February 18, 2022

Chapter 37: Unsuccessful Complaint 2

Yumei gritted her teeth angrily and glared at Xiulan. “Xiulan, are you also calling me useless? So, I have to work to earn work points if I want to eat something now?”

After saying that, she cried to Weiguo again, “Weiguo, you listen, listen to what this girl is saying.

“I finally conceived a son for you in my womb, but now I am being detest and called useless!

“Okay, then I will also go to the field to work and earn work points starting tomorrow.

“But I can’t guarantee that the baby in my womb will not be exhausted and let you lose a son in vain.”

Xiulan looked at Yumei and she was too stunned to speak.

This woman could really complain and would even threaten the baby in her womb.

Xiulan was not easy to be bullied either, so she would naturally not let Yumei say anything more in front of Weiguo, and finally forced him to agree to no let Lijuan go to work again.

“Auntie Mei, when did I say that you need to work? You are pregnant with my father’s child, and everything at home is given to you. I’m talking about Lijuan.

“It’s right that you feel sorry for your daughter, but Auntie Mei, I am also your daughter, and so is Xiuzhu. Although we are only stepdaughters, we treat you as our biological mother.

“We also go to work, but why don’t you feel sorry for us?”

She deliberately took her sleeve and wiped away her ‘tears’, then she continued, “For our family to live well, we must rely on our joint efforts. If we stop working, where will we get foodstuffs to eat?

“Besides, labor is glorious. How many people in the production team are not working? No matter how hard you work, no matter how tired you are, everyone has to grit their teeth and endure it to survive!

“Like Lijuan, who complains after a little hard work, how can she make progress? Even a child as old as Xiuzhu had blisters on her hands, they were soaked in the water while she was working, but she didn’t scream and couldn’t even say a word about it.

Lijuan is so much older than Xiuzhu. Could it be that a child of a few years old is the one who can only endure hardships?”

She then pulled Xiuzhu in front of Weiguo and Yumei, and spread out her small hands. They saw that many small blisters had been ground out of her hands and some places were even cut. It was disturbing to look at them.

Xiulan had discovered Xiuzhu’s hand like this before, and she felt distressed for a long time.

But it was always like this at this time, except for those who didn’t work, who didn’t suffer even a little bit? Even Xiulan herself had many wounds and calluses on her hands, which were all caused by long-term hard work.

Only then did Weiguo notice the blisters and wounds on Xiuzhu’s hands, and his whole heart suddenly sank, his face was very ugly.

How old was his little daughter that she had to work so hard now?

He was really confused about letting other people’s children rest at home, but letting his biological children suffer outside.

Yumei was a stepmother and treated her own daughter as a treasure. Were his daughters just a piece of grass?

He put on a calm face and said, “Xiulan is right, who is not working in the production team? Lijuan is the only one who is acting noble here, right?

“Even Xiuzhu, a child, can endure, but she can’t endure this hardship?

“Yumei, Lijuan is your daughter, so you feel distressed when you see her working. Xiulan and Xiuzhu are also my daughters, and I also feel distressed when I see them suffering.

“If that’s the case, then we should all feel sorry for our children and stop them from working, but can I support this family by working alone?

“In the future, Lijuan will have to go out and work every day to earn work points, just like Xiulan and Xiuzhu, otherwise she will not eat!”

Even though Yumei was flustered at this time, she didn’t dare to say anything more.