February 24, 2022

Chapter 43: Go to The County Seat Again 3

As Aidang said that, he took out a pen and a piece of paper to write down his home address and handed it to Xiulan.

Xiulan put the note in her pocket, as it was indeed possible to trade with him after a while.

As long as it didn’t appear that she could take out a lot of foodstuffs at once, it would be fine.

After the transaction was completed, the two hurriedly parted ways for fear of being discovered.

Xiulan was going to go to the black market again. There were a lot of foodstuffs in her space, so she strived to make more transactions and exchanged them with money and tickets.

She found a hidden place, then she took some foodstuffs out and put them in the basket.

As soon as she arrived at the black market, she saw a middle-aged woman trying to buy some foodstuffs, but after asking a few people, she didn’t ask anymore and her eyes were at a loss.

After walking a few steps, the woman suddenly fell to the ground without knowing what was wrong with her.

Xiulan hurriedly ran over to take a look and found that the woman was very frail, her breath was a bit weak, her complexion was sallow and malnourished, and she looked as if she had fainted from hunger.

Xiulan supported the woman to go under a locust tree and asked her to lean on the trunk. There was no one passing by and it was not noticeable.

“Auntie, are you okay?” Xiulan asked with worry.

The woman opened her eyes and responded weakly, “Girl, thank you. I… I’m just a little hungry, it’s no big deal…”

Xiulan was a little sympathetic when she saw the woman’s appearance.

People in this era were suffering too much, especially in the three years of the Great Famine, as there was little foodstuff everywhere, and those who couldn’t get foodstuff were likely to starve to death.

She couldn’t see a living life being starved to death before her eyes, so she pretended to take out something from her pocket, but in fact, she took out a meat bun from the space and handed it to the woman.

“Auntie, take this bun and eat it!”

The woman saw the white bun Xiulan handed over, as if she had seen a treasure, with surprise in her eyes.

It’s a white bun!

She knew how precious white flour was and the girl in front of her not only took out a white bun, but also gave it to her to eat.

Although her head was dizzy from hunger at the moment, the woman still refused to take the white bun from Xiulan. “Thank you, Girl. You have such a good heart, but this is too precious, I can’t take it.”

Xiulan did not expect the woman, who could have this share, to still have a ‘moral backbone’. Xiulan thought that her character was not bad and she was not someone who liked to take advantage of others.

She looked at the woman again. Although she was wearing shabby clothes, she was clean and her temperament cannot be concealed. At a glance, you could see that she was from a family with a good background and had received an education.

It was just that in this special era, many people and big families had been overthrown and defeated, presumably this woman was one of them.

Thinking this way, Xiulan felt a little more sympathy for this woman.

She continued to push the bun to the woman. “Auntie, don’t be polite to me. Since I gave it to you, you can take it. How can you walk and go back if you don’t eat something?

“These days, everyone has difficulties, I just happened to meet you on the way and did something within my ability. Just treat it as if we are fated to meet, don’t say no to me again.”

The woman swallowed her saliva. At this moment, she was really hungry. She stared at the bun a few times. In the end, she couldn’t refuse Xiulan’s kindness. She tremblingly took the bun and had a bite.

After tasting the bun, the woman realized that what Xiulan gave her was not just an ordinary bun, but a meat bun.