January 20, 2022

Chapter 49: Hostility

Zhang Huan took the whole family to visit Zhang Yansheng’s grandmother on the weekend.

The Zhang family takes their children to visit their grandmother at least once a month, and Zhang Yansheng’s uncle will also go there with his family, so they can have a family gathering at once.

This time, Zhang Huan proudly showed off to his own mother: “Your granddaughter has been admitted to the preparatory class.”

Zhang Yansheng was expressionless, and she really didn’t think there was anything to show off about being admitted to the preparatory class. For herself, it was indeed a big surprise to be admitted to this class. But to the outside world, it’s not that she has been admitted to the top class, so it’s embarrassing to show it off.

In particular, there are her older female and male cousins, who are outstanding students, in front of her.

Sure enough, her cousin Zhang Lin smiled and said, “Preparatory class… then you have to continue to work hard.”

Zhang Lin is one year older than her and is in his second year in high school. Although he attended a private school, he was in an elite class.

Her older female cousin, Zhang Qi, shoved her younger brother and said: “Being able to enter the preparatory class at least shows that Yanyan has worked hard and deserves to be praised.”

This older female cousin is three years older than her, and is now a freshman at a university. Her cousin, Zhang Qi, has been excellent since she was a child. She was in the top classes both in middle and high school. This year she was admitted to K University, which is located in K City, so it’s convenient for her to go to school.

Zhang Huan was just so happy. Zhang Yansheng hadn’t had anything to show off for him for several years. Then suddenly, she made such a big improvement, so he couldn’t help but talk about it.

It’s just that in front of his outstanding niece and nephew, it really seems that there is nothing to show off.

Zhang Huan reacted and his face couldn’t help but burn a little bit.

Liang Yingying wanted to laugh into the sky, but she didn’t dare to, so she endured it with all her might.

Zhang Yansheng’s aunt showed a subtle smile. It was a smile that wanted to be polite but couldn’t hide her inner pride.

Her aunt also said to her two children: “You two have more experiences, so you should communicate with Yanyan more often, you must be like an older sister and brother.”

Zhang Heling could not recognize a meaningful glance yet. She was eager to let everyone know how Zhang Yansheng studied hard during this summer. For the first time, she took the initiative to approach her grandmother and said loudly: “Grandma, you don’t know, my sister hasn’t been traveling all summer, and she hasn’t been anywhere. She studies in the room every day, working very hard!”

Judging from Zhang Yansheng’s mediocre grades in middle school for three years, this description is obviously a typical example of ‘clasping the Buddha’s feet’.1抱佛脚 – lit. to clasp the Buddha’s feet (without ever having burned incense) (idiom); fig. to profess devotion only when in trouble / panic measures in place of timely preparation

Zhang Lin sneered.

Zhang Yansheng later ran all the way to the ‘bad girl’ side, wild and rebellious on the surface, and didn’t care about anything. In fact, in her heart, she felt very inferior to this pair of excellent cousins. Because the two of them are what her mother once wanted her to be.

Zhang Yansheng’s face was also a little burned when her cousin laughed like this. She wanted to tell Zhang Heling not to talk too much, but this silly girl’s eyes were shining and her mouth was upturned, and she was clearly proud of her sister.

Zhang Yansheng couldn’t bear to hit her again, so she could only bear it by herself.

Grandma smiled, touched Zhang Heling’s head and said, “That’s why she has made so much progress, right? Your sister has set a good example for you. You have to study hard too.”

Zhang Heling raised her small chest: “I have studied seriously and Shuoshuo has also studied seriously. My sister is in charge of both of us. If anyone doesn’t study hard, he will be beaten.”

Zhang Shuocheng took the opportunity to complain: “It hurts for my sister to hit my ass!”

Zhang Yansheng’s grandmother was a little surprised.

According to her understanding, Zhang Yansheng almost ignored these two younger siblings before. Why did Zhang Heling say that she not only responded, but also devoted herself to teaching the younger siblings?

Zhang Huan hit the iron while it was hot: “Yanyan is now older and looks like a big sister, and her younger brother and sister also listen to her.”

As he said that, he touched Zhang Shuocheng’s head. Zhang Shuocheng snorted bitterly, but did not refute.

Zhang Yansheng’s grandmother smiled with relief, she looked at Zhang Yansheng and said: “You’re a grown up now, you grew up so well.”

Zhang Yansheng only lowered her head slightly, making a humble appearance.

Grandma touched Zhang Heling’s little hand and said: “Our Hehe has grown up too. Today, she is wearing a matching outfit with her sister. It’s so beautiful!”

Zhang Heling raised her chest under everyone’s gaze, very happy.

Zhang Yansheng’s eldest aunt smiled and said, “Hehe looks like her mother and is beautiful.”

Liang Yingying coldly avoided being shot with a back arrow, and cursed ‘D*mn you’ in her heart, but she could only grit her teeth and smiled in front of the old lady: “Sister-in-law, don’t keep laughing at me.”

The aunt smiled slightly, but did not answer her back. She was unwilling to take care of this second wife who is a gold-digger.

Liang Yingying swallowed her breath.

The reason why the eldest aunt said such a sentence is to remind the old lady that Zhang Heling was a child of this gold-digger mistress.

At the beginning, the old lady didn’t want Liang Yingying to enter their family at all, and even suggested that she could take care of the children. But Zhang Huan still felt that the children could not live without a mother, so Liang Yingying got in.

The old lady has lived to this point, and there is no need to look at anyone’s face or care about anyone’s mood in this family. She didn’t like Liang Yingying, so she ignored Liang Yingying.

Zhang Qi received her mother’s signal and walked over with a smile and sat beside the old lady to talk with the old lady. As if unintentionally, she squeezed Zhang Heling aside.

Zhang Heling had already become accustomed to it, and obediently made room for her.

Zhang Yansheng couldn’t help frowning when she saw it.

When she was young, her grandmother loved her very much.

Her aunt and granny are the same, they are both delicate and lady-like characters, so her grandma actually doesn’t like her aunt very much. Zhang Yansheng’s mother is also a career-oriented woman, and she has a great enthusiasm with old ladies.

The older people get, the more they love to do whatever they want, and the old lady prefers what she likes. The preference she has for both Zhang Yansheng and her mother is obviously better than that of her cousins.

Unfortunately, Zhang Yansheng’s mother had cancer, not to mention her career, she couldn’t even take care of her daughter, so she died in the end. Zhang Yansheng gradually became mediocre, became more and more extreme and stubborn, and later became a bad girl, completely disappointing the old lady.

Zhang Yansheng admitted that if she wanted to review her later virtues now, she would not like herself. So, she didn’t hold any grudges against the old lady. Moreover, the old lady didn’t like to see Liang Yingying, at least this matter won her heart. The old lady didn’t seem to like Zhang Heling very much later. Considering Zhang Heling’s later character and Liang Yingying’s factors, the old lady seemed to have nothing to blame for her dislike.

But now, at least for now, Zhang Heling is still just an ignorant and naive little girl. Zhang Yansheng is not happy that Zhang Qi, an adult elder sister, is so obviously excluding her out and bullying her.

She later mixed up outside and has always been very famous. People say that she is righteous, this is still the case for outsiders. For Zhang Heling, who is still only an elementary school student, Zhang Yansheng is even more unlikely to let her be bullied.

She stepped forward, stood behind Zhang Heling, and stretched out her palm against her back, preventing her from continuing to retreat. If she retreats again, she will retreat to the corners and crannies that no one can see. Zhang Heling has always been like this in her previous life, at home and outside.

She is cute, serious, and well-behaved. But if she always retreats, who can see her?

“Does Sister Qiqi want to live inside the campus?” Listening to Zhang Qi talking to the old lady about the university, she asked.

Zhang Qi said, “No, I’m a day student. Didn’t I say it last time, my parents rewarded me with a car, did you forget?”

Zhang Yansheng was reborn in mid-to-late July. She remembered that when her cousin’s college entrance examination results came out, she knew that she would be able to enter at K University. The uncle and aunt immediately held a celebration party and rewarded the cousin with a sports car.

It is more expensive than Liang Yingying’s car.

Liang Yingying was particularly jealous, but Zhang Huan would not buy it for her until two years later. She just doesn’t know why in this life, he suddenly bought it for her.

“Sister Qiqi should tell us more about K University later, so that we can also understand it in the future. We don’t have to just look at the rankings and listen to the school bragging when choosing a school.” Zhang Yansheng said.

Zhang Qi raised her eyebrows: “Oh, does Yanyan want to go to K University in the future?”

K University is a first-rate school. It’s not that she looks down on this cousin, but based on her middle school grades, it is a joke to say that she wants to go to K University in the future.

Although she entered the top preparatory class this time, who knows if her second uncle spent money to save face.

Zhang Yansheng smiled: “My grades are far behind.”

She touched Zhang Heling’s head: “But maybe Hehe will. Hehe has very good grades and has always maintained the top three in the grade, either first or second.”

The advantage of sisters matching outfit, a mother and daughter outfit, or a couple outfit is that when two people stand together, the visual effect will be magnified.

No matter how annoying Liang Yingying was, she couldn’t stop Zhang Heling from being happy to dress exactly like Zhang Yansheng. The two sisters stood there, the elder sister smiled and rubbed her younger sister’s head, one is beautiful and the other one is cute. There was a natural intimacy in the smiles of both of them, and they looked particularly seductive.

The old lady was surprised: “Hehe has such good grades? Why don’t I know it? Why didn’t your dad ever mention that?” As he said, he cast a dissatisfied glance at Zhang Huan.

This matter… Zhang Huan was also embarrassed and could only laugh: “Isn’t it because I’m busy, I can’t take care of everything. Their mother is in charge of the children’s affairs.”

He confidently put the blame on Liang Yingying. Liang Yingying scolded secretly in her heart, her forehead was slightly sweaty, for fear that she would make the old lady unhappy again, she said softly: “Actually, well… there is nothing to say.”

Liang Yingying is very good at talking on weekdays, at least in front of Zhang Huan, she whined and picked out what he’d liked to hear. But why did she become stupid in front of the old lady?!

I can’t listen to what she says! Zhang Huan was so angry that he didn’t want to look at her anymore.

His eldest brother and sister-in-law all smiled slightly.

The old lady rolled her eyes, ignored her, looked at Zhang Heling, and beckoned lovingly: “Come here, talk to Grandma.”

Zhang Yansheng gently pushed Zhang Heling in front of the old lady.

The old lady glanced at her, took Zhang Heling’s hand, asked the little girl to sit down next to her, and asked her about the school in a gentle voice. Zhang Heling’s answer was childish and serious.

The old lady didn’t pay much attention to this little granddaughter because of her mother. When she paid attention to her at this time, she felt that she was a child with a very simple mind, but it was very different from her mother.

She couldn’t help but glance at Zhang Yansheng again.

Yanyan had never liked Hehe before, but today, it seems that the two sisters have a good relationship. The last time she saw them was at her sister-in-law’s birthday banquet. It was only a month that passed. At that time, Yanyan was still very cold to this younger sister. How could there be such a big change suddenly?

Because she’s grown up? And knows how to look at people now? 

Because Zhang Heling sat down next to the old lady, Zhang Qi had to move her buttocks to make room for her.

She watched the old lady be attracted to this little cousin who was a bit silly, but this little cousin who had never known how to please her elders before was pushed in front of the old lady by her older sister.

She glanced up at Zhang Yansheng.

In this glance, there was a faint amount of appraisal, scrutiny, and… a little bit of hostility.

Zhang Yansheng was startled.

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    抱佛脚 – lit. to clasp the Buddha’s feet (without ever having burned incense) (idiom); fig. to profess devotion only when in trouble / panic measures in place of timely preparation