April 25, 2022

Chapter 42: Boss, Miss Qin Is Inside

Zhizhi sat on the chaise longue, holding the handsome guy’s tie in her hand, and winked at him, “This brother has a thin waist, so go there and dance for me.”

The handsome guy nodded shyly.

The other men on the side reluctantly ran forward.

“Zhizhi, I can strip dance, do you want to see it?”

“Zhizhi, not only I can dance, but I can also sing!”

“Zhizhi, look at me, I can pole dance!”

Zhizhi yawned and half-squinted her eyes. “Okay, you can all dance. There will be a reward for the best dancer.”

Everyone’s eyes lit up when they heard it.

Zhizhi just lay back on the chaise longue, originally watching with her eyes open, but she was so sleepy that her eyelids shrugged.

She went to bed too late last night and got up too early today.

It was just eleven o’clock in the evening and she was already so sleepy.

The handsome men next to her, one by one, gave all their best to dancing and singing.

It was a pity that Zhizhi had already squinted her eyes and fell asleep not long after that.

She was sleeping soundly.

One of the handsome men ran over to wake her up. “Zhizhi, how is my dancing?”

Zhizhi let out a sigh and rubbed her sleepy eyes, stars were twinkling in her eyes.

The man was dazzled and his eyes trembled.

“Is it dawn already?” Zhizhi asked vaguely.

She sat up from the chaise longue, looked around the private room that was illuminated by various lights, and slapped her forehead.

She had forgotten that she was still playing outside.

The handsome man looked at her aggrievedly, with pitiful eyes. “I knew it, you didn’t even watch me dance.”

This young man was very well-behaved and handsome. She heard that he was still under eighteen years old.

He was so pitiful like a little puppy.

Zhizhi said ‘you’ several times while pinching his little handsome face. “Don’t be sad, come on, this older sister loves you.”

The others were envious when they heard that, so all of them gathered around her.

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“Zhizhi, me too.”

“Sister, you can’t be partial.”

“Boohoo, Zhizhi, you said that your favor should be equally distributed.”

Lei walked to the door of the private room with a straight face. “Boss, Miss Qin is inside.”

Yuchen stopped his footsteps with a calm face, his facial contours were sharp and compelling, and his tall body stood at the doorway, with a strong aura that could cause an overwhelming pressure on your head.

His thin lips opened, “Open it.”

“Yes, Boss!”

Lei stretched out his hand and pushed open the door. The movement was very light and the deafening music inside covered the sound of the door.

Therefore, no one in the private room found out about it.

Zhizhi pinched one of the young men’s chins and pursed her red lips. “Come on, this brother is really handsome, let this sister take a good look at it. Come on, give me a kiss~”

Yuchen saw such a scene as soon as he came in.

The woman was surrounded by countless men who were sitting, standing, and lying down.

She was like a proud queen and every man was fawning on her in every possible way, kneeling beside her to please her, just to get a look from her.


Seeing the woman’s crimson lips getting closer and closer to the man’s cheeks—

Yuchen’s expression darkened, it became gloomier and gloomier, a stream of cold low pressure spread out around, him being the center.

The entire private room suddenly became cold, with a swooshing sound of cold wind, frightening many of the handsome young men. One by one, they all shrank their necks and glanced at the door.

Then, they secretly shrank into an inconspicuous corner.

The young man, whose chin was being held by Zhizhi, was shaking for some reason and kept backing away.

She frowned angrily seeing that.

This was the first time she wanted to take the initiative to kiss a man, but this young man actually dared to escape from her.

She stretched out her other hand, put it on his waist, and pinched it, which paralyzed him.

She was puzzled because she just touched and pinched him lightly, but he somewhat became stiff like a stone.

She also felt that the room was a bit cold.

Suddenly, a freezing air swooshed by and she shivered from the cold.

She then raised her head slowly.