February 20, 2022

Chapter 39: Sorghum Noodles 1

There were green leafy vegetables, eggplants, peppers, radishes, and the like, which were vegetables that could be usually seen.

Basically, each family in the production team had a small private plot, and most of them would plant all kinds of vegetables. Some would also grow potatoes, sweet potatoes, and other grains, aside from the regular vegetables. In this way, in addition to the foodstuffs distributed by the production team, they could also grow some in their own homes.

Everyone had survived this way at these days.

When cooking the noodles, Xiulan asked Xiuzhu to pull out a handful of green leafy vegetables, so she could cook them together with the noodles.

There was no grease in the pot, so she put some salt in it, and even this made people drool.

Because they were so poor, they couldn’t eat enough on normal days. They used to eat that kind of watery dish every night. Now that they encountered noodles, even if it was the bitter sorghum noodles, it was still a good thing that they couldn’t ask for.

Xiuzhu looked at the noodles that were in the boiling pot and couldn’t stop swallowing saliva into her stomach.

“Sister, I really want to eat now!”

Xiulan smiled slightly, “It’s already boiling, so just wait a minute.”

“Hmm, okay!” Xiuzhu responded, but she still stared at the pot of noodles, reluctant to move away.

After another two minutes of cooking, Xiulan sprinkled the chopped green onions in and began to serve the noodles in a bowl.

She first served Weiguo a large bowl. He was a man who did heavy work. He ate more food than them, so he naturally needed more serving.

Needless to say, for Yumei, if you gave her less, she would probably make trouble. She would definitely make a fuss using the baby in her womb again and say some nonsense in front of Weiguo.

Lijuan was so angry that she went into her room just now, and Xiulan was too lazy to be bothered about her, so Xiulan really didn’t want to give any amount to her. If she liked to eat, then she could eat; but if she didn’t want to eat, then just let it go. Who would want to spoil such a grown-up girl already?

It was better if she didn’t eat, so that the remaining portion can be distributed more to the rest of the family.

Xiulan gave herself and Xiuzhu a bowl each, which was not as heavy as Weiguo and Yumei.

Xiuzhu was still young, so she couldn’t eat much. One bowl of noodles was enough, but one hundred grams of noodles was still not enough.

Xiulan didn’t like eating sorghum noodles very much. She thought that it was too bitter. There was no grease in the noodles, so she planned to secretly go back to her room to give herself a special treatment later. There were plenty of things to eat in the space, what could be better than that?

“Dad, Auntie Mei, it’s time to eat!”

She brought out the bowls of noodles and put them on the table, and then called Weiguo and Yumei out to eat, but did not call Lijuan to come out to eat.

When he heard that the noodles were ready, Weiguo immediately rushed to the table, and Yumei couldn’t wait to get out of their room as well.

Yumei didn’t have enough meal at noon, so she was really hungry a long time ago.

Especially Weiguo, who was only one-third full at noon, and after another day of heavy work, his stomach was now rumbling with hunger.

Seeing the noodles on the table, he sat down and held the bowl, and couldn’t wait to eat.

Xiulan hurriedly reminded him, “Dad, it’s too hot, take your time, eat slowly!”

A silly smile appeared on the tall man’s face and he was a little embarrassed. “Dad hasn’t eaten noodles for a long time, so I was a little excited just now.”

Although it was a joke, it revealed the sadness of people during these days.

Yumei was not much better. She blew the noodles and stuffed them straight into her mouth after it cooled down a bit.

Xiulan was much gentler and Xiuzhu also ate in small bites. For the Zhao family, it was a very happy thing to be able to eat a full meal of sorghum noodles.

After hearing the movement outside, Lijuan came out of the room and saw the whole family sitting together to eat noodles, but she didn’t have her portion, nor did she see an extra bowl of noodles on the table.