April 16, 2022

Chapter 33: If You Don’t Wake Up, I’ll Sell You to the Remote Mountain

Yuchen found Zhizhi in the corner guest room.

The door was blocked so badly that it couldn’t be pushed or kicked open.

Lei stepped forward with a straight face. “Boss, let me try.”

But Yuchen just glanced sideways. His expression was so cold and his voice was shockingly cold. “What did you say?”

Lei pushed the companion beside him, still with a straight face, then replied at once, “I didn’t say anything, it was Cheng who just spoke.”

Lu Cheng, who was pushed in the front, was bewildered.

Yuchen was worried that there was something wrong with Zhizhi, so he didn’t talk nonsense with them. He glanced sideways at the window by the end of the corridor, raised his feet, and walked over. “Cover your eyes!” he ordered to them.

The Lu brothers’ team immediately closed their eyes without a word.

When Yuchen entered the room from the window, he heard the sound of water splashing from the bathroom.

His expression turned gloomy as he walked inside.

The faucet was turned on and the water in the bathtub continued to overflow, wetting the entire bathroom, and a thick layer of water accumulated on the ground.

Zhizhi just sat there, her lips were deathly pale, and her complexion was also deathly pale. Her head was shrugged and her eyes had narrow slits. She opened her eyes slightly when she heard the movement and looked up at him.

Her pale lips twitched and she exhaled weakly. “Yuyu, hurry up,” she muttered in a very weak manner.

Yuchen heaved a sigh and was finally relieved.

Regardless of whether the water inside would wet his shoes and pants, he raised his feet and walked in.

He leaned into the bathtub with both hands, clasped her shoulders and legs, pulled the wet woman out of the water, and carried her in his arms.

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Zhizhi shrank into his arms feeling cold, and said in a voice like a mosquito, “I don’t have any strength. Yuyu, you are so warm.”

The man narrowed his eyes and looked at her.

The woman tilted her head and fainted.

His eyebrows furrowed fiercely and he strode out while carrying her. As he stepped out of the villa, a sinister and murderous voice commanded the people behind him, “Set fire to this place.”

“Yes, boss!”


Zhizhi had a fever.

The fever reached 39.7 degrees Celsius and it took two days in the hospital for the fever to subside. When she woke up, she was light-headed and couldn’t exert any strength.

“Zhizhi, I have contacted someone already and he has given me the money. Just saying, if something happened to you, where can I find someone to sell to the remote mountain? Why are you so useless? How old are you to almost burn yourself to death?

“In order to prevent that person from coming to the door and suing me for fraud, then you’d better wake up for me quickly, do you hear me?”

As soon as Zhizhi opened her eyes, she saw Yifan sitting at the end of the bed sighing in despair.

She raised an eyebrow and asked in a weak tone, “Bastard, what did you just say?”

Yifan jumped up from the bed abruptly and when he saw her eyes opened, a hint of surprise flashed in his eyes, but he quickly suppressed it and snorted coldly, then he replied, “You haven’t helped me get my full allowance back from Dad yet. What qualifications do you have to lie here?!”

“Oh~ You now dare to yell at your older sister since I haven’t taught you a lesson for a few days?”

“Zhizhi, you are just a patient now—”

Zhizhi raised her head which stopped him. “I can still teach you a lesson even if I’m a patient now.” She stared at him and commanded, “Help me get up, I’ll tell you something.”

Yifan didn’t want to help her at all.

But seeing her pale and frightening face, his heart softened a little.

She was his biological sister anyway, so he would still help her in the end.

“Oh, okay!”

He stepped forward and stretched out his hands to help her up and sit down.

Zhizhi narrowed her eyes and hooked her finger at him.

Yifan stared at her and went on high alert. “What are you going to do?”

Although he looked fearful, he still leaned in quickly and stuck his head out obediently.

Zhizhi got closer to his ear and said something, then Yifan’s eyes widened as he couldn’t believe what he just heard. “What do you want that thing for?”