January 24, 2022

Chapter 53: Save the Beauty

Yansheng did see a once familiar face when she passed by the subway entrance, but she had gone down. She was also a little surprised at why the girl would go to take the subway because she had been picked up and dropped off by a car.

But it had nothing to do with her. She was not in Class 8 in this life.

Even Qian, who seemed to be a close friend but actually a rival in love, was a plastic sister in her previous life.

For the other girls, the words ‘a pack of rogues’ were the best fit to describe them.

In fact, Yansheng realized that she didn’t have any sincere friends in her previous life. Most of the people who surrounded her were after her money or her looks. She did have a lot of money, but she was not happy having money. On the contrary, money had ruined her life.

Day and night were turned upside down, and she was intoxicated with money.

The crazier she lived, the emptier her heart was.

Yansheng didn’t know that there was a group of bad girls who didn’t like her under the subway station rolling up their sleeves and planning to teach her a lesson. With a slight sigh in her heart, she walked around the subway station, got in her own car, and went home.

At home, Yingying maintained a low profile, not as arrogant as before, and the atmosphere in the entire house was much more comfortable.

Yansheng asked Heling to check Shuocheng’s homework every day, and if he didn’t do it seriously, she would spank him.

Shuocheng was very distressed. But this was the ‘discipline’ he begged while crying, and he had to obey while kneeling. Anyway, as long as he could finish his homework seriously, his sisters didn’t care how he played after. As soon as he got home now, he would do his homework quickly. Once he was done, he would be able to have fun.

The weekend passed peacefully and Yansheng received a call from her maternal uncle.

Yansheng’s mother and Huan were university classmates, and they studied abroad together. Her grandmother liked her mother very much and thought that her mother was a very independent woman. Huan and Yansheng’s mother got married when they returned to China after graduation.

From the campus to the wedding dress, they used to be a beautiful couple, but before it got to the end, everything turned sour.

Both her maternal grandparents had passed away, and now there was only an uncle, his wife, and younger cousins left. However, her uncle settled in S City because of his business, not in the same place as Yansheng.

Her maternal grandfather’s family was not as rich as the Zhang family, but it could be regarded as a family with good conditions.

When she was in middle school, her uncle deliberately talked to her face-to-face, fearing that her stepmother would treat her badly, and wanted her to live with them in S City. But at that time, Yansheng just lost her mother. Although she was always arguing and hysterical, she actually didn’t want to lose her father as well in her heart, so she refused to go with him.

Later, as she grew up, she became more extreme. When her uncle heard about it, he tried to persuade her. But she had already stopped listening to other people at that time and gradually became estranged from her uncle.

Her uncle knew that Huan had sent her to No.1 High School. One month after the start of school, he called to ask how she was doing at school and whether she was adapting well.

Huan showed off to his mother and brother’s family that she was admitted to the preparatory class, and Yansheng felt very ashamed. But listening to her uncle’s voice, which was a bit unfamiliar in her memory, she couldn’t help but tell her uncle, “Well, I studied hard for two months during the summer vacation and was admitted to the preparatory class after taking the placement test before the start of the school. Yes, it’s the preparatory class. Our school has a top class, two preparatory classes…”

It was not ‘showing off’, but just ‘telling’ him. She wanted the person on the other side of the call to know.

But when she said this, she suddenly became ashamed again. She was no longer an elementary school student, so what was the point of talking about it?

However, her uncle was surprised, “Really? Yanyan is so amazing!”

Her uncle spoke again in a broken voice, “Your mother was better than me at studying. You have been smart since you were a child. When you were a child, you always took the first place…”

It was all in the past, but there was deep concern in those trivial thoughts. As Yansheng listened, her eyes suddenly became teary.

After she was reborn, she also thought about calling her uncle. But every time she touched her phone, she felt timid in her heart, so she kept dragging it until her uncle took the initiative to call her.

“Uncle, don’t worry about me, I’m not a kid anymore,” she said, “there’s nothing to be afraid of that woman, I’ll just ignore her. No matter what, I am my father’s biological child, so he will not treat me badly.”

On the call, her uncle breathed a long sigh of relief and said, “It’s good that you have figured it out.”

He added, “Don’t delay yourself because of others.”

If I had figured this out in my previous life, then I wouldn’t die, right?

But if I didn’t die, I wouldn’t be reborn. And if I just walk down the same path, then I won’t realize it at all, right?

Yansheng thought about it for a long time but felt that there was no solution to this problem. But no matter what, in this life, she couldn’t fail the people who cared about her, nor could she let herself down.

As soon as she entered the class on Monday, a classmate greeted her, then came one after another for early morning greetings.

Yansheng was a little surprised, not knowing why her classmates in Class 2 suddenly warmed up to her.

She didn’t know that she was too beautiful, proud and cold, and had a strong aura, which made these classmates inexplicably show respect from a distance. She hadn’t had any dealings with these ‘good kids’ in her previous life; and in this life, she couldn’t feel that everyone was keeping their distance from her.

As a result, the rich handsome guy in Class 8 chased after her, and without saying a word, she reported him and he received disciplinary action. Then suddenly, her classmates in Class 2 changed their opinion of her.

First of all, they realized that she was not a gold digger which was great. At this age, they were still very noble and virtuous, especially these good students, all of them had a sense of independence in their hearts. They would rather choose to cry in the back seat of the bicycle than laugh inside a BMW, and they also looked down on those who chose to laugh in the BMW. Yansheng’s course of action, on the contrary, brought everyone closer to her.

In any case, it was a good thing for Yansheng. When she asked her classmates to give her the topics of their lectures for the day, she felt that her classmates were more enthusiastic about her. They also took out their workbooks and problem sets, which she didn’t know where to find, and they shared them with her.

Yansheng was a trash from Class 8 in her previous life. She didn’t know where to scour these things. She asked humbly for advice, only to find that these students had their own magical powers. There was always a way to find these things. You could get it from another district or another city. They all communicated with each other as well.

She felt that she had already worked very hard during the summer vacation, and she could not help but break out in a cold sweat when she understood the amounts of questions these students were doing daily.

The top class and the two preparatory classes in No.1 High School were all in a circle of elimination, which happened once in the middle of the semester. If you learned better, you would go up. If you failed to learn, you would go down. Some students fell from the preparatory class to the ordinary class, and some went up from the ordinary classes into the preparatory class or even the top class. It was all possible depending on the individual’s level of effort.

Although Yansheng worked hard all summer vacation and entered the preparatory class, if she didn’t keep working hard, she would still fall.

On her side, Yansheng made up her mind not to fall out of class. On Qian’s side, she was going to explode with anger.

Because it was the weekend after Friday, this anger of not catching Yansheng had accumulated for two days.

Qian’s temper was not small, she was unable to contain herself on Monday and couldn’t wait to go out of school after all the classes ended. So, she took some girls to block Yansheng directly in the restroom at noon.

After Yansheng washed her hands, she looked up and saw Qian and several girls behind her staring at her from the mirror aggressively.

She knew and understood these girls well. She couldn’t be more familiar with the posture they put on.

Yansheng suddenly felt a headache.

Are they going to ‘teach’ me a lesson?

So bold, we are still at the school. What’s wrong with Qian?

Yansheng turned around, ignored the girls, and walked straight out. “Excuse me, please.”

Not only did the girls refuse to let her pass, but they also squeezed each other with a sneer, blocking the door of the restroom in an impassable manner.

But Yansheng didn’t realize it and just continued to walk forward. Seeing that she was about to collide with the girls, she stretched out her hand.

When Yansheng got out, the girls were still very confused.

“Why did you give way to her?”

“I didn’t!”

“You squeezed me to give way to her!”

“No, she pushed me! I couldn’t stand still when she pushed me!”

“Yes, me too!”

“No way!”

“It’s true! She is very strong!”

“Hey Qian, where are you going?”

They chased after Qian and pulled her back. “We’re still at the school! My mother said that No.1 High School has strict rules and I am not allowed to cause trouble in the school, otherwise, she will cut off my allowance!”

Qian was so angry, but she was still pulled back to the class by a few of them.

Lichen was still the same in the class, just fooling around. When they came back, he teased them, “You still go to the toilet in a group?”

However, Qian felt that his gangster-like behavior made him look better and better. She became even more determined to teach Yansheng a lesson.

After school, she didn’t want to make the same mistake again, so she didn’t go to the subway to wait for Yansheng. She blocked Yansheng directly on the way to the subway.

“Yansheng, come with us,” Qian said, “let’s talk.”

She lifted her chin and breathed heavily.

Yansheng thought that she had probably been like this when she hung out with her in the previous life.

Qian was stunned at what she did, “Hey, what are you doing?”

Yansheng put down the hand she used to cover her eyes and replied calmly, “Nothing.”

She just didn’t want to see it. Thinking that she used to be so stupid, she couldn’t wait to go back in time and erase this black history.

She asked, “What do you want from me?”

In this life, she was not in Class 8 and had no interaction with Qian. However, Qian still ran to find her and Yansheng guessed that nine out of ten it had something to do with Lichen.

Qian sneered. “Why waste time for nonsense talk? Let’s go, take her away!”

With that said, two girls came up and grabbed Yansheng’s arms, left and right. Yansheng didn’t struggle but asked, “Where are you taking me?”

The girls looked at Qian. Qian hesitated for a moment and said, “In the subway station!”

There were students in No.1 High School around who had already begun to stop and look over them.

Yansheng wanted to study in high school diligently and didn’t want to make trouble. If they were going inside the subway station, then it was okay.

So she steadily agreed, “Let’s go then.”

The two girls clung to her arms tightly, lest she escape. However, Yansheng was very obedient and followed them to the subway station without resistance.


Lichen had already gotten in his car, and the car had already started to move more than a hundred meters away. Because there were too many people picking up children after school, he was stuck there temporarily unable to move for a while, so they moved forward slowly.

At this time, he received a call from a classmate, “Lichen! Qian and the others took Yansheng from Class 2 away!”

Lichen froze for a moment and immediately thought of the reason—Qian was chasing him quite closely. She might have been jealous and wanted to teach Yansheng a lesson.

“Stop the car!” Lichen shouted immediately.

The driver stepped on the brakes subconsciously, and Lichen jumped out of the car before the car stopped steadily. While running back, he asked, “Where did they take Yansheng?”

The classmate told him, “They went down to the subway station!”

Lichen held the phone and ran madly.

Although they had only been classmates for a month, he could see that Qian was the kind of girl who was cruel to the bones. In a conversation, he also heard how she ‘taught’ people when she was in middle school.

Lichen’s forehead was sweating as he ran madly.

Down the long stairs in the subway station, he rushed down almost at the speed of a one-hundred-meter sprint.

However, halfway through the rush, he suddenly saw Yansheng.

She was standing on the escalator and was going up.

“Yansheng!” he shouted, then he turned around and ran up this time.

He had quite a good physical shape. He rushed all the way, rushed down the stairs, and rushed up the stairs, and actually managed to stop Yansheng in time.

“You, you, are you okay?” he asked breathlessly.

Yansheng looked at the boy with a flushed face from running. “Don’t tell me you are here as a hero trying to save a beauty?”

Lichen sized her up. She was still as cold as ever, but her clothes and hair were neat, and there were no wounds or tears on her face. She looked normal as usual.

Lichen put his hands on his waist and looked up to the sky, then lowered his head and said, “It seems that there is no such opportunity, huh?”

Although Yansheng didn’t like the young Lichen in this life, he was really good to her in the previous life. It was a pity that they couldn’t be a couple in the end and were separated from each other as friends, then they gradually drifted away.

Yansheng recalled this and looked at Lichen with a rare smile.

Having ruddy lips, the corners of her lips curled up.

Lichen’s heart thumped.

Yansheng put on her sunglasses. “No.” Then, she stepped forward and walked outside.

Lichen suddenly remembered the important thing. “Hey, what about Qian and the others?” What really happened? Didn’t Qian bring several girls to clean her up? Where did they go?

Yansheng didn’t look back, only gave him a gesture. She pointed her thumb to the back of her shoulder.

Lichen turned his head and looked in the direction she was pointing at. It was a long staircase leading down to the subway station. Looking back, Yansheng’s long legs had already stepped out of the subway station entrance.

In the autumn light, her figure looked particularly slender.