April 17, 2022

Chapter 34: Hey, Big Boss, Come Up and Lie Down Together

Yifan carried a bag on his back sneakily, watched and listened in all directions, and only dared to enter when he saw the nurse who was doing the rounds come out of the private room where his sister was confined.

Zhizhi was sitting by the headboard having lunch.

Seeing that someone had come in, she glanced up, then lowered her head and continued eating. “Isn’t it just asking you to get something? Why do you need to be fully armed and look like a thief with a guilty conscience?”

She looked at him who showed only a pair of eyes from head to toe, so a smile tugged her lips.

She couldn’t believe that he went out dressed like that and thought, this is obviously telling others that you have a problem! Like asking them to come and catch you!

She really didn’t know how she could have such a timid, cowardly, foolish, and stupid brother.

Yifan threw the bag on the bed and said bitterly, “Everything you want is in it. I’m telling you, if you get caught, you must not sell me out. I don’t want to accompany you to jail!”

If it weren’t for that temptation she gave so much, he wouldn’t risk everything to get that kind of thing for her.

Zhizhi thought of the way this stupid brother looked at her when he handed the bag over to her.

He seemed to look very angry.

Zhizhi’s beautiful eyes lit up as she realized something. She picked up the bag to open it, then asked, “How about that thing? Is it strong?”

Yifan glared at her angrily. “How do I know? I haven’t tried it before!”

Zhizhi was in a hurry to go out and didn’t talk to him much. She threw the bowls and chopsticks into his hands, took out the wig from the bag, and threw it on his head. Next, she jumped out of the bed and stretched out her hands to unbutton the hospital gown.

Yifan’s eyes widened, then he quickly turned around, and exclaimed, “You shameless woman! I’m still here!”

But Zhizhi just ignored him.

She took off her hospital gown, took out a beautiful dress from the bag, and put it on. After that, she threw the hospital gown at him and put the bag on her shoulders.

“Stupid brother, hurry up and lie on the bed obediently. If you don’t obey me, this sister will replace you next time!

“Wait for this sister to come back and take good care of you. Mwah~”

Yifan’s hands trembled with anger as he watched the woman leave in a chic manner.

She just deceived him to pretend to be a woman again.

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Yuchen couldn’t get the woman confined in the hospital out of his mind, so he took advantage of the lunch break to let someone drive him to the hospital to visit her.

Before going upstairs, he saw some people, who came and went to visit the patients, holding a bouquet of flowers.

He frowned, then he turned around and bought a bouquet of flowers at the entrance of the hospital.

“Hey! Ordinary players are on the way to come and support the wave.

“Wait for me to receive the rookies on the opposite side!”

Yifan was sitting on the bed with a wig and was playing online games when he suddenly heard the footsteps at the door, so he stopped playing and put his cell phone under the pillow. He shrank under the quilt and covered himself completely.

When Yuchen came in, he only saw a big bulge under the quilt, and there was no one else in the room.

The face of the patient on the bed was not even showing.

He walked over with a bunch of flowers in his arms, stopped by the bed, and stood still for a while.

His expression was indifferent right now and the pink roses in his arms were beautiful and moving, and there was an inexplicable sense of violation when he was holding them.

It was like a demon who killed people without blinking an eye, but he suddenly held a medicine box to save people one day, which was terrifying and disturbing.

Yifan hid under the quilt, thinking to himself, who is this person?

Did the nurse come again to check on Zhizhi?

Why is this person still not saying anything?

I’m about to lose the game!

Yuchen glanced at the slightly wriggling quilt and finally opened his lips. “Are you coming out by yourself or shall I take you out by myself?”

Yifan trembled upon hearing that. Why is this voice sound like that of the Ye family’s big boss?

He pinched his nose and lifted a corner of the quilt, and coughed twice toward the outside. “I’m a little uncomfortable and want to sleep. If you’re here to see a doctor, just come back another day.”

Yuchen’s expression turned gloomy in a flash.

The cell phone under the pillow suddenly sounded with a roar, “Yifan! Where the hell are you?! We are about to lose! Don’t you know that?”

Yifan’s heart was thumping non-stop now.

He hurriedly touched the cell phone to turn off the sound, but halfway through his action, the quilt was lifted all of a sudden.

He pursed his lips and touched his cell phone, then waved at the frightening man on the side. “Hey, do you want to come up and lie down together?”