last life, Shuocheng brought that water gun to the birthday banquet. He had always been hostile to her, so he deliberately filled the water gun with water and ruined her other skirt at the banquet. It made her lose face and shame in front of her grandmother, and later lost the old lady’s favor because of her loud noise after creating a ruckus.

Later on, it was even more so because her relatives had turned away from her and she was isolated.

She was constantly reflecting on her past life; then suddenly, the corner of her eyes caught Shuocheng’s chaotic figure in the crowd. At this time, her gaze turned cold.

On the other hand, Shuocheng’s eyes shone with light. Yansheng knew too well what he was thinking. This little brat had been working hard for years to make her, his eldest sister, lose face on occasions like this.

It seemed that he was making a move.

Her grandaunt was opening her gifts with everyone. She was smiling and the atmosphere was very good.

Yansheng leaned down, picked up the teapot, and moved to refill the tea for the old lady and a guest. The guest complimented her grandmother and grandaunt, “Look at how filial this child is.”

She smiled shyly at the guest, then leaned over and pushed the fruit tray.

Looking at her very slow movements, Shuocheng grinned, raised the small water gun, and pulled the trigger.

Unexpectedly, Yansheng suddenly stood up and turned around, as if to call the waiter. But with such an abrupt movement, it exposed her grandmother and grandaunt who were blocked by her.

The cold water, with a slight fishy smell, was poured from the white jade-sculpted fish pond at her grandaunt’s house, and soon was sprayed to the birthday star. It even splashed on her grandmother and the guest next to her.

Everyone exclaimed.

Her grandmother also had some water splashed on her and she was merely surprised to get angry. But when she heard Yansheng’s voice, “What are you doing, Shuocheng?!”, her face turned pale after the shock.

Huan saw that his son was in trouble, so he came over and held him. Shuocheng failed to escape, still kicking on both legs and yelling, “Let go of me, let me go!”

He was shouting, then suddenly a curse came out, “D*mn it, let me go!”

Everyone was in an uproar. This little kid actually talked to his elders like that.

Now, even Huan’s face turned ashen.

He dragged his son in front of the birthday star and pulled his face down to apologize to his aunt, “Auntie, I’m sorry, I’m really sorry. It’s because of this brat. When I get home, I will beat him to death!”

Yansheng was wiping the water droplets on her grandmother with a paper towel. Her grandaunt got another granddaughter to do this to her as well. Hearing that, her grandaunt’s expression worsened, but she just snorted.

However, her grandmother couldn’t hold her face even more and scolded her son, “What are you talking about on an auspicious day?!”

Only then did Huan realize that the old family members had a taboo about words regarding death, so he hurriedly tried to make up for it. “My bad, I made a mistake! Stinky boy, apologize to your Granny! Hurry up and say ‘I’m sorry’!”

Shuocheng was used to being lawless at home. He was already warned before going to the party, so he was anxious and wanted to get away, just struggling to escape.

Yingying saw her son getting into trouble. At first, she wanted to draw back but she didn’t know that her son would not even admit his mistake. She had no choice but to come out of the crowd. She firmly pinched his palm several times and whispered, “Say sorry! Hurry up!”

She was ruthless and a bit strict. Huan had never actually hit Shuocheng, and only Yingying would occasionally pinch him a few times at home.

However, Shuocheng not only did not apologize but also yelled a few times and cried in pain, which made him even more embarrassed.

“Okay, that’s enough.” Yansheng’s grandaunt looked disgusted. “Why do you have to make trouble on my good day? You should take care of this child when you go home. Your grandmother, your father, your mother, I’m not sure how they control you. Don’t come here to make a joke out of me in front of the guests.”

She had always been like this. She would say words like ‘your grandmother’ to stab Yansheng’s grandmother’s heart.

Yansheng saw her grandmother’s face turn blue due to anger.

She did not say a word and quietly used a paper towel to help the old lady absorb moisture from the wet spots on her clothes.

The light from the corner of her eyes glanced over and saw the embarrassed couple, with bashful smiles on their faces.

She sneered in her heart.