February 23, 2022

Chapter 42: Go to The County Seat Again 2

The most precious thing was the canola oil. These days, oil was more expensive than gold. As a result, Xiulan actually got a kilo this time, so Aidang was a little surprised.

“Yes, everything! Girl, how much do you sell these goods today?” Aidang hurriedly inquired about the price and wanted to buy them quickly, lest she would turn around and not sell the goods to him.

Xiulan knew that the prices she had mentioned before was a bit low. When she sold the goods to him at that price yesterday, he had a look of making a lot of money on his face.

This time, she definitely couldn’t give him the same price, so she raised the price a little. “Rice and white flour are both four yuan per half a kilo, dried noodles are five yuan per half a kilo, and one egg is fifty cents. As for the canola oil, it’s ten yuan per half a kilo.

“If you have tickets, three yuan per half a kilo for rice plus 500-grams food coupons, three yuan per half a kilo for white flour plus 500-grams food coupons, and three yuan and fifty cents per half a kilo of dried noodles plus 500-grams food coupons. Canola oil is eight yuan per half a kilo plus 500-grams oil coupons.

“Of course, just like last time, if you don’t have food coupons, you can also use other kinds of coupons or industrial coupons.”

Aidang heard that the prices she quoted were a little higher than yesterday, but it was still acceptable. Compared with the prices quoted by others, it was really not high.

If he felt that the prices were too high and didn’t want to buy, Xiulan would sell them to others because some people would still want them.

Aidang hurriedly said, “Girl, that’s fine. I’ll take them all for this price.”

With that said, he took out the money from his pocket.

He had prepared the money in advance. Because there were not enough coupons, he asked his colleagues to borrow a little, just because he was afraid that he would not be able to buy all of her goods if he didn’t have enough money.

Two and a half kilos of rice and two and a half kilos of white flour for thirty yuan, two and half a kilo of dried noodles for seventeen yuan and fifty cents, a kilo of canola oil for sixteen yuan, and ten eggs for five yuan, adding up to a total of sixty-eight yuan and fifty cents. Aidang directly gave her seventy yuan and he didn’t ask for the change anymore. After buying so many things from her, he really felt that he had taken advantage of her by buying all of her goods.

In addition to money, he also gave her many other types of coupons—food coupons, cloth coupons, sugar coupons, and industrial coupons.

Seeing that the payment was almost enough, Xiulan accepted the seven ten-yuan bank notes and various coupons he handed over, pretending to put them all in her pocket, but actually she had thrown them into the space.

There was no one around, so she also handed the contents of her basket to him.

Aidang was holding so many good things, so his hands trembled a little.

Xiulan specially warned him, “Comrade, you have to seal the oil bottle tightly, because the smell is quite strong, so it is easy to be smelled by others, and it is not good to be discovered.”

Aidang nodded heavily in response. “Okay, I got it. Girl, thank you!”

“It’s nothing.”

When she was about to part ways with him, Aidang stopped her. “Girl…”

“Comrade, do you need anything else?”

“I want to ask if you can still get foodstuffs? Several of my colleagues also want to buy. If you can still get some, can you sell them to my colleagues? I will introduce you to people to ensure safety!”

Hearing his proposal, Xiulan refused without hesitation. “Comrade, I’m sorry, I can only get this kind of goods recently. It took a lot of effort to sell it to you. I can’t get more, so I can’t sell it to your colleagues.”

She couldn’t let him think that she had a lot of foodstuffs in her hands. If someone who was malicious targeted her, it would only bring disaster to her.

When Aidang heard her words, a look of loss flashed in his eyes, but he still replied, “It’s okay, forget it then. But Girl, if you can still get foodstuffs in the future, you can send them to me. I’ll buy them all.”