February 15, 2022

Chapter 34: Meat Bun 1

In the past, when Yumei said this, Weiguo would definitely agree.

But now, looking at Xiulan, and then looking at Xiuzhu, he really couldn’t be so selfish.

These daughters were also his children. He had made these two children suffer for a long time. Just now, he thought about making up for them, so he couldn’t turn his head and do such an excessive thing.

Weiguo pondered for a while and said solemnly, “These foodstuffs were brought back by Xiulan and everyone will eat it together in the evening. I will find a way when we run out of foodstuffs!”


“All right, this matter is already settled. It’s not easy for Xiulan to get some foodstuffs back. You, a stepmother, should act like a real mother. Anyway, you have to be considerate of the children, right? Xiulan is my daughter and she is the one who got the foodstuffs back. She finally got something to eat, so I also want her to be able to eat well!”

Weiguo expressed with a serious expression that there was no room for negotiation on this matter.

Yumei could even hear that he was saying that she had treated the two sisters harshly.

Her face flushed for a moment, but she couldn’t say anything. She turned around and entered their room angrily, with a posture of anger at Weiguo.

Weiguo looked at Yumei’s back when she left, and instead of coaxing her as usual whenever she lost her temper, he just let her go back to their room.

Xiulan was very satisfied with Weiguo’s approach.

Her father, a henpecked husband, was getting more and more sensible now. What he said and did just now made her feel that he had changed and was not like before.

Lijuan also glared at Xiulan angrily and returned to her room as well.

Seeing that both the mother and daughter had entered their rooms, Xiulan said, “Dad, I will also go back to my room to take a break and go to the production team to work in the afternoon to earn work points.”

When Weiguo heard this, he immediately refused, “Xiulan, you have already been to the county seat in the morning, so are definitely tired enough. If you go to work in the afternoon, wouldn’t you get more tired? Why don’t you just rest at home, anyway, I will also ask you for leave from the team leader!”

However, Xiulan shook her head to refute. “Dad, it’s alright. After all, if I stay at home, then it’s just staying at home. I can earn more work points when I go to work, and we can get more foodstuffs when the provisions are distributed.”

Weiguo’s eyes suddenly turned red as the girl’s sensibleness made him feel distressed.

Comparing it with Lijuan again, who had complained about being tired after working all morning, the contrast was too obvious.

He took a deep breath and replied, “Xiulan, then you should go and rest for a while now!”

“Okay, Dad!”

Before Xiulan returned to her room, she called Xiuzhu and asked her to enter the room with her.

When they got inside the room, Xiulan quickly closed the door and glanced out the window. After confirming that there was no one, she secretly took a meat bun out of the space and handed it to her sister.

Xiuzhu didn’t know that the bun was stuffed with meat, but as soon as she saw the white steamed bun, her eyes were drawn to it and she couldn’t help swallowing her saliva. Then she lowered her voice and whispered to Xiulan in surprise, “Sister, this is a steamed bun! Where did you get such a good thing?”

Xiulan smiled and touched Xiuzhu’s head, then put the meat bun into her hands. “Today, when I begged for foodstuff, a kind-hearted person gave me two steamed buns, which were stuffed with minced meat.

“I couldn’t help it on the way, so I already ate the other one and I left this one for you to eat.

“This good thing, let’s eat it secretly. Don’t let Auntie Mei and Lijuan know about it.”