February 14, 2022

Chapter 33: A Baby Who Cries Gets to Drink Milk

Xiulan felt a little unhappy when she heard that the foodstuffs she had brought back was going to be eaten by Yumei. But as long as they still live together, her stepmother would definitely have a share of the things she would take back home, unless they separated in the future, so she didn’t say anything against it.

“Okay, Dad, then our family will eat sorghum noodles tonight.

“We have so much which is enough for two good meals!

“I can cook a little more tonight and we can all be full. Xiuzhu and I haven’t had enough fill for a long time, and we don’t even know how it feels to be full. Thanks to today’s kind-hearted people…” Xiulan played a little emotion trick and deliberately complained in front of Weiguo.

She just wanted to tell him how pitiful and difficult it was for her and Xiuzhu to live now.

Just like the saying, a baby who cried got to drink milk.1会哭的孩子有奶吃 – A Baby Who Cries Gets to Drink Milk – use the most appropriate method to get what you want/be good at fighting for your own interests.

If Weiguo knew that her life with Xiuzhu was not easy, then his heart would turn towards them in the future.

Like the previous owner, she was too sensible and kept all the grievances in her heart. Over time, Weiguo didn’t feel that there was anything wrong, let alone helped the two sisters.

When Weiguo learned that Xiulan had brought back foodstuffs, he was too happy to neglect how she got them.

She said that it was the kind-hearted people who pitied her when they saw that she was too thin.

His heart suddenly felt a little sour.

He was too unqualified to be a father. It seemed that since he married Yumei, he had never cared about Xiulan and Xiuzhu.

Although they were daughters and not sons, they were still his biological children, and fathers had to care about their children.

And now, looking at these two girls, they were both skinny and almost had no flesh on their bodies. Because the meals they ate were extremely poor, both of them had sallow faces, as if a gust of wind would knock them down.

But when he looked at Lijuan, she was much better than her two biological daughters.

He didn’t have to think about it to know that Lijuan’s life was a bit better than that of his two daughters.

Every day, Lijuan definitely got more food and drink than Xiulan and Xiuzhu.

Weiguo thought to himself that he must make up for his two daughters in the future, and he couldn’t do stupid things like before.

Yumei was a little dissatisfied when she heard what Xiulan had said. “Just this much sorghum flour, how can everyone eat so much? I’m afraid that it’s only enough for two meals and it will be gone after that.

“Weiguo, just saying, you should let me eat it all alone. After all, I still have a small one in my womb. I usually feel a little uncomfortable when I eat coarse grains. Presumably, the small one is also upset because I don’t eat well.

“I usually didn’t have much to eat, so I am afraid that the child in my womb is also suffering…”

Xiulan secretly scorned Yumei, who was really disgusting, always talking about the baby in her womb.

Other women in the village had to work when they were pregnant. Whose family was not having a hard time that even pregnant women couldn’t get enough to eat?

The Zhao family really gave everything to Yumei, but she still wanted to eat all of this sorghum flour?

After Yumei finished speaking, Lijuan hurriedly followed suit, “That’s right, Uncle Zhao, my mother is pregnant with a child. Shouldn’t we leave all the sorghum flour for my mother to eat? If everyone eats it, then it will be gone in just two meals. What will my mother eat in the future?”

Lijuan calculated that Xiulan and Xiuzhu do not deserve this sorghum flour.

If all the sorghum flour were left for Yumei to eat, her mother would always be able to dig out a little bit for her to eat, and it would not fall into the mouths of these sisters.

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    会哭的孩子有奶吃 – A Baby Who Cries Gets to Drink Milk – use the most appropriate method to get what you want/be good at fighting for your own interests.