April 18, 2022

Chapter 35: Miss Bai, You’re Lowering My Face Value

Zhizhi was gorgeously dressed up, sitting in a high-end cafe, taking selfies using the cell phone in her hand.

She took a photo with her pouty lips.

Why am I so good-looking?

Next, she took a photo showing the side of her face.

Wow! This is a celestial fairy.

After that, she took a photo showing the front side of her face.

Whoa~ A suffocating beauty.

When Qinyun arrived, she saw this scene.

Zhizhi held her cell phone and frantically snapped photos of her face.

After taking a lot of photos, her eyes were full of stars. She touched her left chest and looked at her photos while exclaiming wow, oh, and whoa.

Qinyun’s expression was so dark that it couldn’t look any darker.

She had seen Zhizhi before returning to China.

Zhizhi made a video call with Qingchen, and she stood beside him during the call.

At that time, she knew that Qingchen had a marriage contract with someone, but she had never seen the other party before. When she saw Zhizhi for the first time, she was really shocked and depressed for a long time.

Even now, Zhizhi’s appearance and face value had always been a thorn in her heart.

Every time she saw Zhizhi, she couldn’t help being madly jealous.

Zhizhi saw Qinyun’s hideous face through the screen of her cell phone.

A smile tugged at her red lips, then she raised her cell phone and said, “Come, Miss Bai, let’s take a group selfie!”

Before Qinyun could react, a photo was taken.

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Her face twisted for a moment, then she chuckled and said, “Miss Qin really likes taking selfies.”

Zhizhi heaved a sigh. “Oh, you know what? The biggest regret in my life is that I can’t kiss my own face, so I can only take photos of it and admire it all the time. Look, what kind of peerless big treasure is this?

“Aww, you can only look at the left side of this photo, the one on the right is too ugly,”—she raised her other hand to cover the right side of the photo—“it lowers my face value.”

Qinyun’s face was now livid with rage. The photo Zhizhi had shown to her was the photo that was taken just now—their group selfie.

She tried to calm herself down, telling herself that she had already lost in terms of family background and physical appearance.

So she should not lose her demeanor in public too.

She took a deep breath, walked across to her, and sat down. “Did something happen for Miss Qin to ask me out?”

Zhizhi was still taking photos with her cell phone. “Whoa~ I’m so beautiful!

“Oh, right, what did you just say?”

Qinyun gritted her teeth angrily.

When can I kill this bitch?!

Don’t get angry, don’t get angry!

She pulled the corners of her lips, showing a smile, and repeated what she just said, “Did something happen for Miss Qin to ask me out?”

Zhizhi raised her hand and made a gesture to call a waiter. “I asked you out for afternoon tea. Don’t worry, I’ll treat you, so you’re welcome.”

The waiter put down the menu on the table.

However, Qinyun didn’t make an order. “Miss Qin, let’s talk about something.”

Zhizhi tilted her head and smiled, took the menu from her, and said slowly, “If you don’t order something, then I’ll order for you. What do you usually drink? How about this one? I heard that it’s the shop’s bestseller.”

Seeing that it’s really necessary to order something, Qinyun took the menu from her hand and said, “I’ll order for myself.”

Zhizhi narrowed her eyes and smiled very charmingly.

Hmph! Piece of cake!

She was scolded by hundreds of millions of netizens to the point that she didn’t even dare to go out, as the ‘stinky’ vixen in everyone’s eyes, so how could she lose to such a two-dimensional type of person? That would not happen.

Qinyun gave her order to the waiter and went straight to the subject again. “What happened for you to ask me out?”

Zhizhi took a sip of the free plain boiled water, then replied, “Actually, nothing really happened. I just asked you to come out and chat. We haven’t seen each other since the party a few nights ago, so I kind of miss you, Miss Bai!”

Miss me? Qinyun felt her head ached a little and she always felt that Zhizhi had no good intentions.

She displayed a boring smile and said, “Miss Qin really knows how to joke.”

“I’m not kidding!” exclaimed Zhizhi. “After you left the Heaven and Earth Club that night, I was really worried that if an extraordinary, gentle, and virtuous beauty like you were left alone, will anyone conspire against you?”