December 31, 2021

Chapter 26: Shopping

Yansheng suddenly grabbed the handrail of the escalator and wanted to stop the young man, but she opened her mouth without making a sound.

What shall I call him? I don’t even know his last name!

She looked back at the escalator behind her—the cross-floor escalator was high and fast, and it was impossible for it to go backward.

“I’m sorry! Excuse me!” shouted Yansheng. She pulled Heling’s hand and ran up.

“Sister?” Heling was surprised by her action.

They ran all the way to the end of the escalator. Yansheng pulled her sister around and went directly to the descending elevator. “Excuse me!”

Heling was astonished and could only follow her to run down.

However, when they reached the floor at the end of the escalator, the handsome young man with a cold and reserved temperament had disappeared.

Yansheng looked around, but all she saw were the faces or backs of other people passing by. That slender figure could no longer be found.

Heling tugged at her. “Sister? What’s wrong?”

Yansheng’s heart was full of regrets, she exhaled and said, “Nothing, I just saw an acquaintance but we weren’t able to catch up. It’s okay. Come on, let’s go and get some tea.”

The queen cake really deserved its reputation and it quickly conquered the stomach of the little girl. What made Heling even more happy than the cake was that Yansheng deliberately took her out, bought her suitable undergarments, and took her for an afternoon tea. This kind of alone time just for her did not exist in her life before.

In the past, Shuocheng would buy new things and bring them to her. When he ate new snacks, he would take them for her to eat as well.

As far as she could remember, no one had created such a cozy time for her alone. She took a bite of the cake and glanced at her sister, and her eyes and lips couldn’t help but curled up.

Yansheng flicked her sister’s forehead. “What are you so happy about?”

Heling smiled and dodged away.

Yansheng held her cheek and sipped a drink, while thinking of that man.

The man she saw on the escalator was the same man who took her to the hospital, gently held her hand, and accompanied her through the last minutes of her last life.

And Yansheng didn’t expect to meet him today.

Just as Heling had not been valued in the family, Yansheng felt happy and cherished this afternoon tea time as well. Since her mother passed away, it had been a long time since she felt such unrequited tenderness from others.

Back then, she died.

That tenderness became a warmth that she wouldn’t forget even if she died.

With Yansheng’s temperament, naturally, she wanted to reach out and grab it.

Right now, Jinding KTV did not exist yet. But she clearly remembered the year, month, and day of her death.

When that time came, she planned to go to Jinding KTV to be able to see that man again.

He looked older than she was now, and he should be an adult already. But it didn’t matter because by then, she would be twenty-one and would be an adult as well.

In fact, that was much better than getting acquainted now. What could she do at this awkward age?

She decided to focus on her studies first.

The sisters walked around the plaza the entire afternoon, had a delicious afternoon tea, and went to the VR gaming center to have a good time. When they returned home while holding hands, Huan just came back not long ago, and Yingying and Zheng were admiring the new sports car.

Although the car model was different because it was bought two years earlier than the previous life, the one that remained unchanged was the bright red color. After Yingying bought a car back then, Yansheng got her driver’s license as soon as she was at the right age just to buy a car too.

She bought a car of the same color and brand, but the model was newer and the price was more expensive, just to anger Yingying.

“Wow~ Mom, is this your car?” Heling asked in surprise.

The visual aesthetics within the smooth lines of a three-dimensional object could also be sensed by children. Shuocheng was already looking intensively inside the car.

Huan didn’t see his two daughters when he got home. He asked a servant, who said, “Miss Yanyan took Miss Hehe shopping.”

Huan was shocked. My eldest daughter took my youngest daughter out to go shopping?

Although his two daughters seemed to get along very well these days, Huan thought that this was really a huge improvement.

At this moment, he saw his two beautiful daughters with his own eyes. They were wearing exactly the same clothes and each of them carrying a bunch of shopping bags. The little daughter had a relaxed and happy smile on her face. At first glance, she looked really happy.

Huan almost burst into tears. Isn’t this the family and harmony I’ve always wanted?!

“Look at what you are wearing!” Yingying rolled her eyes and yelled.

Although she watched her silly little daughter being taken out by Yansheng and even came home wearing such sister-matching clothes, she was in a good mood today after all. She bought a three-million-yuan supercar, so she didn’t reach out to pinch Heling.

She also glanced at Yansheng triumphantly.

Yansheng received this glance and let go of Heling’s hand.

Heling muttered, “We are in sister-matching clothes. Many people looked back along the way. I even heard some of them praised me and sister for being beautiful.”

Heling was naive, but Huan could see it so brightly. The original harmonious and happy atmosphere was destroyed by Yingying, so he glared at her.

Unfortunately, Yingying was talking to Zheng about the car and didn’t see it.

Huan rolled his eyes with anger while holding a cigarette.

He turned his head and smiled, and talked to Yansheng very lovingly, “Did you take Hehe to go shopping?”

Yansheng was not afraid to give Yingying her eye medicine in person. “Hehe doesn’t have undergarments that fit, so I took her to buy some.”

Heling held up the shopping bags in her hands and said, “We also bought a lot of new clothes which I like. We also had afternoon tea and went to the VR gaming center to play games, which was very fun!”

The little girl’s natural expression of happiness was very contagious.

Huan had always felt that his youngest daughter was introverted and not very sunny, but it seemed that this was not the case now. She looked so cute when she laughed.

It was so warm to listen to what she was saying.

His old man’s heart was moved by this.

Then he turned to look at his young wife, who was sitting on the hood of the car, posing in an enchanting pose, asking her nephew to take photos of her.

Huan was rendered speechless.

The scene suddenly became a mess, it was not pleasing all of a sudden, and the warmth and emotion were all out of tune now.

Shuocheng heard Heling’s words and got out of the car. “I want to play VR games too! I want to play too!”

“We will go back in a few days.” This little boy had been quite obedient recently. He hadn’t caused any trouble and he was quite obedient now. Yansheng saw him quite pleasing to the eye and said, “I will take you with me if I see that you perform well in the next few days.”

Heling followed suit and boasted, “That queen cake is very delicious!”

With food and games, Shuocheng was tempted and promised, “I will do my homework every day from now on, I promise!”

“Okay, then you keep it up and I’ll take you out next time,” said Yansheng.

Shuocheng nodded his head.

Yingying happily took a bunch of photos, and when she looked back, she found that her husband, son, and daughter were all surrounding Yansheng, as if this girl was the center—a happy scene.

She didn’t feel right and didn’t like to see this kind of scene. She didn’t know what was going on recently with Yansheng, as if this girl was a changed person. She used to know this girl as someone who would argue with her with a sharp voice and would call out to Huan to annoy him. Now that the girl had become less talkative and colder, Huan seemed quite happy.

This was not the development that she’d like to see.

“Hehe, go and see if dinner is ready,” she yelled, trying to break the tranquility over there.

“Oh!” Heling was about to go inside, when a servant came out and shouted, “Dinner is ready.”

Yingying took the opportunity to grab Shuocheng and approached Huan with a smile. “My dear, let’s eat.”

Yansheng looked at this woman coldly and felt sad.

In her previous life, in this family, the two of them were actually fighting over Huan, who was an old man.

Huan’s love or affection was really limited, giving Yingying one point more and Yansheng one point less. However, Yingying understood it very well, but Yansheng didn’t. Yansheng wanted to seize it purely by instinct, but she pushed Huan farther and farther away.

If this was a house fight, then she was undeniably the loser.

But the house fight1House fight/fight at home or residence 宅斗 – Zhaidou can be compared to Gongdou, but the scope is narrowed down to the backyard of the house, usually between wives and concubines, between concubines and children, and some are concubines or something. . . itself was already very sad and ridiculous.

What was even distressful was after knowing that this was the case, she would still have to continue to fight in this life. She really couldn’t stand this woman riding on her head and showing a lot of strength.

This was her home.

Fortunately, after being reborn, she no longer expected anything from Huan.

This was the case with her father.

Huan said to Yingying, “You go ahead. I’ll talk to Yanyan first.”

Yingying glanced at Yansheng unwillingly, then she gave Heling a push and pulled Shuocheng away.

Zheng raised his cell phone again and took a few selfies with the car. Then he turned his head and called Huan affectionately, “Uncle, let’s eat.”

Huan smiled and replied, “You go first.”

Yansheng also raised her foot and walked slowly towards the house, almost guessing what Huan was going to say to her.

As she had expected, Huan walked beside her and asked lovingly, “Yanyan, is there anything you want?”

Her father was this kind of person. Whoever made him happy and comfortable, he would give him money to spend. For him, giving money was probably equivalent to giving love and care.

She had seen it thoroughly in this life, so she had no expectations from him anymore.

“I want a car,” she replied.

For her, who was used to driving by herself before, it was really awkward to have no car.

“That’s not okay. How old are you? You don’t have a driver’s license yet, so you can’t drive it even if I buy you one. Don’t worry, when you are eighteen years old, I will give you a car as a birthday gift!” Huan squeezed his eyes. “It’s guaranteed to be better than that one! More beautiful!”

He naturally thought that Yansheng wanted a car because she was jealous of Yingying’s car.

“Change it to something else and Dad will buy it for you,” he added with a smile.

He really enjoyed the moment when he spent money on a woman or a daughter. This kind of moment was the most soothing.

But Yansheng replied indifferently, “Then there is nothing I want and I don’t lack anything.”

That was true. She lacked neither money nor anything. She had money anyway, so she could buy whatever she lacked.

Huan thought that since the death of his first wife, he actually didn’t need to worry about Yansheng. Except for the constant quarrels with Yingying, she had never bothered him about her studies and daily life.

He also thought that before Yingying entered their family, his eldest daughter was so gentle and well-behaved, she was never noisy or naughty, and she was generous and lovable.

Regarding of what she had become later, in fact, this couldn’t be blamed to Yansheng herself. Of course, no one would be happy to see her stepmother and illegitimate siblings.

As Huan pondered about this, the guilt that had existed before but quickly faded in the new family, reappeared in his heart after a long time.

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    House fight/fight at home or residence 宅斗 – Zhaidou can be compared to Gongdou, but the scope is narrowed down to the backyard of the house, usually between wives and concubines, between concubines and children, and some are concubines or something. . .