April 20, 2022

Chapter 37: Handsome, Come and Dance with Me

“Ah~ It’s so hot~ How can it be so hot? Hehe~ It’s so hot~”

Qinyun stood in the crowd with a crimson complexion. She was originally sitting, but she suddenly stood up for some reason, pulling her clothes desperately, and her almond eyes were gleaming strangely.

When the radio reporter came over, this was the scene they had captured.

The reporter stared at this scene with a straight face, what is going on?!

“It’s so hot~” Qinyun began to striptease in front of the crowd. While dancing, she smiled at the man next to her and said, “Hey handsome~ Come and dance with me~”

The handsome young man was so frightened that he grabbed his girlfriend’s hand and quickly ran away.

When the other men saw this scene, they were all scared that they hid to the side.

For the women in the crowd, who wouldn’t be embarrassed to see another woman doing that in public?

They all assume that Qinyun was crazy and a woman who also had that ‘disease’.

Qinyun frantically grabbed her clothes and danced in the crowd. Her charming gaze scattered with her ancient beast desire.

Although they all thought that she was sick, they still surrounded her, like watching a good show.

The man facing her started to record her using his cell phone.

The TV reporter also arrived there and broadcasted this scene live at their station. This was the first time that this kind of incident was allowed to be aired to viewers all over the country.

Soon, Qinyun tore her skirt apart and only her intimate apparel remained on her body.

She began to twist her body in front of countless cameras.

Some people whistled and others started their own live streams.


“This is too hot!”

“Hey, Old Huang, come to People’s Square! There’s something good to see here!”

“Hey, Old Guo, have you seen the video I sent you? Come here quickly! There’s a beautiful naked woman dancing here!”

At the same time, someone recognized Qinyun’s companion in the crowd.

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He walked up to Zhizhi and asked, “Miss, is that your sister? What’s wrong with her?”

“Boohoo…” Zhizhi wiped away her tears and cried pitifully, “I don’t know. We were just sitting here and everything was fine. Then, she suddenly said that she was a little hot and wanted to take off her clothes. I tried to stop her…

“But she is too strong.”

The man looked at her sympathetically. “Don’t cry, hurry up and call your family to take her away. It is really shameful.”

Zhizhi cried even louder, “She has no family. She has no father and her mother doesn’t want her. I don’t know who to call or how to take her away from here.”

The man frowned upon hearing this. She has no father and her mother is not willing to have her? Isn’t it obvious that there is really a problem with her? How could a woman like her, who seems to be decent and normal, do such a shameless thing in public? So, the man thought that it was probably because her family knew what kind of person she was, so they didn’t care about her anymore.

“Hehe~” Qinyun’s laughter still continued.

Then suddenly, there were sounds of gasps in the crowd.

They saw the woman suddenly sit on the lap of an old man in a wheelchair, wrapping her arms around the neck of the old man with white hair, and her facial expression was that of a melting cloud-like ghost.

The old man was taken aback by her actions.

But after all, he was an old man who had lived his whole life, so he quickly calmed down and put his arms around Qinyun’s waist.

His wrinkled hands were placed on her waist whirling around. “Little girl, why are you naked? Is it because you don’t have clothes to wear? Don’t worry, this grandpa will take you to buy clothes.”

At this point, Zhizhi took a picture and sent it to Qingchen.

[Even if you say goodbye, you two will still have a good relationship. May you wear a hat in the cold winter, may you keep your hat in the spring, may your hat shine in the dark, may your hat accompany you all the way, and may you have it every day, every month, and every year.]