February 16, 2022

Chapter 35: Meat Bun 2

Originally, a bun made of white flour was enough to make Xiuzhu happy, but when she heard that it was also a meat bun, her joy was even more inexpressible.

For country people who couldn’t eat meat a few times a year, meat was definitely a very precious existence. Xiuzhu almost forgot what meat was like, she just remembered that the meat was very fragrant and delicious.

Now that she heard that she could eat a meat bun, she almost cried with excitement.

Regarding Xiulan’s words, she was still young and simple. She did not doubt the authenticity of her sister’s words, so she said happily, “Sister, this kind-hearted person is so nice, as he gave you meat buns to eat!”

Xiulan fondly touched the child’s head. “Hurry up and eat! It would be bad if Auntie Mei finds out about it.”

“Sister, then we should divide it in half.” When Xiuzhu saw such a big bun, she didn’t want to eat it alone, and wanted to share it with her sister.

Xiulan knew that this younger sister felt sorry for her and cared about her older sister. She still wanted to share whenever she got something delicious to eat. A warm current flowed through Xiulan’s heart and she could understand Xiuzhu’s intentions.

Xiulan shook her head to refuse. “No need, I’ve already eaten one earlier. Not only did I eat a bun, but that kind-hearted person also gave me a bowl of noodles to eat. I couldn’t finish the noodles and I had leftovers, but I couldn’t bring them back, so my stomach is full now!”

When Xiuzhu heard Xiulan said that, she didn’t doubt the authenticity of her sister’s words again. She just felt that her sister would definitely not lie to her.

After all, she was still a young child and when faced with the temptation of a meat bun, she couldn’t wait to devour it.

The meat bun was made of white flour and the fragrant filling flowed into her mouth after a bite. Xiuzhu only felt that she had never eaten such a delicious thing before.

It didn’t take long for a meat bun to be eaten into her stomach. After eating it, she licked the sauce on her finger with some aftertaste, and the aftertaste was endless.

The meat bun was very big. Xiuzhu’s stomach was originally very small and she also ate a wowotou at lunch, so she was full now.

She touched her stomach, chuckled, and had a satisfied expression. “Sister, the meat bun is really delicious. I have eaten it all. It’s been a long time since I felt so full like I am today.”

After hearing this, Xiulan felt sad for a while, pulled the corner of her lips to smile. “In the future, I will go to beg for foodstuff and see if I can get good things for you to eat, just like today.”

Xiuzhu responded heavily, “Okay, Sister, if it’s like this every day, our family won’t have to be hungry, and that would be great.

“Sister, why don’t I go and beg with you as well? There should be many people and great strength, so if we beg together, then the two of us we’ll get more foodstuffs!”

But Xiulan immediately refused, “No, you’d better stay at home!”

If Xiuzhu followed, her purpose of going to the county seat would not be achieved and many things would be exposed.

Xiuzhu was confused and asked, “But why?”

Afraid of Xiuzhu’s suspicion, Xiulan explained with a reason, “The county seat is too far away. You are still young and can’t walk that long way. I can walk faster by myself. Moreover, it’s okay to beg for foodstuff alone, instead of having two people. I don’t want to worry about letting you beg alone. If we can’t split up, then it’s better to just be me all alone. Besides, you can still earn work points at home, so when it’s time for distribution of provisions, we can get more foodstuffs.”

The young child realized that it made sense.

She didn’t want to be a drag on her sister. If she couldn’t walk on the way, then her sister would have no choice but to carry her.