February 19, 2022

Chapter 38: Unsuccessful Complaint 3

It was all because Xiulan said those words and instigated in front of Weiguo, otherwise he would not refuse to agree to her request.

Yumei discovered that Xiulan’s whole personality had really changed since she fell into the river last time.

She used to say that Xiulan absolutely didn’t even dare to fart in front of her, but now that she had a sharp mouth, she was much more courageous. In front of Weiguo, she also learned how to complain, which tilted his heart towards the two sisters.

This was not okay. If this situation continued, how could she and Lijuan live well in this family in the future?

If Weiguo continued to be biased towards these two sisters, then their life as mother and daughter would definitely be a little worse.

Xiulan was happy because Weiguo was now protecting her and her sister. The memory of the original owner made Xiulan felt that Weiguo hated her, and now she knew that he was not someone who didn’t understand things at all.

It was just that he was a henpecked husband and whoever whispered a lot to his ears was strong, and he would be biased towards that person.

In the past, Xiulan carried everything silently. Her methods and abilities were incomparable to the mother-daughter pair. It was normal for her to suffer so many grievances.

But now, she would pretend to be pitiful and reasonable, so Weiguo’s heart would naturally slowly turn towards her.

As long as she guided him more in the future, she was not afraid that he would be too confused.

This time, the mother-daughter pair were deflated, which made Xiulan very happy.

Seeing that it was getting late, Xiulan took the initiative to take up the task of cooking their dinner. “Dad, I’ll cook sorghum noodles for you to eat!”

It was not that she wanted to work diligently, but that she wanted to show herself more in front of Weiguo, to set off Lijuan’s laziness with her diligence.

Of course, most importantly, she was not at ease when the flour was handed over to Lijuan to be cooked. What if Lijuan eat it secretly? If she cooked it herself, she wouldn’t be worried that Lijuan would steal it.

Weiguo nodded, and when he saw Xiulan’s figure enter the kitchen and get busy, he felt even more emotional.

Then he took a look at Lijuan, who was yelling before after doing a little work, he couldn’t help but said, “Lijuan, you should learn more from Xiulan. There is no such thing as not being tired from work, who didn’t survive the hardships? Others can bear it, so why do you have to be more squeamish than others?

“I am not asking you to be the same as Xiulan, but you have to do more work than Xiuzhu, okay?”

Weiguo, the stepfather, originally didn’t know how to discipline Lijuan, lest Yumei said that her daughter was being treated harshly.

But in the past two days, he couldn’t help but say a few words, because Lijuan had become too much.

After Lijuan was scolded by Weiguo, she entered her room angrily.

It’s all Zhao Xiulan’s fault! That bitch!

It caused her not to talk about her not going to work, and now she was also hated at home.

Xiulan didn’t care that Lijuan was angry and acted as a demon, but she stated coldly. “Oh, for anyone who doesn’t know how to come out of their room after a while, then don’t expect that you’ll have a meal to eat!”

After speaking, she continued to get busy and Xiuzhu helped her in the kitchen.

She was responsible for kneading the dough and cooking the noodles, and Xiuzhu was responsible for making and controlling the fire.

Although Xiuzhu was only a six-year-old child, the children of poor families had been in charge of housework early, and she could basically do anything.

Xiulan kneaded the sorghum flour, then rolled them into noodles, and cooked what was enough for the family.

There were one kilogram of sorghum flour and half of it was used at once. In this way, one person could get about one hundred grams of noodles in one bowl. It was totally enough.

There were also some vegetables grown on their family’s private plot, but not many, all of which were taken care of by Weiguo usually.