January 19, 2022

Chapter 48: To Complain

It was not enough to wipe, so Shuocheng blew hard.

“If you throw it on the floor, I will beat you up!” Yansheng said with a straight face. “Stop, don’t throw it in my room!”

Mrs. Wang hurried over to pick it up.

Yansheng pushed Shuocheng out. “Go wash your face, go to your sister’s room.”

Heling came over to pull him, and Shuocheng went with her casually. Yansheng hesitated for a moment but still followed them.

Shuocheng washed his face in Heling’s room, and the snot on his chest and clothes was also wiped off with a paper towel by the attentive second sister. When he appeared in front of Yansheng again, he was finally not so disgusting.

Yansheng said coldly, “Come here.”

Shuocheng was a little scared, but after thinking about it, Yansheng ignored him recently so he walked over boldly.

Yansheng picked up his little arm and looked at it, her brows furrowed tightly. The blue marks on that arm were very conspicuous.

“She hit you?” she asked.

Shuocheng’s mouth flattened.

“Don’t cry!” Yansheng frowned.

Shuocheng opened his mouth but he held back.

So, Yansheng asked, “Where else did she hit you?”

Shuocheng lifted the hems of his shorts and there were also two blue marks on his thighs and the back as well, but the most distressing marks were on his fingers.

At first glance, one would know that the child tried to protect himself with his hands when he was beaten, but the adult had lost her mind and couldn’t stop, so the hanger directly hit his fingers.

Heling was so distressed that she helped him blow it. “I’ll blow it so it won’t hurt anymore.”

Shoucheng didn’t say anything but when he heard Heling, he started to cry again with a pitiful sound.

“I don’t want her to take care of me! I want you to take care of me!” He cried so much that snot flowed out again from his nose.

As soon as Yansheng saw the nasal mucus, she was furious again and hurriedly pulled a tissue and put it on his face. Shuocheng held down the tissue and blew his nose again.

Yansheng asked, “Do you want us to take care of you?”

Shuocheng raised his head. “Hmm!”

In the past, he thought that Yansheng was a bad guy for spanking him in the ass and that his mother was a good person.

In the end, his mother would go crazy when she took care of his studies, like a mad woman. She started beating him indiscriminately, which was very scary.

Although Yansheng also hit him, she was very calm when she hit him. She even told him clearly why she hit him and how many times she wanted to hit him. Although it also hurt, it was not that scary and he didn’t feel any danger.

Under the hands of his own mother, Shuocheng did not feel safe. He always felt that Yingying would probably kill him by accident the next time.

With such a comparison, Yansheng, who was the bad guy, made him feel at ease.

And as long as he did what Yansheng asked him, she would not hit him at all.

Yansheng snorted coldly and said, “If you want us to take care of you, then you have to listen to us.”

Heling’s eyes lit up and she leaned her face over. “That’s right! You have to listen to us!”

Yansheng pushed her head away. “So, have you thought about it?”

Shuocheng only hesitated for a moment and replied, “Then you have to make sure that Mom won’t hit me again!”

“Okay.” Yansheng agreed. “Our family doesn’t beat children indiscriminately.”

According to Shuocheng, Yingying also kicked him. Fortunately, she was wearing slippers at home. If she was wearing high heels, then she might have killed him.

No matter how much Yansheng disliked Shoucheng, he was only a little boy now, a little taller but still has baby fat. When he was not naughty, he could also give people the impression of being ‘cute’.

In short, Shuocheng was spanked by Yansheng and it was quite appropriate. If Shuocheng was beaten in such a random and unreasonable manner, it was unlikely to be done by Yansheng.

When Huan came back in the evening, Yansheng took Shuocheng to complain.

Shuocheng showed Huan all the bruises on his body with tears in his eyes.

Huan was so angry that he almost couldn’t speak. After a while, he held back and asked, “That woman, where is she?”

Shuocheng promptly replied, “Upstairs!”

Huan then went upstairs.

Yansheng didn’t follow but grabbed Shuocheng, who was about to move and wanted to follow. They just stayed downstairs.

It took about half an hour before Huan went back. His breathing was not very steady yet and he was still breathing from his nose. One could see that he clearly lost his temper just now.

“I told her that if she dares to beat the children like this in the future…”

Huan told Yingying that if she dared to beat the children like that again, then she would get out of the house. However, you just couldn’t say this in front of the children. So, he swallowed his words back and just said, “In short, our family can’t beat the children like this. If one wants to beat you, it can only be like how your eldest sister did it. How good was it when your eldest sister beat you up? Isn’t that right?”

That was what he said to Shuocheng.

And Shuocheng actually nodded in agreement. “Yes!”

Do these two know what they are talking about?

Yansheng rubbed her temples.

“Just don’t hit people for no reason.” She crossed her arms and said, “My mother used to tell me that children should not be hit indiscriminately as it is prone to accidents.”

Huan sighed. “Your mother was right…”

The fact that Yansheng hated Shoucheng but didn’t hit him in her previous life was due to her mother’s influence. But Yansheng didn’t want to mention her mother more regarding Shuocheng’s issue. She just remembered it all of a sudden and blurted it out. At this time, when she heard Huan’s response, she felt unhappy.

“I’m going up.” Then, she shook her hand and walked away.

“Wait, Yanyan!” Huan followed her. “Regarding Shuoshuo, you are his sister, so you have to pay attention to his studies.”

Yansheng just snorted.

Huan smiled. “I told his mother that I won’t let her take care of him in the future. Look, you’re his sister, don’t you care? Are you really not going to look after him?”

While Huan was talking, she had already walked to the stairway.

Yansheng almost cursed the phrase: ‘Is his father dead?’ In the end, she still endured it and went upstairs without saying a word.

Huan smiled and when he saw Yansheng walking upstairs quickly, he suddenly remembered something. He hurriedly grabbed the handrail of the stairs and shouted at her, “I’ll give you more pocket money, okay?!”

Anything that could be solved with money was a good thing in Huan’s opinion.

Yansheng didn’t know why, but when she heard Huan wanted to give her money, she felt a sense of suffocation.

Not long after she returned to the room, she received a money transfer notification, which meant that the additional pocket money was already in her account. Huan was really a man of his word when it came to money, and he never went back on his word.

Yansheng looked at it and threw the cell phone aside.

After Yingying gave up tutoring Shoucheng, the Zhang family suddenly became quiet and warm.

Shuocheng was very afraid of falling into Yingying’s hands again, so he had to remember to do his homework first when he got up every day. Heling taught him the things he didn’t know. She was much more patient than Yingying and she could make him understand.

In the last half of the summer vacation, Shuocheng basically didn’t get beaten up much. Of course, it was not that he didn’t suffer at all. When the child was naughty, he would always get carried away easily.

But whenever he saw his eldest sister or if others used his eldest sister’s name to scare him, he would always shrink and be hesitant to do what he wanted to do, thinking about the consequences.

The maids were so happy and often used Yansheng’s name to scare him. Although Shuocheng was not reconciled, he did not dare to let go of his courage, so he could only give in with a grunt.

The summer vacation passed quickly.

Before the beginning of the new school year, Yansheng went to the school to report earlier than the other students, and she took the placement test for the first year of high school.

No.1 High School had a top-tier class, two top-tier preparatory classes, four regular classes, and one specialized class dedicated to students from well-known families. It was dubbed as ‘young master class’ by the good students in the school.

By the time the new semester started, the results of the placement test were sent out and Yansheng entered the top-tier preparatory class.

Of course, it was not the best, but compared to being stuffed directly into the ‘young master class’ in her previous life, it had been an earth-shaking change. During the summer vacation, she didn’t travel anywhere, she didn’t waste time, she spent a lot of energy to make up for the lessons from middle school, and she tried her best to go through questions from the exercise books. It was all worth it.

Just after getting the notice of the placement result, Yansheng squeezed it in her hand for a long time, then she stuffed it into her school bag and did not intend to mention it to Huan.

Anyway, Huan would not care about this matter at all.

Unexpectedly, it was Heling who went to ‘announce the good news’.

During the summer vacation, Yansheng worked hard to practice exercises every day and Heling felt strange about it. After asking, Heling found that there would be a placement test for high school, so she kept this matter in her heart.

When Yansheng got the placement test result, Heling remembered about it and inquired her sister.

After knowing the result, she turned around and ran. Her tiny legs soared quickly, so she caught Huan excitedly and told him, “Sister is admitted to the preparatory class! Just a little bit worse than the top-tier class! Just a little bit!”

Huan was really surprised.

Yansheng was very good at studying when she was a child, but when she grew up, she couldn’t do much more. The excellence that once made her parents proud gradually disappeared.

This time, she was sent to No.1 High School to fulfill her late wife’s last wish. To make it happen, he also spent a sum of money.

And it was all worth it!

He deliberately ran upstairs to find Yansheng. He had to see the placement test result. When he got it in his hand, he was really happy for a long time.

Yansheng felt awkward and wanted to pull the result back from Huan’s hand, but he didn’t give it. “Let Dad take a look again.”

Then, he spoke again, “Your mother must be happy too if she knew about it…” His eyes turned red as he said that.

Yansheng felt that her impatience could no longer be compressed.

“Why are you crying?!” she shouted.

“You don’t know, I feel uncomfortable in my heart…” Huan covered his eyes, sniffed, and continued, “When your mother was still here, she made plans for you and she wanted you to go to No.1 High School. She also graduated from No.1 High School. Then, she was gone and I thought I had to fulfill this wish for her, and I had to spend money to send you there. I didn’t expect you to be so competitive. If she could see this… how happy she would be…”

Yansheng wanted to tear up that result and throw it on Huan’s face!

Why are you pretending to be a f*cking saint?!

But Huan’s sadness was not fake. She could also feel it.

Yansheng was only twenty-one years old when she died, compared to when she was fifteen years old when she only did whatever she wanted. But it was too difficult for her to accept the complexity of human nature.

“More or less!” She gritted her teeth and said, “What my mother would really be happy about was that I could be an only child!”

Huan couldn’t cry anymore and became embarrassed. “It’s not like that, Yanyan. The adult’s affair, it’s not as simple as you think, sometimes…” he murmured, trying to defend himself.

However, Yansheng didn’t want to listen at all.

Even if Huan had a thousand reasons, what could he do? It couldn’t change what had already happened.

Some things did not even depend on the process, the cause, or even the difficulties you had to go through, but only on the result.

It was useless to say a thousand words or even ten thousand. Yansheng was reborn and her life would never go back to the past.

Yansheng didn’t want to hear another word, so she pushed Huan out.

After she was reborn, her strength became so strong that Huan couldn’t resist at all. He was pushed out of the room, and with a snap, the door closed and was locked inside.

“Yanyan, Yanyan…” Huan knocked on the door carefully, trying to appease Yansheng’s sudden upsurge of emotions.

“Go away!” Yansheng shouted inside.

Yansheng used to treat him like this. Every time she was furious, Huan would just shake his head, sigh, and then walk away.

After all, ‘walking away’ was an easy way to get peace and tranquility.

But today, Huan was still holding the placement test result in his hand, standing outside Yansheng’s closed door, thinking that his daughter was still angry at what he did after several years, and had become estranged from him. He felt particularly sad and lost.