January 26, 2022

Chapter 55: Second-Grader

Wang Qian was trembling with anger.

She was indeed flirting with Xu Lichen, that’s right, but Xu Lichen didn’t refuse it either!

How confused a person can be to this kind of ambiguous thing?! This is a matter that involves two people!

However, she couldn’t give an explanation to everyone’s suspicion and accusing eyes. Indeed, she herself violated the agreement.

But she doesn’t believe she’s the only one! She didn’t believe that a few of them hadn’t sneaked up to flirt with Xu Lichen! Each of them don’t need to pretend to be a white lotus!

Wang Qian’s angry and resentful gaze shot over, and Xu Lichen only let out a contemptuous snort from his nose, ignored these group of girls, then he turned around and left.

He didn’t know which girl behind him cried out with a “woo” sound.

Xu Lichen didn’t look back either.

He did it on purpose.

There are no secrets in their class, Wang Qian and this small group’s ‘agreement’ has long been heard by him. But Wang Qian, the leader, kept moving in private.

Wang Qian also looks good; she is a beautiful girl. Of course, Xu Lichen didn’t mind if another beautiful girl came to be ambiguous with him.

At this time, he threw the matter out which dumped Wang Qian to the bottom.

Xu Lichen has never been a kind person.

He reached the platform of the escalator and stood there, remembering how Zhang Yansheng smiled at him just now, then put on his sunglasses and waved away. That look had been engraved in his mind.

Obviously, they are all at the same age, but how can she be so different from other girls?

Zhang Yansheng returned home and kept staring at Zhang Heling during dinner.

She looked at Zhang Heling.

Zhang Heling cautiously asked: “Sister? Is there something wrong?”

Zhang Shuocheng held a bowl, his eyes rolled, and he smiled: “You are screwed! Sister is going to beat your ass!”

Zhang Heling was taken aback and said angrily: “You are talking nonsense!”

Zhang Shuocheng was very sure: “When she was about to beat me up, she just stared at me like that!”

Zhang Heling: “…”

When she looked at Zhang Yansheng again, there was a little anxiety in her eyes.

Zhang Yansheng stretched out a hand and clasped them on Zhang Shuocheng’s head: “Eat your meal!”

Zhang Huan almost laughed but held back, he tried to scare Zhang Heling: “What have you done? Think about it! Hurry up and admit your mistake to your sister.”

Zhang Heling couldn’t tell if the adult was serious or joking, and she was even more confused: “I, I didn’t do anything… let me think about it…”

She obviously didn’t do anything, but when she was frightened by someone’s words, she didn’t feel confident anymore.

This character is terrible!

Zhang Yansheng said unhappily, “They are just teasing you. When did I say I’m going to beat you?”

Zhang Heling breathed a sigh of relief and gave Zhang Shuocheng a stern look.

Zhang Shuocheng pulled his eyes down: “Lüè lüè lüè.”

Zhang Huan laughed loudly. The little daughter is so funny.

Liang Yingying watched the interaction of the ‘family’ and rolled her eyes secretly.

Since Liang Zheng’s incident, Zhang Huan has not given her a good face. She later wanted to discipline Zhang Shuocheng, but failed and retreated, which made Zhang Huan angry in vain.

She is very low-key now, and if she says more, she will make more mistakes. She would rather not speak because she doesn’t want to make Zhang Huan upset anymore.

The others at the dining table were talking and laughing, while she wondered if she would change her hairstyle to create a little freshness for Zhang Huan, lest he become tired of her appearance…

After eating, Zhang Yansheng hooked her finger to Zhang Heling: “You, follow me.”

Zhang Shuocheng: “You’re going to be beaten! You’re going to be beaten!”

Without waiting for Zhang Heling to come after him, he ran away first.

Zhang Heling stomped her feet with anger, and knowing that Zhang Yansheng had no patience, she hurriedly chased after her upstairs, and followed her into the room.

After entering the room and sitting down, Zhang Yansheng asked her, “Is there any bullying in your school?” Zhang Heling breathed a sigh of relief: “No, our school is very good.”

Zhang Yansheng asked again, “Is anyone bullying you?”

Today, Wang Qian and a group of girls tried to ‘teach’ her a lesson, reminding her of the stupid things these girls did in middle school. When she went home and saw Zhang Heling again, she suddenly became worried.

This girl’s personality is too soft. If she is to meet someone like Wang Qian, she’s the kind who will be bullied to death and dare not resist, right?

Zhang Heling shook her head like a rattle: “No, how could anyone bully me?”

Zhang Yansheng breathed a sigh of relief, and suddenly remembered Zhang Heling’s character. In case others bullied her, she couldn’t even notice that she was being ‘bullied’, right?

Isn’t that what she is like at home? She has become accustomed to the unfair treatment of her for a long time, and she doesn’t feel any wrong about it.

Zhang Yansheng thought for a while and said, “Bullying is not necessarily beating you, it may also be something else. For example, using nasty words to talk to you, or deliberately stealing your friends so that everyone is not nice to you, or something else. Anyway, if this matter keeps making you feel uncomfortable and unhappy, it may be a bullying. Think about it, have you experienced something like that?”

When she said this, Zhang Heling really showed a look of hesitation on her face.

Zhang Yansheng frowned.

“There is a boy…” Zhang Heling said hesitantly, “I hate him.”

Zhang Yansheng asked in a deep voice, “What did he do to you?”

If the dead boy dared to bully her sister, she would blow his head!

“He just… well, how do you say it?” Zhang Heling scratched her head in annoyance and looked around, she used Zhang Yansheng’s cellphone on the coffee table as an example. “That’s it. For example, this is a pen or a ruler. I will put it here horizontally and he will change it to a vertical position. If I put it in the horizontal position again, then he’ll change it into vertical again, and it was endless, super annoying.”

Zhang Yansheng: “…”

Zhang Heling continued: “He would always give me nicknames, too. If I tie my hair into a ponytail, he will call me a ponytail. And if I put it in a braid, he will call me twisted dough.”

“Ah, that’s right!” Zhang Heling said angrily, “He sometimes pulls my braids, which is super annoying!”

Zhang Yansheng carefully asked for verification: “Did he hurt you?”

“Well, no, he was not forceful.” Zhang Heling said, “He’s just very annoying, I’m super annoyed by him. I am angry at him every day.”

“Does he do those things to others too?” Zhang Yansheng continued to verify.

“No!” Speaking of this, Zhang Heling became even more angry, “He only treated me like this, which is especially hateful!”

Zhang Heling finished speaking and asked her sister: “Sister, is he bullying me?”

Zhang Yansheng’s expression was subtle.

Her little sister’s big questioning eyes are shiny, her small mouth is pink, and her skin is white. Although Zhang Yansheng had never been to Zhang Heling’s school, she dares to guarantee that Zhang Heling’s face value must be the same as her academic performance in the class, at least in the top three.

Moreover, in the fourth grade, her younger sister began to develop, and it is normal for those brats to start showing their admiration to a young lady.

Recalling that when she was in the fourth and fifth grades, her classmates were already talking about who liked whom.

Facing her sister’s humble inquiry, when her sister’s eyes were erratic, her tongue was on top of her cheeks, she finally said, “Do you want him not to bother you again?”

Zhang Heling nodded heavily: “Yes!”

“Okay, then I’ll teach you.” Zhang Yansheng said, “By the way, what is the name of this boy?”

“Qin Hao.”

Zhang Yansheng nodded: “Next time, if he annoys you, you will stare into his eyes, remember to stare straight at him, you can’t leak an air, and then…”

Zhang Heling concentrated and held her breath, listening attentively to the moves her sister taught her.

“Then, you have to ask him,” Zhang Yansheng stared into Zhang Heling’s eyes and said, “Qin Hao… do you like me?”

“…” Zhang Heling let out a broken raised tone, “Huh???”

The sister who saw through everything smiled and touched her head: “Believe me, for this kind of elementary school chicken, you have to kill it with one blow. By the way, Dad mentioned it to me once before, and I think you should also learn taekwondo…”

However, her elementary student sister was too shocked to listen…

The next day, Zhang Yansheng got out of the car behind the subway station and walked in the direction of the school. Just walking past the entrance of the subway station, she heard someone calling her: “Zhang Yansheng!”

Zhang Yansheng turned her head.

Xu Lichen stood with his back against the wall of the subway station, his hands in his trouser pockets, one long leg pressed diagonally against the other.

One of the girls from Yi High School, who came out of the subway station, saw him and couldn’t help but look back at him while walking. One girl didn’t see the steps under her feet and she staggered to the ground, so she blushed and ran away quickly.

Xu Lichen, on the other hand, maintained this handsome posture for several seconds, so that Zhang Yansheng could see clearly, before standing up straight and stepping forward, he walked towards her with a smile.

Zhang Yansheng: “…”

Zhang Yansheng looked far away. This is the reason why Zhang Yansheng now looks down on the current Xu Lichen — this handsome and cool 15-year-old guy, in the eyes of an adult Zhang Yansheng, she can see the second-grader qi that are coming out of the soles of his feet.

She thought that he was acting in a youth idol drama all day long!

When the adults looked at them, it was too embarrassing!

“You left before I had time to speak yesterday.” Xu Lichen complained. Although it was a complaint, the tone was intimate and gentle. There has been a significant change from before, and those superior mentality and strong attitudes are gone.

“…” Zhang Yansheng smiled, “What’s the matter?”

Xu Lichen fixed his hair handsomely and said, “I want to apologize to you.”

Zhang Yansheng’s face became even more wooden: “What are you apologizing for?”

Xu Lichen said, “Just for what Wang Qian and the others did.”

Zhang Yansheng raised her eyebrows: “Wang Qian is your girlfriend? So, you’re apologizing for her?”

“I have nothing to do with her.” Xu Lichen immediately dismissed, “She was chasing me despite knowing that I’m pursuing you. Since I received a punishment, she was angry and wanted to teach you a lesson. Speaking of it, it’s still because of me, so I want to apologize to you.”

Zhang Yansheng only looked at him, and there didn’t seem to be any mood swings.

In her previous life, she rejected Xu Lichen and proposed to be friends only, and Xu Lichen agreed.

Looking at it, it seemed that he was satisfied with the next best thing. But in fact, this kid might have thought in his heart that in their three-person relationship, he was hugging both left and right, with great pleasure.

Zhang Yansheng can see through an old man like Zhang Huan in this life, and when she looks at other men, even a second-grader teenager like Xu Lichen, she can clearly see their inferior nature as men.

She sneered.

“Since she is not your girlfriend, what she does has nothing to do with you!” She turned and walked towards the school, “Don’t f*cking pretend to be a saint of love in front of me!”

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