April 26, 2022

Chapter 43: This Is Their Sound of Repentance!

Yuchen’s pair of phoenix eyes squinted fiercely and his pitch-black pupils were like two sharp knives, which swept through the people in the room one by one with great frost.

His natural strong aura made his handsome and fearless face more three-dimensional in the eyes of everyone.

He narrowed his dark eyes, looked at Zhishi’s hand on the young man’s waist, then his eyebrows furrowed and his eyes’ expression darkened.

Zhizhi abruptly withdrew her hand and raised it embarrassingly to greet him. “Yuyu, come and play with me too. Let’s play together.”

But the big boss knew that she had just pinched the young man’s waist.

Why did Yuchen arrive at the same time I pinched the handsome young man?

And why did he suddenly appear here?

A long list of questions filled her mind.

She felt the aura that could freeze her up, but she didn’t dare to think about why, so she could only shrink her neck and shower him with praises.

“Yuyu, your domineering aura is leaking sideways. You have an invincible power like the strength of breaking a bamboo and your aura is like a thousand troops speeding up with great momentum, which can shake the earth, swallow the mountains and rivers, and unfold on a magnificent scale.

“Your majestic power almost made me faint!”


It really scares me to death!

Everyone was lost for words.

The cameraman wiped the cold sweat from his forehead and secretly hid all his photography equipment, for fear of being smashed by the big boss.

Yuchen heaved a sigh softly.

He raised his eyes and glanced at the young men who shrank in the corner and trembled in fear.

All of them could be identified one by one—cute, handsome, tender, timid, lively, and so on.

None of them was the same kind.

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Yuchen’s expression became darker and gloomier, “You’re playing with so many of them?”

Zhizhi knew what those words meant.

If she switched to her normal self, she would have stuck her neck out and said, ‘Yeah, why don’t you join in and play with us?’

“No, of course not!” Qin Zhizhi stared at him, with her beautiful eyes, and desperately denied it. “They are all a group of young men and little brothers who have mistakenly entered a pyramid scheme. Therefore, I can’t bear to watch them degrade themselves, go astray, like lost sheep…”

Yuchen sneered at her coldly.

Zhizhi suddenly didn’t dare to be smug again. “So, I’m here to enlighten them. Look at them, each and every one of them was moved to tears, right?”

As soon as she stopped speaking, the whole private room was filled with the sound of wailing like ghosts and howling like wolves as they cried bitterly.

Zhizhi smiled, arched her eyes, and spoke again, “Listen to that, they are crying this loud! This is their sound of repentance!”

Yuchen’s expression was one notch darker this time.

The icy aura on his body became more intense, the contours on his face were cold and sharp, a strong aura emanated from the inside out, and his thin lips were opened, “Get out.”


Zhizhi jumped off the chaise longue, picked up her bag on the side, and was about to leave.

But Yuchen grabbed her by the collar, raised his chin slightly, and said to everyone who was shrinking in the corner, “Get out.”

One of the handsome young men shrank and looked at Zhizhi reluctantly, then said goodbye to her, “Zhizhi, I’m leaving, remember to look for me next time.”

Zhizhi blew him a kiss and replied, “Okay!”

“Boohoo~ Zhizhi, I really don’t want to leave. Please don’t forget me.”

The woman chirped in cooperation, “I don’t want you to leave either, why don’t you stay with me?”

The young man immediately accelerated his steps and quickly left the private room.

He just said that he didn’t want to leave me! Hmph!

“Zhizhi, did the song I sang earlier sound good?” another young man said.

Zhizhi made a gesture of holding her heart. “Your throat was kissed by God in your previous life, right?”

Every time the woman responded, Yuchen’s face would darken.

His whole body was gloomy which frightened the remaining young men, who just wanted to say goodbye to Zhizhi and inform her not to forget them. So, one by one, their legs trembled and soon ran away.

Yuchen put down the woman in his hand, then lowered his eyes to look at her. His eyes were like black ink and that thick blackness wouldn’t disappear.

He was just about to speak, but Zhizhi sat down with her buttocks on the ground, “Boohoo~”

Yuchen was too stunned to speak now.