April 19, 2022

Chapter 36: This Is the Place I Carefully Selected for You

Qinyun’s heart thumped because she had noticed something.

But Qingchen told her that he hadn’t had time to find Zhizhi to settle accounts, so Zhizhi should have not known about her being drugged at the party.

She opened her lips to probe, “I’m all right. By the way, I wonder if Miss Qin has seen Qingchen recently? He seems to be very busy these past two days and I haven’t had a chance to see him. Is he staying at the Yes’ house these days?”

Zhizhi shook her head. “I don’t know. I haven’t seen Brother Chen for a long time.”

Qinyun appeared to not know what happened to her as well.

Qingchen probably didn’t tell Qinyun that he kidnapped her a few days ago.

That’s great!

The waiter brought what they had ordered.

What she ordered was a glass of fruit juice.

Qinyun ordered a cup of coffee.

Zhizhi’s eyes fell on the cup of coffee.

It was very hot and it would take Qinyun a long time to drink it.

But Zhizhi couldn’t wait, so wondered what she should do.

Qinyun stirred the coffee in the cup a little absent-mindedly because she still didn’t have an idea why Zhizhi asked her out.

Zhizhi had a panoramic view of everything.

Across her, Qinyun, who was having this afternoon tea, was not at ease at all.

Soon, Qinyun finished drinking her coffee.

She stood up and was planning to leave. “Miss Qin, I’ve had an afternoon tea with you already, so I should go now.”

Zhizhi immediately followed with her bag. “Oh! Let’s go together then.”

An alarm started ringing in Qinyun’s heart and thought, what does this bitch really want to do?!

Walking out of the coffee shop, Qinyun didn’t say goodbye, she just raised her feet and walked forward, totally ignoring her.

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Zhizhi walked slowly behind her and started talking, “Mother Ye’s 80th birthday is coming soon, so Miss Bai, let’s go shopping to buy her a gift.”

Qinyun’s footsteps stopped abruptly, while Zhizhi curled her lips and smiled at her.

As the daughter of a prostitute, Qinyun always dreamed of entering the Ye family’s door. But unfortunately, even if she gave birth to a son, the Ye family still did not allow a woman like her to step in.

In fact, speaking of it, Qinyun still had a bit of identity as the novel’s female lead with whom the domineering president fell in love.

There was no way to escape from this law.

Qinyun, like all the female leads of CEO novels, had the identity of a rich young lady. When the plot was more than halfway through, this identity would be revealed and it would become a tool for the female lead to redeem herself in one fell swoop.

But, at this time, she was still a daughter of a prostitute and someone who desired to enter the door of the Yes’ house.

Qinyun followed the crowd going to the People’s Square, frowning secretly and a little unhappy.

She felt that Zhizhi was playing tricks on her, but she didn’t let it show on her face. “Miss Qin, where would you choose a gift?”

Zhizhi walked to the bench on the side and sat down.

Qinyun failed to understand her action, so she just followed Zhizhi and sat down as well.

Zhizhi raised her slender index finger and pointed at People Square’s location. “Look, there are actually so many people there?”

Qinyun raised her head and glanced, and thought, it is quite a lot.

From their position, they could see a dense crowd of people swarming around the public square area.

“Yes, there’s a bit too much of a crowd there,” Qinyun replied.

Zhizhi tilted her head. “It is said that people pass by People’s Square every day and the number of people playing here reaches tens of thousands.

“Look, there are also radio and TV reporters filming and doing interviews!” she said, increasing her voice deliberately towards the last sentence.

Qinyun didn’t understand what she meant by saying those things, but she didn’t have the patience to sit there with her. “Miss Qin, what are you doing? Didn’t we come here to look for gifts to give to Auntie Ye?”

Zhizhi’s beautiful eyes blinked and she smiled brightly and charmingly. “Because this is the place I carefully selected for you.”

Beautiful women could easily attract attention.

Her charming smile even made many people take out their cell phones and take photos of her.

The radio reporter that was interviewing passers-by saw that there were so many people around their location, and asked the cameraman to point the camera over there. “I don’t know what happened over there, but a lot of people are gathering there. I will take everyone to see what is going on.”