April 15, 2022

Chapter 32: Ah! Fourth Master, Someone Came In

Zhizhi’s movements were so swift that she was able to push the remaining half of the drug into the man’s arm.

She pulled out the syringe and it was thrown on the floor again.

She aimed one of her feet at the crotch of this scumbag and kicked it down. Using all her strength, she kicked Qingchen down on the sofa.

Qingchen covered his little brother in pain and shouted, “Qin Zhizhi, I’m going to kill you!”

Zhizhi waved her hand gracefully, and before his subordinates could react, she quickly ran to the door.

She opened the door and ran out.

Qingchen roared angrily again, “Get her back to me now!”

His subordinates were completely stunned by this sudden course of events change. Qingchen yelled already before they could react, so they hurriedly chased after her.

After chasing her to the door, they came back with sad faces.

“Fourth Master, the door can’t be opened.”

Zhizhi locked the door and threw the key into the trash can. Fearing that it was not good enough, she found a sturdy rolling pin to block the door.

A menacing fire suddenly surged out of her body.

She cursed, then turned around and left.

She didn’t dare to go out, so she found a corner room in that villa and locked the door to hide inside. She moved the table and chairs over to block the door, which made her feel a little more at ease.

She walked into the bathroom, turned on the cold-water faucet in the bathtub, and sat in just like that.

It was late autumn now.

Zhizhi, who was sitting in the cold water, felt very cold and shivered.

But there was no other way since she was feeling the effects of the drug already, so she definitely couldn’t go outside and could only find a way to deal with it there.

More and more cold water was flowing in the bathtub, and her whole body was soaked in it.

The freezing cold made her lips pale and she cursed Qingchen bloodily in her heart, when I get through this, I will settle this account well!

She wanted to understand her situation now. She was careful not to follow the old path of the original owner and she also annulled the marriage contract.

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Unexpectedly, she still couldn’t get rid of the villainess character route, so why would she try to avoid it?

If she couldn’t kill the male and female leads first, then they would push her to her death instead.

Her teeth were chattering and her body was shivering.

She couldn’t stand the cold and wanted to get up, but she was scared back by the evil nature in her body.

Not long after that, Yuchen arrived with his subordinates and they surrounded the villa.

He had a very evil expression, the black aura that was invisible to the naked eye floated on his body and a vicious chill surrounded him. He was being followed by the men in black uniforms who lined up behind him.

He was like a cold-blooded general who killed decisively in ancient times, and behind him are the iron-blooded warriors who escorted him.

He walked over and before he got closer to the master bedroom, he heard some inappropriate sounds, something intimate which was not pleasant to the ears.

His expression turned colder, the three-foot thick cold air flowing around his body was as cold as ice.

You couldn’t touch it. It would freeze your whole body when you touched it.

You couldn’t get close to it as well, because it was freezing cold and would turn you into an ice sculpture.

The men behind him collectively took a step back and then another step back one by one.

They were all afraid that they would be frozen with no bones left.

Yuchen stopped in front of the master bedroom and looked at the wooden stick pinned on the door, then his eyes dimmed slightly.

Lei stepped forward. “Boss, let me open it.”

Yuchen ignored him and removed it by himself, then he kicked the door open.


The door was kicked open and the sound inside stopped abruptly for a moment.

“Ah! Fourth Master… someone came in…”

Yuchen only glanced inside and coldly retracted his gaze, then he turned around and left without even closing the door.

Lei and the other men leaned over to take a look curiously.

Then, one by one, they adjusted their bodies in an orderly manner while shivering and clutching their buttocks.

They looked at each other, then glared at each other, and quickly turned away from each other.