January 25, 2022

Chapter 54: Teach a Lesson

When Lichen found Qian and the others, they were all crying.

When they ‘escorted’ Yansheng down, she did not resist at all. They were still a little proud, thinking that she was just like the girls they had bullied before, and they got more courage because there were so many of them.

After taking her to the women’s restroom, Yansheng asked, “What do you want to do?”

Qian didn’t answer her question and scolded her instead, “Why are you such a b*tch? Seducing boys all day long! I will teach you a lesson today!” She stepped forward and raised a hand to slap her in the face!

Unfortunately, they didn’t hear the expected ‘slap’ sound.

The moment Qian raised her hand, the two girls who had been holding Yansheng’s arms only felt that their hands slipped, and Yansheng broke free.

Qian exerted all her strength to slap her in the face, but Yansheng caught her wrist like lightning.

Qian took a breath and after struggling twice, she found that she couldn’t free her hand from Yansheng’s grasp. With a fierce light in her eyes, she raised her foot and kicked towards Yansheng.

Yansheng had been with Qian for three years in her previous life, so she knew Qian’s tricks too well. She raised her knee earlier than Qian and directly kicked Qian’s leg back.

Qian screamed.

If it weren’t for Yansheng pulling her, she would have fallen backward to the ground.

After all, Yansheng was still considering their plastic sisterhood from the previous life, so she grabbed her and did not let her fall.

But the other girls had already shouted over. They were not really trained like Yansheng, they were just the type to shove, slap, and scratch their nails indiscriminately.

Yansheng shook her wrist and pushed Qian down. There was some kindness under her hands, so although Qian stumbled on her buttocks, it didn’t hurt too much.

She put her hands on her hips and before she got up, the girls fell over one by one.

These girls were also Qian’s sidekicks in her previous life, and they were all very vicious when they bullied others. In the previous life, Yansheng had also been fighting with this small group, but in this regard, there was always a subtle aura of disagreement from her side, and the other girls agreed to fight on the other hand. But if Qian and the others had taken the initiative to bully people, Yansheng would not have taken action. Not only did she refuse to help, but she would stop when she saw them going too far.

But her family was the richest, she was the most beautiful, and she was really powerful literally, so the girls were a little afraid of her and would not get into conflict with her.

They usually followed Qian’s instructions, but if Yansheng said ‘no’, then it would really not work.

In addition, almost all of them liked Lichen.

In the previous life, Yansheng, Qian, and these girls were such a combination.

As soon as this small group graduated, they scattered like birds and beasts.

Furthermore, Yansheng didn’t wait for graduation at all, she was expelled from school as soon as she became a third-year high school student. Lichen was also expelled. On the contrary, Qian was the only one who stayed in No.1 High School.

But the three of them still stuck together until the end of high school, and two of them went abroad.

Including Qian, none of these girls expected that Yansheng from Class 2 would be so powerful. They wondered if she trained in some martial arts.

One should not look at the girls who usually bullied the weak and were very fierce when they were young. If they really met people who had been trained and had real force value, they would be discouraged in an instant.

Some of them even wanted to run immediately.

However, Yansheng lifted her leg and stepped on the door frame of the women’s restroom. A long, straight, and beautiful leg stood in the way, blocking them.

The girls didn’t dare to push in. Someone asked tremblingly, “You, what do you want to do?”

Yansheng sneered and replied, “That should be my line, right? What do you want to do when you drag me here?”

Although Yansheng guessed that Qian wanted to teach her a lesson and get rid of her because of Lichen, she was really curious about what Qian wanted to do to her.

She glanced at one girl and called her name, “Zou Zihan, you tell me!”

The girl who was called was startled. “How do you know my name?”

Yansheng’s mouth hooked up. She cracked her knuckers which made a popping sound. “When I ask you something, just answer, don’t talk so much nonsense!”

Zihan was the most cowardly among these girls, so Yansheng specifically named her.

Sure enough, when Yansheng scared her, she was frightened and stammered, “We… we want you to drink toilet water…”

Qian tugged her anxiously. “You f*cking stupid!” When you were in a disadvantageous situation, would you tell the truth?

Sure enough, Yansheng’s face turned cold.

Even in her previous life, Yansheng adhered to the bottom line and would not take the initiative to use force against others, but if others came to her first, she would never allow herself to be bullied.

She was very familiar with Qian and these girls. Bullying and drinking toilet water were only one of the most crucial parts of it. As for slapping, pulling hair, and verbal insults, they were definitely indispensable.

In addition, there was also the use of cigarettes to burn people.

Qian once wanted to burn a girl’s face with a cigarette.

Although the other party was also a bad girl, Yansheng went over and knocked out the cigarette in her hand.

At that time, there was a moment when Yansheng felt that Qian was about to flip out and go berserk at her, but Qian still held back. Qian’s endurance had always been better than hers.

In retrospect, you couldn’t find the logic in some behaviors of adolescent girls.

Two girls who were already disgusted with each other stubbornly declared that they were ‘best friends’, stubbornly stuck together all day long, went in and out together, and insisted on portraying a plastic relationship with some sincerity.

But because of this, Yansheng was able to get to know Qian deeply.

You shouldn’t show weakness to Qian because she would step on people to the end, so you had to let her know that you were not easy to provoke to eliminate the trouble.

Yansheng tugged at the corners of her mouth. Her smile was cold and she closed the door of the women’s restroom with a ‘bang’.

When she was on the escalator and was about to return to the subway exit, Lichen appeared. She saw that he was running in a hurry, and then he climbed up the stairs again, wheezing and panting. She suddenly realized that he was like a hero who wanted to save a beauty.

She couldn’t help but think that it was a little funny and a little cute.

When she put on her sunglasses and walked out of the subway station, she suddenly felt relieved somewhere in her heart.

When she was fifteen years old, she really liked Lichen.

However, she was squeezed out by Qian’s words, and to maintain her ‘loyalty’, she could only refuse Lichen.

The three of them spent the three years of high school in a mess. After the two of them went abroad, everyone seemed to have a tacit understanding. No one contacted anyone and their communication was all cut off.

At that time, she really didn’t live well enough to understand and didn’t even know what she wanted.

Of course, Yansheng was rich and had a lot of money, so there was no shortage of ‘friends’ wherever she went, but in retrospect, there was always such a little regret.

Now that her life was back, Yansheng, who had ‘grown up’, naturally couldn’t look up to Lichen, who was inexperienced and had still the mind of a second-grader1中二 – second grade – The original meaning is the second grade of junior high school/middle school. Now it also refers to people who are mentally immature and have grown up, but their thoughts and behaviors are still like junior high school students (rebellious, like delusions, etc.). It refers to a second-grade disease as well. in middle school.

But seeing the anxiety and concern in the boy’s eyes, the little regrets of her youth suddenly faded away.

At that age, there was no need to seek for any results. It was enough to have developments and memories.

When Lichen came down, he found the girls crying.

Their hair was all wet, and the collars, shoulders, and chests of their clothes were all wet as well. Everyone was embarrassed, including Qian.

Lichen had guessed from Yansheng’s attitude that Qian and the others might not be able to suppress her, but he didn’t expect them to be so miserable.

“Heh!” He crossed his arms and blocked them in the narrow aisle between the men’s and women’s restrooms. “Did you dive into the water as a group?”

Almost all of these girls liked him and they all wanted to disappear on the spot. They all didn’t want to be seen by him in such embarrassment.

Someone cried, “Yansheng bullied us…”

These girls were very powerful in the class, and suddenly they said that they were ‘bullied’. Lichen found it a bit funny. “How did she bully you?”

“She pressed our heads in the pool…” the girl replied and cried again.

Lichen was shocked and asked, “In the toilet?”

“No! In the sink!” the girls said hurriedly.

They weren’t pushed into the toilet, it was disgusting. If this happened to you, then you wouldn’t be able to hold this kind of pot and you would be laughed at until you graduate.

Lichen was also a tyrant. He was familiar with the routines of these ‘teaching’ people a lesson. When he heard that it was in the sink and not the toilet, he knew that Yansheng was lenient.

But for her to deal with so many girls alone, it was pretty awesome.

Lichen was no longer curious about what happened to them, and directly asked what he wanted to know, “Why did you call Yansheng down here?”

He looked a bit fierce this time. Qian bit her lip and didn’t speak, but the other girls twitched and said, “We want to teach her a lesson…”

Lichen’s face sank and asked again, “How did Yansheng provoke you?”

Among these people, Zihan cried loudly and was particularly aggrieved. She twisted her wet hair, sobbed, and said, “We are here to vent your anger. She caused you to be punished, she’s a b*tch!”

Lichen’s face was gloomy, then suddenly he kicked on the door of the men’s bathroom with a loud bang.

The girls were taken aback.

“It’s none of your business! It’s not your turn to stand up for me!” Lichen said fiercely, “I’ll leave my words here! Whoever dares to touch Yansheng again, I will give her a big slap in the face!”


“No more buts!” The young man was really furious. “It’s not your turn to take care of me and Yansheng’s affairs! Take care of yourselves first! A group of ugly monsters! Who took the lead?”

His attitude was scary, not the same as usual in the class. The girls were terrified and looked at Qian one after another.

Qian couldn’t hide, so she could only bite the bullet, stood up, and said, “It’s me.”

Lichen stared at her.

“You didn’t do anything to her, so why would she—” Qian explained, “report and give you a punishment. Is she angry?! Based on what?!”

Without saying a word, Lichen kicked on the wall beside her with a bang and left a big footprint. Qian closed her mouth in fright and took a step back.

“Because I like her.” Xu Lichen sneered. “You’re f*cking too controlling! Just mind your own business and don’t send me so many messages at night. I don’t have that much time to reply to you.”

When Lichen said this, everyone’s eyes changed when they looked at Qian. They all raised questions to themselves.

Didn’t she say that no one in the class is allowed to chase Lichen? Even the other girls in the school are not allowed to chase him, right? This was initiated by her!

Why does she keep sending messages to Lichen herself?

What kind of messages did she send him at night? She can’t just discuss homework topics, right?

What else did she do aside from flirting with him?


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    中二 – second grade – The original meaning is the second grade of junior high school/middle school. Now it also refers to people who are mentally immature and have grown up, but their thoughts and behaviors are still like junior high school students (rebellious, like delusions, etc.). It refers to a second-grade disease as well.