February 22, 2022

Chapter 41: Go to The County Seat Again 1

After listening to Xiulan’s words, Weiguo, who had wanted to say a few words for Lijuan, suddenly closed his mouth and he also felt some dissatisfaction with Lijuan in his heart.

Lijuan’s laziness was more severe than he imagined. How can she only earn two work points in one day? What kind of work is that? It’s just playing around!

Seeing the anger on Weiguo’s face, Yumei didn’t dare to help Lijuan and speak up for her anymore.

“What? Do you think it’s too little? If you think it’s too little, you don’t need to eat it, you can give it to us,” Xiulan coldly said as she glanced at Lijuan.

Lijuan had no choice but to hold the bowl angrily and eat the rest of the noodles into her stomach, but her resentment towards Xiulan deepened.

Damn it! Xiulan, just wait for me. When I find a chance, then I must clean you up well! She had to get revenge for all the grievances she suffered.

After dinner, Weiguo asked Lijuan to wash the bowls since Xiulan was the one who cooked their dinner.

Xiulan talked to Weiguo about going to the county seat to beg for foodstuff tomorrow. She asked him to ask for a leave again, then she returned to her room early.

Taking advantage of being alone, Xiulan ate something again. Then, she took out the stored cosmetics from the space, smeared them on her face, and applied a mask before lying on the bed and falling asleep beautifully.

Early the next morning, at dawn, she got up, carrying a basket on her back, and rushed towards the county seat.

When she was about to arrive at the county seat, she took out a little amount of rice, dried noodles, white flour, eggs, and canola oil from the space.

These were all the goods to be traded with Aidang, and she didn’t take much of everything.

What she took were only the relatively scarce goods. If she took too much, it would only arouse suspicion. It would be better for her to be naturally cautious.

She arrived at the meeting place according to their agreement and Aidang was already waiting there for a long time.

No wonder why he was active, it was really because Xiulan had all the good things, whether it were fine grains, oil and eggs, they were all scarce goods. He often came to the black market to know the situation, so he really looked forward to her goods.

He was afraid that Xiulan would not come, so he was restless while waiting, until he saw her figure appear, he immediately became excited.

“Girl, you are finally here!” Aidang’s face was filled with a bright smile. He took a few steps forward and when he reached Xiulan, he was finally relieved.

Xiulan smiled slightly, wiped the sweat from her forehead, and explained, “I’m sorry, the road is too far. Have you waited for a long time?”

Aidang waved his hand. “Oh, it’s okay! As long as you come, it doesn’t matter if I wait for a while. I have nothing to do anyway.”

“That’s great! I brought the goods here. Come and take a look.”

With that said, Xiulan leaned forward to Aidang, looked around, and found that there was no one around, so she opened the basket and showed him the contents.

There were rice, dried noodles, and white flour, two and a half kilos each. In addition, there were ten eggs and a kilo of canola oil.

The quantity was not large, so Xiulan also deliberately said, “I can only try my best to get this much. I can’t get more for the time being. Do you want to buy all of them?”

Aidang knew that although there were a little less, they were all precious, which was already very rare. Xiulan was able to get so much because of her great ability. It was incredible for ordinary people to get a few kilos of rice.