February 21, 2022

Chapter 40: Sorghum Noodles 2

Lijuan walked up to Xiulan angrily and asked, “Where’s my portion of noodles? Why didn’t you serve me a bowl and bring it to me?”

Xiulan hooked the corner of her lips and replied with a sneer, “Don’t you have hands and feet? You’re still waiting for someone to serve you? We are all born equal, Lijuan, but you still want me to serve you? This idea of ​​enjoyment is like a big landlord’s behavior. If you want to eat, then you can serve yourself! If you don’t want to serve yourself, then don’t eat, no one will serve you anyway!”

When Xiulan said that, Weiguo also looked at Lijuan with some dissatisfaction. “That’s right, Lijuan, just do your own things. If you want to eat, then go to the pot to get your food. What are you commanding Xiulan for? Is it possible that you really want to have someone come and serve your meal and bring it to you?

“Your habits and behavior like this are really not very good.”

Lijuan shook her fists angrily. Seeing that everyone was eating sorghum noodles deliciously, she couldn’t be angry and say that she doesn’t want to eat, so she ran to the kitchen and filled a bowl with noodles.

But there was only a little left in the pot, about half a bowl of noodles, and the rest was soup. Compared with the servings of noodles in the bowls of other people in the Zhao family, it was far worse.

She gritted her teeth, guessing that Xiulan must have deliberately served up most of the noodles and left her such a little bit.

How can I be full with so little noodles?

Why is Xiulan so outrageous?

She walked up to Xiulan with the bowl in her hand, and asked aggressively, “Xiulan, why did you leave me this much noodles? You eat that much, but I only have this much which is not enough.

“You… You are too much!”

As Lijuan said that, she was crying with anger and rubbing her red eyes.

Weiguo saw that there was really only half a bowl of noodles in her bowl, which was too little.

His big bowl of noodles had already been eaten, so he could no longer share some of it with her.

Thinking of his bowl of noodles, the portion was really big, so he thought that some was taken from her portion.

Everyone ate a lot, but she would just eat a little bit and he also took some of her share, so he suddenly felt a little bit uncomfortable.

“Xiulan, why did you only leave this much noodles for Lijuan? It’s really not enough for her to be full…”

Xiulan knew that Weiguo must have softened his heart again, so she directly said what she thought in her heart, “Dad, I thought she didn’t want to eat, so I only left a little bit for her.

“Besides, she deserves to eat only that much.”

“Xiulan, what do you mean by that? What do you mean that I deserve to eat this much only?” Lijuan shouted.

Xiulan answered in a light tone, “How much work do you do and how much food do you eat? Lijuan, you only earned two work points today, so you can only eat that much noodles. If you could have earned a little more work points, then you could have also gotten a little more serving of noodles.

“If you want to eat more in the future, you should earn more work points!

“When you went to work, you were so lazy and slippery, and you only got two work points from the task of cutting hogweeds in one day. Xiuzhu, a child who is so much younger than you, earned three and a half work points. I came back from begging for foodstuff in the morning, then went to work in the afternoon, but I earned three work points in one afternoon.

“It was you who didn’t do much work and only earned two work points. So now, why are you yelling here that there are not enough noodles for you to eat?”

When Lijuan heard that, her face flushed with shame.

She wanted to refute Xiulan, but the fact that she earned two work points in one day today was true, so she really couldn’t deny it!