January 27, 2022

Chapter 56: Twist and Turn

Xu Lichen stood there with his mouth open, only to react for a long time, and strode after her: “Zhang Yansheng!”

There was a look of excitement on his face.

“You turned out to be such a person.” He said, “It’s so different from what I thought.”

Zhang Yansheng snorted, and walked forward with her long legs, without paying attention to him.

Xu Lichen didn’t care either, he was thick-skinned. Zhang Yansheng ignored him, so he could only talk to himself.

“I thought you were one of those really good students. The kind who doesn’t speak profanity or curse at other people and someone who is well-cultured. In the end, not only do you curse, but you can also fight. Yesterday, Wang Qian and the other girls weren’t able to beat you.” He smiled slyly, “If I knew that you were like that, I shouldn’t have tried to be in front of you.”

“It’s useless to do it anyway.” Zhang Yansheng sneered, “I know exactly what kind of person you are.”

“Oh? So, you are paying attention to me then?” Xu Lichen’s eyes lit up.

Zhang Yansheng found that she had said the wrong thing, so she changed her words and said, “I don’t need to pay attention. For people like you, I can see through it at first glance.”

“Then, if you really have seen through me…” Xu Lichen stepped in front of Zhang Yansheng and blocked her way. The corners of his mouth raised evilly, “Can you tell how much do I like you?”

Zhang Yansheng: “…”

D*mn! What kind of earthy love words is this? Little fool, why do you pretend to be a domineering president?!

Zhang Yansheng got goosebumps on her arms!

But she remembered that Xu Lichen was like this, and at that time, when she was in high school, the girls all liked his evil charm and crazy style.

At that time, Zhang Yansheng also fell for it.

Zhang Yansheng’s face flushed strangely, and it looked particularly sultry in the early morning.

Xu Lichen looked at her with bright eyes and a flash of triumph in her eyes.

He didn’t know that Zhang Yansheng was… just embarrassed for how she was in high school in the past.

There are unbearable memories in the past that you can’t look back on, you can’t really stand that time when you are still self-righteous and stupid, there’s too much of black history that you wish should have never happened at all.

On Xu Lichen’s fairly handsome face, there was ‘self’ written on the left side and ‘righteous’ written on the right, so Zhang Yansheng didn’t want to see him at all.

She passed by and waved behind him: “Hey, classmate!”

Xu Lichen turned his head and saw a boy who turned his head when he heard the shout. He seemed a little surprised. He was not sure if Zhang Yansheng was calling him.

It was him who Zhang Yansheng called out to. She saw him at a glance just now, his face was familiar, and she knew that he was from her own class, but she hadn’t remembered his name yet, so she could only call him ‘classmate’.

She bypassed Xu Lichen who was standing in front of her, walked quickly to the boy, smiled, and said, “Good morning.”

“Ah, good morning!” The boy was a little nervous, and he hurriedly returned the greetings to Zhang Yansheng.

Zhang Yansheng didn’t actually remember the boy’s name. He is quite tall, sitting in the last row, and a few rows away from Zhang Yansheng, he is relatively far away.

Now, Zhang Yansheng is more familiar with the circle of classmates and a few class leaders, but she’s not yet familiar with the students who are in the remote corners. However, Zhang Yansheng was not nervous and she asked the boy calmly: “I missed a little bit of my Physics notes yesterday. Can you lend me a copy of your notes later?”

“Sure.” The boy agreed, “I’ll give it to you in the classroom.”

Zhang Yansheng left Xu Lichen behind and entered the school side by side with the boy.

Xu Lichen snorted and also entered the school. But when he heard someone calling “Wang Qian” behind him, he turned his head and glanced. He didn’t know when Wang Qian appeared, and she was not that far.

There was indignation in her eyes that she couldn’t hide. She should have seen Xu Lichen and Zhang Yansheng walking away while talking together just now.

When Xu Lichen first entered school, he thought Wang Qian was very beautiful, and he thought about chasing her. Later, he found that Zhang Yansheng was more beautiful, so he started to chase Zhang Yansheng, but he was also ambiguous with Wang Qian. A scumbag like him would take this kind of thing as a pleasure in life.

But now, he found that he had completely lost his attraction to Wang Qian.

This is still because of the comparison.

Compared with other girls, Wang Qian has a stronger taste. But compared with Zhang Yansheng, she is not delicious enough.

Zhang Yansheng has a feeling of being different from other girls. Xu Lichen felt that he was becoming more and more attracted to her. This attraction is so strong that he can ignore other girls and pay attention to her alone.

Looking at Wang Qian again, the anger in her eyes had disappeared, and she bit her lip slightly, as if she had been wronged or let down. It seemed that the look of anger just now was only in Xu Lichen’s illusion.

If it were other boys, it would be really easy to be moved by Wang Qian.

Unfortunately, Xu Lichen is not an ordinary boy. He is a natural scumbag.

Wang Qian’s acting skills really can’t fool him.

Of course, none of them knew that in her previous life, Wang Qian had become Zhang Yansheng’s best friend by relying on her acting skills, and Zhang Yansheng could only refuse Xu Lichen because of her verbal skills. In the end, it became a three-person relationship.

Later, as the days passed and they became more and more acquainted with each other, Xu Lichen’s initial thoughts of hugging left and right gradually turned to Zhang Yansheng. He also persuaded Zhang Yansheng not to trust Wang Qian too much.

It’s a pity that Zhang Yansheng couldn’t leave this ‘best friend’ just because Wang Qian and her ‘share the same hatred’ and verbally crusade against the old demon Liang Yingying and her step siblings in the family.

After all, Zhang Yansheng was a teenage girl at that time. She didn’t have the education and guidance of her mother like other girls. She was so aggrieved by her complicated family situation and she was particularly paranoid.

When people are paranoid, they tend to listen and hear what they only wanted to hear. Even if Zhang Yansheng knew that Wang Qian had done all kinds of bad things, she still insisted on being ‘best friend’ with her.

In this life, Zhang Yansheng finally no longer has to maintain the plastic sisterhood with Wang Qian, and the three-person relationship is no longer possible. Zhang Yansheng no longer looked up to Xu Lichen, who was still young and self-righteous.

However, Xu Lichen still liked her, and was even more attracted to her faster than in her previous life.

Wang Qian is still the same as she was in her previous life. Xu Lichen should have liked her instead, but he was ‘robbed’ by Zhang Yansheng, so she couldn’t let go.

Xu Lichen glanced at Wang Qian, who was aggrieved and resentful, but he no longer likes her. He snorted, turned his head, and walked into the school.

Anger flashed in Wang Qian’s eyes again, and she was even more unwilling.

From childhood to adulthood, there is nothing she can’t get whenever she wants something. She can be friends with whoever she wants to be friends with; she can make anyone lose her friends if she wants her to have no friends.

She doesn’t believe that she will tumble in high school.

The person calling her came quickly, walked to her, sniffed and asked, “Are you okay? I seem to have a cold.”

This girl was also one of the people who was pushed into the sink by Zhang Yansheng yesterday.

When she said this, Wang Qian’s new hatred and old hatred for Zhang Yansheng had risen from yesterday and today, and she felt angry in her heart early in the morning.

She couldn’t suppress her anger, said “I don’t have cold”, and strode into the school.

Zhang Yansheng and the unnamed boy arrived in the classroom. The boy opened his schoolbag and immediately handed her the notes Zhang Yansheng wanted: “Here it is.”

Zhang Yansheng took it, thanked him, and said, “Thank you, I will finish copying it right away, and I will return it to you as soon as possible.”

“No need to hurry.” The boy said, “Physics is in the fourth class, so don’t worry, concentrate on the morning test first.”

There will be a small test in the morning’s self-study every day, which is called a daily test. Every day, students start their morning in a tight state of study.

“Okay, thank you.” Zhang Yansheng smiled.

The boy hesitated for a moment and whispered, “I am, my name is Zhang Zhiyuan.”

She didn’t even know his family name and it was suddenly given. Zhang Yansheng didn’t change her face and said, “It’s a coincidence. My surname is Zhang. My name is…”

“Zhang Yansheng, I know.” The boy said, his ears turned slightly red.

This is a normal 15-year-old boy. Although young, he is very cute. What kind of stuff is Xu Lichen who thinks that he is a master of the flowers at a young age? Zhang Yansheng wants to roll her eyes now when she thinks about it.

Just watching Zhang Zhiyuan hurried back to his seat, she felt that the name seemed familiar. After thinking about it, she can’t remember it for a while. Forget it, it must be the teacher who asked him to answer questions in class, so it felt familiar to her.

Zhang Yansheng didn’t bother to think about it, and opened Zhang Zhiyuan’s notes, ready to make up what she had missed — she didn’t deliberately talk nonsense just to get rid of Xu Lichen, she really did miss some contents yesterday. She was thinking about going to the school to find students who were nearby to borrow notes. When she saw Zhang Zhiyuan at the school gate, she realized that she was running out of time, so she just asked him instead.

But when Zhang Yansheng opened Zhang Zhiyuan’s notes, she couldn’t help but gasp.

She flipped through a lot of pages, and she was pretty sure that this was really the neatest, beautiful, and clean notes she had ever seen.

First of all, Zhang Yansheng was amazed by that good handwriting.

Zhang Yansheng’s writing is also pretty good. In the past, when her mother was alive, she let her practice with all her might. When she was in elementary school, she was already writing in a stylish font. With a good foundation, she definitely got more improvements, so her writing became better and better.

Xu Lichen wrote badly like a dog crawling.

Zhang Yansheng laughed at him a lot in her previous life.

But Zhang Zhiyuan’s writing is more than beautiful. His notes are so clean, they don’t look like notes written by a boy.

She did not only recognize that it’s complete, the sequencing is very clear as well. He also used pens of different colors to distinguish the key points, and he also marked the points that were easy to make mistakes.

This looks… so comfortable to the eyes!

Zhang Yansheng suddenly closed the notes and glanced at the name on the cover of the notebook — Zhang Zhiyuan.

She remembered now! No wonder with 40 classmates in the class, she would find this name familiar!

Zhang Zhiyuan was the top scorer in the college entrance examination! He was admitted to a Top 2 University in the country after the college entrance examination!

Zhang Yansheng was later expelled from Yi High School, and Zhang Huan found her a private school. She wanted to abandon the college entrance examination, but she went there anyway, got a bad score in the exam, and spent money to go to a local pheasant university.

When the college entrance examination scores came out that year, her cousin Zhang Qi called her specifically to ask how well she did in the exam. Thinking of it now, she was full of malice, it’s not like she didn’t know how Zhang Yansheng did in her three years of high school. She is a dignified K University student who made this call specially, and the sarcasm was too obvious.

But it was on that phone call where Zhang Qi said: “This year’s top scorer in the college entrance examination came from our K City. He is from Yi High School. What was his name again? Oh, Zhang Zhiyuan, his score is really good. I heard that he has been admitted to Qing University. You really shouldn’t have left the Yi High School, sigh…”

Zhang Yansheng couldn’t bear it at that time, so she hung up the call.

Yes, she was the one who was always absent from the classes, she was the one who played truant, she was the one who fought, and she was the one who was expelled.

However, she was not proud of it in her heart. Whenever she went to the small hall on the first floor, her eyes would always unconsciously avoid the wall that was once covered with her award certificates.

When she was young, she used to boast to her mother, saying that she would get into a Top 2 University when she grew up. Later, she also knew that the path she was taking was going in the wrong direction, but she was unable to change the direction as she was walking along that road.

Fortunately, there is a chance to start all over again in this life.

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