February 17, 2022

Chapter 36: Unsuccessful Complaint 1

After hearing what Xiulan said, Xiuzhu nodded. “Hmm, okay! Sister, I agree with you on that. I’ll work hard at home to earn work points.”

“Good girl! Don’t worry, I can do it alone.”


Before Xiuzhu left her room, Xiulan deliberately asked her to take a few more sips of water to dilute the smell of meat bun in her mouth.

Otherwise, the others would smell it, especially Yumei, who had a sharp nose and could find anything delicious. If their stepmother found out that Xiuzhu had eaten a meat bun, she was afraid that the world would be turned upside down.

In the afternoon, Xiulan continued to work and earn work points.

Because it was afternoon already, many tasks were already taken by others, so Gensheng assigned her a cotton-picking task.

Under the bright sun, the sunshine was difficult to endure. Xiulan secretly put a little sunscreen on herself, so as not to get too dark.

The original owner had been working for a long time and, like most of the girls in the production team, had been tanned.

Because of the so-called white skin covered all the ugliness in you, so girls pursued whiteness in their hearts.

This was the thing for Xiulan and she decided that her skin had to be well conditioned and restored. Otherwise, she would stay dark and thin, like a little country girl. Compared with her previous life, she was white, rich, and beautiful, with long legs. The difference was really too much.

So now, she applied sunscreen to prevent herself from getting tanned. When she went back at night, she would use some whitening stuff from the space to apply on her skin. The original owner’s skin was also relatively rough. She planned to apply a mask every night to take good care of it.

After finishing her work in the afternoon, Xiulan handed in all the cotton she had picked.

In addition to growing foodstuffs in the production teams, some cash crops would be grown every year in accordance with the tasks assigned by the country.

Cotton-picking tasks were measured according to the amount of cotton each person picks.

If you pick a little more, you could earn a little more work points, and if you pick a little less, you could earn a little less.

Xiulan picked a lot of cotton in one afternoon, which was the most among the people who did this job together in the afternoon.

Some were too lazy and they didn’t pick as much in a day as Xiulan did in an afternoon.

After Gensheng counted them, he recorded three work points for Xiulan according to the amount of cotton she had picked.

She could earn three work points in one afternoon, which was equal to six work points a day, which was relatively high.

Looking at Lijuan again, she was assigned the task of cutting hogweeds and only earned two work points on that day.

But those who were diligent and gathered a lot of hogweeds could also earn four to five work points, or even up to six work points.

Facing Lijuan like this, Xiulan couldn’t help but shook her head. She had never seen such a lazy person.

Even if she was lazy and couldn’t earn much work points, she would still yell and complain that she was so tired, as if she has suffered a lot by herself.

As soon as she got home, Lijuan complained in front of Yumei again, “Mom, I’m so exhausted. Look at me, my arms and face are tanned. It hurts… boo hoo hoo… I don’t want to work anymore!”

Yumei was very distressed when she saw her daughter like this, so she couldn’t help but rush to Weiguo. “Weiguo, look at how Lijuan’s skin has been tanned, it may even peel off. You should not let her work from tomorrow, okay? It’s really uncomfortable for me, as a mother, to look at her like this!”

Weiguo frowned when he heard Yumei’s words, so Xiulan hurriedly took the lead to speak, “Auntie Mei, it’s fine if Lijuan doesn’t work, just don’t let her eat from now on. Whoever wants to eat must earn work points by himself. She is already that old, but she wants others to support her? Those with good hands and feet don’t have to rely on others. These days, there can be no useless people in society.”