February 13, 2022

Chapter 32: She Got Foodstuffs

Seeing that Weiguo rarely took the initiative to favor herself, Xiulan thought that it was good. Her father finally got a little enlightenment, and did not foolishly lean towards Yumei and her daughter.

Xiulan didn’t expect Weiguo to be good to her and Xiuzhu, but only wanted for him to have some basic judgment and not to be unreasonable towards Yumei and Lijuan as before.

Seeing his unsightly expression, Yumei pouted and didn’t say anything.

Weiguo looked at his daughter, then he smiled and said, “Xiulan, it’s not really important. It’s okay if you can’t get anything from begging, it’s really hard to beg for foodstuffs. I believe your Auntie Mei should understand your kind intentions!”

As he said that, he also gave Yumei a wink.

This time, Xiulan went to the county seat to ask for more foodstuffs for Yumei, but Lijuan was that good, who couldn’t think of anything like this. Instead, she even had to say those words to his daughter.

Weiguo was not a fool, because he had his own judgment in his heart.

If Xiulan was lazy, then she would not go to the county seat. Compared with working to earn work points, begging for foodstuff was not necessarily easy.

After all, adults had to walk for two hours to get to the county seat and Xiulan would probably take more time to get there.

Whenever he went to the county seat before, he would always come back with nearly broken legs.

Compared with going to the county seat, he was more willing to stay in the production team to work.

Xiulan didn’t expect her father to understand, after all, people would deliberately pretend to be confused with understanding.

After he said those words, she took out the corns and sorghum flour from the basket, and smiled at him. “Dad, I went to the county seat to see if I can take home some foodstuffs today. There are kind people in the county seat who pitied me when they saw me being too thin, so they gave me a little foodstuff. Although it isn’t much, at least it is enough for us to eat them in two days.”

Weiguo took a look and saw about one kilogram of corns and one kilogram of sorghum flour.

Although they were all coarse grains, they were excellent things nowadays.

Right now, a mouthful of foodstuff was expensive, let alone two kilograms of corns and sorghum flour.

Originally, he didn’t have any hope in his heart, but he didn’t expect his daughter to really get foodstuffs in the county seat.

Lijuan was dumbfounded for a while, and when she saw the foodstuffs that Xiulan had brought back, she suddenly felt uncomfortable.

Thinking of what she said about Xiulan just now, she suddenly felt a punch in the face, which was very painful.

Seeing the precious foodstuffs, Weiguo’s eyes suddenly gleamed and he said with great joy, “Wow, these are foodstuffs! Xiulan, you really got some foodstuffs back! Not bad, with this sorghum flour, our family can eat noodles tonight!

“It just so happens that we don’t have much to eat at home, so this can make it a little better for your Auntie Mei.”

Sorghum flour was considered as coarse grain, but the noodles made from it were still a little bitter. They were not particularly delicious, but better than the unpalatable wowotou, and they were easier to fill the stomach than the porridge with few grains of rice.

This thing was really precious to put in the countryside.

Yumei still had a drooping face just now, a little unhappy. But upon seeing that Xiulan was able to bring some sorghum flour for them to eat in the evening after begging in the county seat, her expression eased a little bit.

She hadn’t eaten well for a long time. Although after she became pregnant, the food at home was usually given first to her, but she still ate so badly to be full all day.

After each meal, she would be seven to eight points full at most and that was it. In the production team, many people couldn’t have excessive expectations. Many people had to be hungry. Who was not so hungry that they were skinny?