April 27, 2022

Chapter 44: Can I Have Them All?

Zhizhi sat on the ground, crying with snots and tears, and the crying sound scattered throughout the private room.


“Why am I so pitiful? Both Father Ye and Mother Ye played tricks on me, and my biological father also lied to me. Boohoo~ They all lied to me! What marriage contract annulment? They clearly discussed the engagement next month!

“My relatives lied to me and played me around. I’m really upset and my heart hurts, boohoo~”

Yuchen’s face turned dark unintentionally.

He clearly knew that she was pretending, weeping and crying, complaining to him, all of which were fake.

But he actually felt a little disturbed.

His eyebrows frowned.

This is insane.

When will this little demon’s energy stop hooking me up?!

He squatted down beside her and said in a husky voice, “Why are you crying? I didn’t plan to do anything to you.”

Zhizhi wiped away tears and sobbed bit by bit.

She did not hear him and just kept crying.


Zhizhi just sat on the ground and cried for ten minutes.

Yes, ten minutes.

This crying almost blew the man’s head off.

His originally gloomy face changed from increasingly gloomy and cold to being helpless, and finally raised his hand to surrender.

He took out his cell phone from his pocket and sent a WeChat message to someone.

Ye Yuchen: [How to coax a woman when she is crying?]

Xiao Buhuan: [???]

Ye Yuchen: [Don’t talk nonsense.]

Xiao Buhuan: [It’s simple, just tell her ‘My heart is breaking when you cry’, then hug her and say ‘Baby, husband knows he’s wrong.’ Just choose between kneeling on the keyboard, durian, or washboard.]

Yuchen frowned and replied: [Is there another way?]

Xiao Buhuan: [Would you like to go and get a meal in the temple?]

Ye Yuchen: [Get lost.]

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He was annoyed at the useless suggestions he got from this person.

He was about to put his cell phone away when another message popped up on his WeChat.

Xiao Buhuan: [Women like Hermès bags, Dior lipsticks, Chanel perfumes, Longines watches, Cartier jewelry… You just ask her which one she likes, then tell her that you’ll buy whatever she says, and she will immediately stop crying.]

Zhizhi sat on the ground crying and couldn’t help herself from thinking secretly while wiping the tears in her eyes.

Why is there no movement?

She was about to look up when his voice suddenly came from above her head.

Buhuan said too many things to him and he was afraid that he might have missed something, so he looked at his cell phone and said, “Hermès bags, all shades of Dior lipsticks, a whole set of Chanel perfumes, Longines watches, Cartier jewelry…”

Zhizhi was bewildered.

What did he say?

She did not hear him again and just continued crying, “Boohoo~”

Her sadness flows like a river, so she couldn’t hear what he just said.


Yuchen looked at his cell phone again and said the remaining words, “Which one do you like? I’ll buy it for—”

The man paused and frowned. He looked at the remaining words—‘I can buy any of these for you, as long as you don’t cry anymore’—quickly remembered them, then he put the cell phone away.

However, he didn’t have the chance to say it because the woman grabbed his arm, raised her head, blinked at him with her mist-covered eyes, and there was a crystal teardrop hanging from the corner of her eyes, which made her look so beautiful and pitiful.

She opened her cherry-colored lips and burst into tears. For fear that he might regret it, she hurriedly asked, “Can I have them all?”

Yuchen was too stunned to speak again.

Zhizhi blinked and there were no more tears in her eyes.

She was now very happy and smiling at him.

She also cast a seductive look at him. “Is it okay?”

She’s flirting with me again!

Yuchen’s look, which was meant to coax her to calm down, turned dark, gloomy, and cold again.

His tense face was covered with dark clouds as if a storm would fall at any time.

Zhizhi felt a cold air aura climb up her back.

She shrank her neck and flattened her mouth.

If you don’t want to give them all, then don’t! Why do you have to be so angry and cold? You are such a petty man!