January 23, 2022

Chapter 52: Teach a Lesson

In the past life, most of the students in Class 8 had good family conditions. Lichen and Yansheng were among the best in the class.

In front of Lichen, Yansheng was not only his equal but also stronger than him. She once told him fiercely, “Qian is my best friend. I don’t want to ruin our friendship because of you.”

Lichen compromised so it had always been a situation of three people being together.

But in this life, Yansheng entered Class 2. This class was composed of students who were admitted to first-year high school based on their grades, and most of them were children from ordinary families. She guessed that her family conditions should be the top-notch in the class.

In addition, she wanted to steadily break all the wrong paths in her previous life, and remain in Class 2 through her own efforts. She hoped that she could fit into this class and not be too out of place.

So when she heard the students in Class 2 talk about how many luxury cars were there to pick up the students in Class 8, she asked Mr. Zhou to park the car on the side of the road behind the subway station.

After school, she walked to the subway station like some other students. Those who really wanted to take the subway went down. When she arrived at the entrance, she bypassed the subway station and got into her car—of course, no students saw her, everyone had already gotten in the subway.

It was very low-key.

But because of this low profile, Lichen also misunderstood it. He thought she was a girl with an ordinary family background. For a rich second generation like him, when facing a girl with an ordinary family background, he naturally had a sense of superiority and felt very strongly.

And now, seeing that the entanglement was ineffective, he began to attempt to use his favorable economic conditions to seduce her.

Yansheng almost laughed in anger.

She found that people really couldn’t be too low-key. If they keep a low profile, others would want to suppress you and they would be condescending when they looked at you.

In the past life, Lichen had always been responsive and gentle to Yansheng.

Yansheng gritted her teeth but found that she couldn’t really get angry at Lichen. It was probably because of his gentleness, thoughtfulness, and diligence in her previous life that she couldn’t help but treat him as ‘one of her own’ in her heart.

This kid was still very young now and he still didn’t know the complexity of things, so he just flaunted himself as being outstanding.

It was so ridiculous.

Yansheng gritted her teeth and said, “You, follow me.”

Lichen raised his head and followed Yansheng. Her legs were long and straight, and she was obviously very thin, but she didn’t have the lightness of other girls’ walk. When she walked, her long legs spread out, giving people a feeling of ‘sinking’ downwards, sonorous, and powerful.

Lichen liked this feeling very much.

He smiled and said, “Where are we going? If you don’t want to take my car, I can take the subway with you.”

Yansheng rolled her eyes and strode towards the subway station.

The subway station was just five minutes away from the gate of No.1 High School. The two of them were tall and long-legged, with long and fast steps, they would be there in two to three minutes. Many No.1 High School students could be seen going down from the subway entrance.

But Yansheng didn’t walk into the subway entrance, she continued to walk forward instead. Lichen, who was following her, got confused. “Where are you going?”

When she reached the back of the subway’s entrance, Yansheng stopped. Lichen followed and stopped as well.

Yansheng raised her chin. “Did you see that car?”

Lichen followed her gaze and praised, “That car is good, is that a Dawn?”

Yansheng knew that Lichen had some knowledge about cars.

When an average high school student saw it, he could recognize that it was a Rolls-Royce car, but Lichen could call out the model in one breath.

However, he didn’t know what Yansheng meant by letting him see the car.

Yansheng smiled and walked over.

By the end of September, the temperature had already cooled down, so there was no need to turn on the air conditioning in the car. It was more comfortable to bask in the sun outside.

Mr. Zhou was standing there while smoking. When he raised his eyes and saw Yansheng coming, he pinched his cigarette and asked, “School is over?” Then, he reached out and opened the door for her.

He was proficient in his movements and looked like a very professional driver at first glance.

However, Yansheng didn’t get in the car. She held the door and said, “I’ll just say a few words to my classmate.”

Mr. Zhou agreed and got into the car by himself.

Yansheng stood outside, slammed the car door, and looked up at Lichen.

Lichen opened his mouth as if he were able to swallow a duck egg, which was a bit silly. There was no way for Yansheng, who was reborn, to look at these very ‘social’ and ‘cool’ peers at the beginning and not see who was stupid.

“The students in Class 2 don’t pay much attention to family economic conditions and the like. I don’t think there is any need to be too eye-catching in the class, so I asked our driver to park here every day and wait for me. It’s not that there is no car for me to ride in,” she said as she tilted her head slightly to look at him.

Lichen felt that he really couldn’t understand this girl. She was more complicated than he thought.

She tilted her head slightly to speak with some disdain and a little bit of a smile, as if she had seen through all his little thoughts.

He had a feeling that he had nothing to hide.

“Xu Lichen,” Yansheng asked, “do you think that the girls you’re chasing will like you sooner or later because you are rich and attractive?”

This really hit the nail on the head when it came to Lichen’s state of mind.

He opened his mouth and wanted to say something, but found that he had nothing to say, because that was what he really thought. He deeply felt that he was handsome and rich. Even if a girl was reserved for a while, she would naturally not be able to keep her reservation after a long time.

Yansheng sneered, put on her sunglasses, opened the car door, and said sarcastically, “I am also rich and beautiful. I don’t lack anything. I study better than you. What can you do to impress me? It makes me laugh!”

She got into the car and closed the door with a bang. “Let’s go.”

Mr. Zhou heard something vaguely, and while starting the car, he asked, “Is that boy pestering you? Would you like to report it to Master Zhang?”

“No need,” Yansheng replied, “I can solve it by myself.”

After a while, she added, “He’s just a child.”

Are you not a child yourself? Mr. Zhou thought as he glanced at the young lady in the back seat from the rearview mirror. Her face with sunglasses was indeed not so childish and much more mature than her peers.

Many times, Mr. Zhou didn’t feel that she was a ‘child’, and would subconsciously treat her as someone of his own age.

He really didn’t feel that she was a child.

Yansheng gave Lichen a punishment, but Lichen didn’t care at all and was even a little triumphant.

He went to the guidance office to receive the punishment and returned to the class. The boys all knew that Yansheng had reported him. They felt that this was the legendary ‘love each other and kill each other’. Everyone applauded, heckled, and whistled.

Someone shouted, “A hero is sad after being turned off by a beauty!”

Then, everyone laughed.

Lichen clenched his fists. “There’s no way that a beautiful woman can bring a hero to his death!”

Everyone laughed again.

The atmosphere in Class 8 was like this.

But Qian was very upset.

When the school started, she did feel that Lichen was not bad and a bit handsome. When he came to her to strike up a conversation, she still held it a little bit, wanting to be reserved and then further develop with him.

Unexpectedly, before she could finish her act, Yansheng walked past the two of them.

Since then, there had been no her in Lichen’s eyes.

She first thought he was ‘not bad’ and should belong to her, but she didn’t get him nor couldn’t have him, so he became an obsession for her.

She looked at Lichen again and realized that he was more than ‘not bad’, so she became more and more unwilling to give up.

Everyone saw Lichen chasing Yansheng, but in private, Qian was chasing him. However, Yansheng didn’t respond to Lichen, and Lichen didn’t respond to Qian either.

The more she couldn’t get him, the more she felt that he was better and that no one else could match him.

But the ‘not bad’ in her heart was abandoned by Yansheng.

Not only did she look down on him, but she even gave him a punishment mercilessly.

Qian couldn’t understand why Lichen was so low. He was even very happy and proud, while she was about to explode with anger.

She was determined to teach Yansheng a lesson.

Although it had only been a month since the start of school, Qian had already established herself as the ‘female boss’ in the class. As soon as she called out, several girls immediately responded to her.

“I don’t like that Yansheng a long time ago! She’s like a vixen!”

“She’s so proud and arrogant! Hooking up with boys all day long, in every other class, the boys in our class talk about her all day long!”

“That kind of girl is a pain in the *ss! We have to teach her a lesson!”

They all sounded like righteous little warriors, but Qian knew exactly what was in their hearts—everyone liked Lichen or had a hidden feeling or a secret love for him. Therefore, Yansheng, who Lichen liked but didn’t take him seriously, became everyone’s common enemy.

These girls had very good conditions at home. When the sky collapsed, they were supported by their parents with money. They were not afraid of heaven or earth.

Everyone discussed how to teach Yansheng a lesson.

No.1 High School was a strict school. Lichen could be punished for chasing girls like that. These girls dared not make trouble in the school, so they decided to deal with Yansheng outside the school.

Discussions came and went, and the location was chosen, which was in the subway station.

Yansheng was said to have taken the subway to and from school. There was a very long pathway as you walked down the subway which was very suitable to block people and had a good vibe.

There was a restroom in the subway. When the time came, they would pull Yansheng inside and let her drink from the toilet.

If there was sh*t, they would let her eat the sh*t too.

They would take pictures of her as well.

They would let her cry and promise that she would never hook up with Lichen again.

The next day was Friday and the girls were on the move, so they waited down the subway pathway in advance.

One girl was responsible for being on the lookout from the entrance.

When she saw Yansheng, she ran down. “She’s here! She’s coming! Yansheng is here!”

Everyone stood up and put on a very imposing pose.

Qian also lit a cigarette, took two puffs, and stood in the middle of the crowd, sneering and waiting for Yansheng to appear.

She had the style of a ‘female boss’ which was very impressive.


Twenty minutes later, she had smoked several cigarettes already, but they hadn’t seen any sign of Yansheng.

Qian’s face turned red in anger. “Where is she?!”

The girl who was on the lookout was also dumbfounded. “I’ve seen her walk towards the subway!”

The girls gave up waiting for her and took the escalator up again. Only when they got out of the subway entrance did they see the students of No.1 High School in twos and threes, but they didn’t find Yansheng.

Qian asked with a sullen face, “Did you see it clearly? Was it really her?”

“How can I be wrong?” The girl replied with resolve, “I can recognize her face!”

That was really unlikely.

But where did Yansheng go?

Didn’t she take the subway?

Why did she disappear in broad daylight???