April 21, 2022

Chapter 38: She Can’t Take Revenge a Day Later!

Seeing that her message had been sent, Zhizhi patted her buttocks and got up from the stone bench.

It was not too late for a nobleman to take revenge after ten years, but she knew that it was already too late if she would take her revenge a day later.

She walked away humming a song at a brisk and leisurely pace.

While sitting in the car, Lei saw the scene outside and his mouth slightly opened, then he returned to his poker face and said slowly, “Boss, Miss Qin is leaving.”

Yuchen responded lightly, “Mm-hmm.”

Glancing at the back of the woman leaving, he tapped his fingers on the seat and commanded, “Drive.”




“How could this happen?! How did it become like this?!

“That’s not me! That’s not me!!!”

After Qinyun woke up, she threw all the things in the room. She shook her head and sat in the corner, desperately blocking her ears, and curled herself up in the corner.

She burst into tears and could only say the same words over and over again.

“That’s not me, that’s not me, not me…”

Qingchen saw this scene when he came in. The whole room was a mess and there was no place to sit in.

Computer, cell phone, tablet, TV set—Qinyun threw everything she could.

She was sitting in the corner and hitting her head against the wall.

There was a continuous banging sound.

Qingchen felt very distressed watching her like that.

He strode forward and hugged the woman sitting on the ground in his arms, comforting her softly, “Don’t be afraid, Yunyun. Don’t be afraid. I am here, no one can hurt you.”

Qinyun struggled uncontrollably in his arms, trying to move back, but there was already a wall behind her. So, there was no way to get away from him.

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She could only hit her head desperately and said with trembling lips, “Qingchen, don’t touch me. I don’t deserve to let you hold me… I don’t deserve—”

“No, Yunyun, listen to me.” Qingchen clasped her face with his hands and said, “Don’t worry, I arrived in time, so nothing really happened. I will find a way to delete all those things posted online. Don’t worry, with me here, no one can hurt you.

“You are still the clean and pure Yunyun that I love.”

Qinyun raised her head tremblingly, her face was covered with tears as she couldn’t help but cry. “Really?”

“Yes, it’s true! Believe me, okay?” Qingchen raised his hand and swore, “I swear that I will always love Yunyun.”

Qinyun stretched out her hand to hug him, buried her head in his arms, and cried loudly, crying hoarsely. “Qingchen, I don’t know what happened to me. I accompanied Miss Qin for a cup of coffee. She said she wanted to buy a birthday gift for your mother…

“I believed her and accompanied her to People’s Square, but why did I—I don’t really remember the rest at all…”

Qingchen kissed the top of her head, picked her up, brought her to a clean room, and put her on the bed. Deep in his eyes, there was an evil spirit that could burn everything.

“I know it all, don’t worry, I won’t let that woman get away from this!

“Take a good rest for now.”

Qinyun tugged at his cuff and with tears on her face, she said, “Can you stay with me? I am so scared.”

Qingchen wanted to refuse, but seeing her slightly frightened face, he hesitated and nodded. “I’m going to take a shower first.”

The man turned around and entered the bathroom on the side.

Qinyun clenched her fists tightly, her almond eyes were reflecting a monstrous resentment, her pale lips were bitten tightly, and the blue veins on her forehead bulged.

Qin Zhizhi!!!

Qinyun swore to herself that she would not let Zhizhi go. I will strip that woman naked and feed her ten times—hundred times—no, a thousand times more with hallucinogenic drugs!!

Then, I will throw her into the crowd! No! I will throw her into a pack of wolves or to a den of wild animals, and let her be played by a pack of rogues, by dogs, by beggars, and by the dirtiest and most disgusting people in the world!!!

Lastly, it will be broadcasted live twenty-four hours a day, allowing people from all over the world to watch!!!