January 18, 2022

Chapter 47: Seek Refuge

After Liang Zheng left, Liang Yingying kept her head down at home, smiling and talking when she saw Zhang Yansheng. On the other hand, Zhang Yansheng ignored her at all.

Liang Yingying also learned after receiving cold shoulders a few times. She tried her best not to provoke her, and walked around as long as she could.

She hadn’t dared to go out to play for a while, so she stayed at home every day, watching Zhang Shuocheng study conscientiously.

Seeing that Liang Yingying actually managed Zhang Shuocheng’s studies personally, Zhang Yansheng directly let go and handed over Zhang Shuocheng’s full authority to Liang Yingying. Liang Yingying had seen that Zhang Yansheng had won Zhang Huan’s favor because of her good management of Zhang Shuocheng, so she wanted to please Zhang Huan as well.

However, she had no deterrence to Zhang Shuocheng at all.

As soon as Zhang Shuocheng saw that the eldest sister ignored him, he immediately regained his original virtues.

He wakes up in the morning to play first.

Liang Yingying has been up early recently, waiting for Zhang Huan to have breakfast before going back to sleep, and it will be noon when she wakes up again. Zhang Shuocheng has been playing all morning.

Liang Yingying finished her meal at noon, and in the afternoon, she would refresh herself and watch him do his homework. Zhang Shuocheng didn’t look right in front of her at all, as he just wrote a little bit and played for a while.

Liang Yingying became angry and beat him up. Zhang Shuocheng rolled on the ground again, tearing open his throat and howling. Aunt Wang was also sweating from the trouble.

Aunt Wang couldn’t help complaining and said, “Let Miss Yanyan take care of him.”

Liang Yingying didn’t dare to do anything to Zhang Huan and Zhang Yansheng, so she was rude to Aunt Wang. Hearing this, she raised her eyebrows upside down: “What do you mean? Who is his mother?!”

Aunt Wang cursed silently: You know that you are the mother of this child, so why didn’t you care about him earlier? Do you think this temporary cramming will work for children?

But Liang Yingying put her hands on her waist and said, “You figure out who gives you salary!”

Aunt Wang shut up and didn’t speak. When Liang Yingying saw her being silent, she curled her lips secretly.

In private, Aunt Wang quietly said to other aunts: “Let see what she can do with her children!”

This situation lasted for a few days, and Zhang Yansheng said nothing. The first person who couldn’t stand it was Zhang Heling. She finally couldn’t bear it and ran to Zhang Huan to complain: “Zhang Shuocheng’s homework has fallen a lot and August is almost halfway through!”

Zhang Huan also said strangely: “Aren’t you and your sister taking care of him doing his homework?”

Zhang Heling complained: “Right now, my mother is looking after him, and won’t let my sister take care of him. My mother is at home every day now, but she can’t manage Shuoshuo well at all. Shuoshuo’s homework was all written in a mess!”

Zhang Huan held his forehead and was speechless for a long time.

He went to find Zhang Yansheng in the guest room: “You should take care of your brother’s studies instead. I don’t think she is a person who can manage children at all.”

“He is your brother anyway.” He said with a smiling face, “How about this, I will give you 50,000 yuan more pocket money every month?”

Zhang Yansheng said, “Originally, whoever had the children should be in charge of them. Others are also fulfilling their obligations as parents. What do you want me to do? Do you want me to rob a child from his mother? I’m fed up. I haven’t even finished my homework yet.”

Yi High School is a key high school, and together with the acceptance letter, there is a frightening amount of homework given to the students.

At the beginning of Zhang Yansheng’s rebirth, her mind was almost empty. She frantically supplemented it with her middle school knowledge. The first thing she brushed was middle school exercises. It was almost done before she started to catch up with the homework assigned by the high school.

Many of the homework assigned by the Yi High School are the preview of the lessons to be learned after the beginning of the semester. This is worse than the middle school lessons. At least Zhang Yansheng will have the impression of what she has learned from her previous life in the review process. But the lessons in high school… she had already started skipping class later.

She also has a lot of homework now, and she really didn’t want to care about Zhang Shuocheng in her heart.

Anyway, his mother has the intention to take care of him now.

It doesn’t make sense to leave the mother aside and let the elder sister take care of him. This is all because Zhang Huan is too picky and covets beauty, but doesn’t guard against the outcome, which has the consequences of giving birth to children.

Zhang Huan couldn’t help but be embarrassed.

He decided to talk to Liang Yingying. Don’t do the job if you don’t have the ability. In any case, the son is his own, and you can’t cheat your own son.

Unexpectedly, Liang Zheng’s affairs made too much trouble this time. Zhang Huan not only taught Liang Zheng a lesson, but also broke off the Liang family as a relative. Liang Yingying wanted to please him. In particular, when he talked about this matter, his expression was still very serious and his attitude was not very good. Liang Yingying wanted to do something to make him happy.

She repeatedly promised: “I will take care of him!”

Zhang Huan was dubious, but in the end decided to give Liang Yingying another chance. He let her in just to let her take care of the children.

Liang Yingying was really determined to take care of Zhang Shuocheng, otherwise Zhang Shuocheng would fall into Zhang Yansheng’s hands again, and the benefits would all belong to Zhang Yansheng. She can’t have Zhang Huan become more and more biased towards Zhang Yansheng, right?

How can that work?!

But this matter is not a matter of making up her mind.

Tutoring homework for elementary school students is one thing that can transform people in place.

Liang Yingying, who hadn’t finished her secondary school, finally got up and wanted to give her son serious counseling, but unexpectedly, she ran away violently!

“How can you come up with 9 as the answer? How can the difference of these two numbers be equals to 9!”

“Have you read the question? Have you seen it? Ah!”

“How many times have I told you this? Do you have white ears?”

“Ahhhhhhhhh! Are you trying to make me angry?”

There is no mother in the world who can carry on tutoring homework for elementary school students, and neither can Liang Yingying.

She became violent and began to beat Zhang Shuocheng. In those two days, her roar and Zhang Shuocheng’s howling which sound like killing a pig always came from the third floor.

Zhang Yansheng brought juice upstairs from downstairs, and saw Zhang Heling lying on the handrail of the stairs and looking up, looking worried.

Zhang Yansheng: “…”

Zhang Yansheng clasped Zhang Heling’s head, no, the top of her head! She exerted force to twist her over, and then push her to her own room: “Do your homework!”

Zhang Heling grabbed her arm: “Sister, can you do something about it?”

Zhang Yansheng was expressionless: “Do I have to take care of your mother as well? Let it go, I have a lot of homework!”

Counseling and learning this kind of thing, sooner or later, someone has to collapse, either the mother or the child.

Zhang Shuocheng collapsed first.

Zhang Heling heard the sound of footsteps coming in her room and quickly approached Zhang Shuocheng’s hoarse voice “Sister! Sister!” The shout was startling, so she hurriedly ran to open the door.

Zhang Shuocheng rushed over with tears and snots on his face.

Zhang Heling stretched out her hand…

Zhang Shuocheng bypassed her!

“…” Zhang Heling, “???”

Zhang Yansheng also heard the movement, she also got up and opened the door, frowning. When anyone concentrates on their studies, they will be unhappy to hear some noise.

When she opened the door, she saw Zhang Shuocheng rushing towards her with a runny nose!

Zhang Yansheng instinctively wanted to lift her knees!

If this was Zhang Shuocheng, who was 13 years old and strong, she would definitely kick him!

But this is Zhang Shuocheng, who is only 7 years old, and he is still young, just a small tofu.

Zhang Yansheng was still sane in the end, and she suppressed this flying kick. Zhang Shuocheng had already rushed over, got directly behind her and hugged her: “Sister! Sister!!!”

Zhang Yansheng was in a panic! She doesn’t know if the snots and tears got on her clothes? In any case, she must not use these clothes again!

Immediately afterwards, Liang Yingying chased him down.

She was panting with anger, her eyes were glaring, her expression was hideous, and she was holding a… hanger. This thing can be seen everywhere, with both weight and shape. It is a universal weapon for beating children in the world.

“Come here!” She yelled.

“I don’t want to!” Zhang Shuocheng also panted.

“D*mn you! How could I give birth to something as stupid as you?” Liang Yingying gritted her teeth, fuming in rage. “I’ve taught you several times! I repeatedly taught you! You repeatedly make mistakes! I taught you over and over, but you kept on making mistakes!!! Do you even have a brain? You were reincarnated as a pig, right? You come here!”

Zhang Shuocheng shouted with a sharp voice: “I don’t want to!”

He hid behind Zhang Yansheng. Liang Yingying was afraid of Zhang Yansheng now, and didn’t dare to pull him directly. But Zhang Shuocheng resisted so fiercely, she became angry, and went to pull him regardless: “Come here!”

Zhang Shuocheng dodged and screamed.

Liang Yingying’s hanger was raised. But immediately, her wrist was held by Zhang Yansheng.

After Zhang Yansheng was reborn, her strength increased several times. She held Liang Yingying’s wrist, her hand was like a pliers. Liang Yingying let out a scream of pain.

Having direct physical contact with Liang Yingying, Zhang Yansheng felt sick, so she threw Liang Yingying out. Liang Yingying staggered back two steps, leaning against the wall before sitting on the ground.

She didn’t dare to lose her temper with Zhang Yansheng now, she only dared to say to Zhang Shuocheng viciously: “If you don’t come over, I will kill you today!”

Zhang Shuocheng shouted hysterically with snots and tears: “I don’t want you to take care of me! I want my sister to take care of me!”

His voice fell, and the corridor on the second floor fell into a weird silence.

Everyone knows that Zhang Shuocheng’s ‘my sister’ definitely does not refer to Zhang Heling, but to Zhang Yansheng.

When did Zhang Shuocheng actually take the initiative to approach Zhang Yansheng and beg Zhang Yansheng to take care of him?

Zhang Yansheng and Liang Yingying are in the same complicated mood.

Zhang Yansheng glanced at the little boy who was hiding behind her, only to find a green mark on his arm. It was obviously drawn out by the hanger. The force used is not small, so she should have lost her mind and moved her hands in anger.

Aunt Wang chased down from upstairs, and Aunt Luo ran up from downstairs. When the two of them saw Liang Yingying and wanted to rush forward, they went over together and grabbed her. “Oh, just talk to him, don’t hit him!”

“He is still young! What does he know?”

Liang Yingying used to say this sentence “He is still young” when Zhang Shuocheng got into trouble, but she didn’t expect that one day other people would throw this sentence at her.

She was stunned: “He’s a little sh*t! He’s in the first grade! But he can’t even do that f*cking subtraction!”

She yelled: “Zhang Shuocheng, I’m telling you, if you don’t come to me now, then don’t call me your mother from now on!”

Zhang Shuocheng inhaled fiercely: “Then I won’t, I won’t call you mother!”

Liang Yingying couldn’t stand it anymore: “Okay! I won’t care anything about you from now on! Don’t come to me if you are bullied! Don’t ask me to buy something you want in the future!”

She slammed the hanger to the ground, broke free from the blocking of the two aunts, and went upstairs angrily.

Zhang Shuocheng shouted as he protested behind her: “My dad will buy it for me!”

Zhang Shuocheng’s sniffing sound broke Zhang Yansheng’s stomach! With one hand, she pulled Zhang Shuocheng’s hand that was holding on to her clothes.

Zhang Shuocheng raised his hand to wipe his nose with the back of his hand, and Zhang Yansheng shouted: “Don’t move!”

Zhang Shuocheng just got out of the tiger’s mouth and entered the wolf’s den again, shivering with fright.

Zhang Yansheng strode into the room and took several tissues, then walked back and stuffed them to Zhang Shuocheng: “Wipe your snots!”

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