December 30, 2021

Chapter 25: Brush Shoulders

“It’s the…” Yansheng thought for a while and said, “Do they sometimes feel a little bit swollen, that if you accidentally touch them, it will be super painful?”

“Yes! Yes, that’s right!” Heling has found a confidant. “It really hurts!”

As expected, they are really starting to develop. Yansheng remembered that she was also in the fourth grade when she felt like that.

She hooked her fingers on Heling’s neckline, glanced at them, and asked, “Where is the undergarment? Why are you not wearing a training bra? From now on, you have to wear an undergarment properly.”

Heling asked, “What undergarment?”

Yansheng frowned. “Didn’t your mother buy them for you? Girls training bra to protect your breasts.”

Heling was immediately frightened and put her two small hands on her chest like holding two steamed buns. “That… thing?” She had seen those fancy bras of her mother.

So she was scared to death now.

The little girl’s horrified look made Yansheng smile.

She remembered that at this age, she also felt embarrassed and uneasy that her breasts might grow into two steamed buns like those on adult women.

Fortunately, her mother noticed that something was wrong with her. After asking, her mother took her hand and told her that the physical development of girls was a very beautiful thing.

Her mother rarely went out at that time, and every time she went out, she only went to the hospital.

Her mother asked others to buy training bras for her. Her mother actually bought a lot of them and personally picked out the most suitable and comfortable ones for her.

At that time, her mother knew that she was running out of time, and for the rest of her days, she took her daughter’s hand and told her a lot about the girl’s body.

Later on, after her mother passed away, Yansheng always bought her own undergarments, gradually from the simplest training bras to brassieres with cups.

Her menarche came and she handled it calmly according to what her mother told her. Girls without mothers could only rely on themselves.

Two days later, Mrs. Luo discovered that Yansheng had started using sanitary pads, and only then did Mrs. Luo know that Yansheng had her period already. Mrs. Luo both felt happy and sad, then she cooked a pot of soup for Yansheng to drink.

“Sister?” Heling shook her little hand in front of Yansheng’s face.

Yansheng returned to her senses, heaved a sigh, and said, “Tell your mother that your breasts are starting to develop and ask her to buy you undergarments.”

But Heling lowered her head and rubbed her chest again. “If I tell her that, she will just say the same thing which is not to bother her.”

Yansheng was speechless.

Yingying went to K City to be a wild model1野模 – A wild model refers to a model who earns money from the model business, but does not belong to any company or an agent. It can also be called a part-time model or an independent model. There is no basic salary, no benefits, and the income depends on all kinds of work, which can support oneself. before graduating from a technical secondary school. As a young woman, she got closer to her father and was eventually raised as a mistress in a concealed manner. To develop her career or take care of her family—which of these could you count on her?

You couldn’t count on either.

Her belief in life was to live well and be rich, and the best way to accomplish that was to marry a rich man. She thought that she was a winner in life now.

Yansheng was silent for a moment and said, “I’m going to shop this afternoon, do you want to go with me?”

Heling opened her eyes wide in surprise. “Me?”

“Yes,” replied Yansheng. “To buy clothes or something.”

Heling fluttered happily. “Okay! I’ll go!”

“What are you doing? Stand up properly! Outrageous!” Yansheng flicked her forehead. “Finish your homework first and we’ll leave after lunch. You also have to check on Shuocheng’s homework for me.”

“Yes, I’ll check it!” the little girl promised.

Yansheng was then satisfied.


At the dinning table, Yansheng had to have lunch with Zheng so it was not very pleasant.

Fortunately, Yansheng was sitting in the main seat, and Heling and Shuocheng were on her left and right sides, so she avoided sitting next to Zheng.

Zheng came to the dining room and saw this sitting arrangement. After taking a seat, he squinted at Yansheng and asked, “Hey! Why is Yanyan sitting in that position?”

Yansheng raised her gaze from her cell phone and replied, “Is there a problem with that?”

Zheng gestured with his hand. “Don’t you know? With this kind of long table, that position is the main seat and should be uncle’s seat.”

“It’s fine,” replied Yansheng. “When my father is not her, it’s my turn to sit here.”

She stared straight into Zheng’s eyes as she spoke.

The gaze was a bit compelling, so Zheng smiled dryly, then he looked away and asked Shuocheng, “Where is your mother?”

Shuocheng squinted at him. “She hasn’t gotten up yet.”

On the other hand, Heling looked at her watch and stated, “It’s about time for her to get up.”

While they were talking, Yingying arrived with a yawn.

After Huan scolded her last time, she dared not to run around in her nightdress and nightgown at home. At this moment, she was wearing a decent skirt and it was not too revealing—those clothes that were particularly sexy and revealing were thrown away.

“Auntie, why did you just get up now?” Zheng asked exaggeratedly.

“It’s none of your business.” Yingying was not too far from his age and grew up together with him, so she spoke to him casually. She said ostentatiously, “I get up at this time every day. What’s the matter? Are you jealous?”

Zheng clicked his tongue. “It’s really the life of a wealthy wife.”

A servant brought in Yingying’s ‘breakfast’ meal.

Yingying was in a good mood now and asked Zheng, “My car has arrived already and I will pick it up in the afternoon. Would you like to go with me?”

Zheng’s eyes immediately lit up. “You bought a car? What kind of car?”

Yingying supported her chin with her fist and was very proud. “Ferrari, supercar!”

“Wow!” exclaimed Zheng.

His reaction didn’t disappoint Yingying, and the eager light in his eyes satisfied her as well.

Heling also asked, “Mom, you bought a car?”

Yansheng slowly raised her eyes.

Yingying’s relationship with her natal family was not very close. There was not much parental love and filial piety, it was more like the family members was bent on finding her for money.

But Yingying was not the kind of child that could be bullied easily. She just enjoyed the feeling of ‘returning home with glory’ in front of her natal family.

Huan was generous in terms of money, so Yingying was not short of money. She often leaked some to her natal family which greatly improved their life now.

Her natal family now had two houses, one for her parents and one for her brother and sister-in-law, all of which were bought with the Zhangs’ money.

However, a house in a small town was just a few months of pocket money for Yansheng. No one in the Zhang family really cared about it, but this made Yingying powerful in the Liang family.

The fact that Yingying bought a car this early really surprised Yansheng.

According to Yansheng’s memory, it should take another two years for Yingying to buy a car. Before that, Yingying liked to let their family driver drive her around, accompany her on shopping, and carry her bags.

Yansheng didn’t expect this to be the butterfly effect of the two of them fighting over the driver and the car last time.

“Of course, I’ll go!” Zheng replied eagerly.

After lunch, Yingying took her nephew away. After they got in the family car, Yansheng took Heling to get in the car from a ride-hailing service.

In the previous and future life, this was the first time for the sisters to go shopping together, so even Yansheng had a sense of novelty in her heart.

“Sister, where are we going?” Heling couldn’t help but ask excitedly.

“Laili Plaza.”

“Where is Laili Plaza?”

“On Deguang Road.”

“Where is Deguang Road?”


Yansheng was finally annoyed. “Why are you asking so many questions?! Can you just be quiet?”

Heling stuck out her tongue. “I won’t speak anymore.”

However, the little girl couldn’t help but say, “I always want to go shopping, but no one will take me.”

Yansheng was silent for a while and asked, “Your mother doesn’t take you to go shopping?”

Heling shook her head and replied affirmatively, “Never.”

Yingying would always go shopping by herself or with her girlfriends. If she saw that the store also had children’s clothing, she would ask the sales clerk to get her the same style of what she had bought from them. Therefore, although there were many clothes in Heling’s closet, none of them were bought from her personal choice. Yingying was a person who went shopping every day.

Yansheng turned her head and looked at the street view outside the window. After a while, she said, “Laili Plaza is on Deguang Road. There are many children’s brands in that place, and there are some good restaurants as well. So after shopping, you can have afternoon tea. It seems that there is a VR gaming center as well, so you can have fun if you want…”

Heling looked at her sister with bright eyes, which got brighter and brighter.

It’s really nice to have a sister!

When they arrived at Laili Plaza, Yansheng first took Heling to the undergarment store. This brand was the same brand of training bras Yansheng used to buy when she was at this age, and the store was also selling panties.

The female sales clerk was kind and professional, so the little girl overcame her shyness and cooperated to take her measurements, and she was able to pick a lot of comfortable training bras that fit her.

Yansheng bought the little girl a lot of training bras in one go, and they bought a lot of cute panties as well.

She took her younger sister to visit several stores in a row.

When she was trying on some clothes, she found that there was something wrong on her sister’s expresssion, so she asked, “What’s wrong?”

Heling, who had become accustomed to getting along with Yansheng these days, said, “I also want to buy that kind of clothes, too.”

Yansheng glanced at her sister through her sunglasses. She just tried on a tight black T-shirt and denim hot pants. She raised an eyebrows and asked, “Do you like this style?”

“I don’t like those skirts my mother bought,” complained Heling. “It’s cumbersome! It’s too much for me to dress like this.”

Yingying was keen to dress up her daughter as a glamorous doll, so that she could have a face for occasions such as relatives’ gatherings. This image of Heling was also a sign of her as a winner in life.

But beautiful skirts were also a restraint for girls. No girls would be happy to run and jump wearing them. Heling was a very quiet girl, but she also couldn’t stop her lively nature. In her closet, there were only a few that she could consider neat.

Yansheng thought for a while. “Hmm… I remember this brand seems to have…”

As she had expected, the store really had children’s clothing as well. In order to make parent-child matching clothes, there were many small-sized versions of the same adult clothes for the children to wear.

The sales clerk, who brought the same style of clothes for Heling to try on, couldn’t help but say, “You two are sisters, right? Just keep them on and go out wearing these clothes. It’s so cute!”

Yansheng felt that it was too silly to wear new clothes directly from the store, so she wanted to refuse.

But Heling raised her head and looked at her with bright black eyes, with full of expectations that anyone could not refuse.

Yansheng became speechless.

When the two sisters left the store, they were wearing exactly the same black T-shirts and hot denims.

The big girl was beautiful and cold, and the little girl was pretty and cute.

The two girls dressed up as cool girls, carrying a bunch of bags in their hands, obviously having just gone through a ‘shopping spree’ moment. The little girl beamed with joy and boldly hold the big girl’s hand.

The big girl, who was a little bit cold, resisted uselessly at first. However, she couldn’t bear to shake off that warm little hand in the end, so she let the little girl held her hand.

The passers-by smiled when they saw them together.

The number of people turning their heads to look at them was super high.

“Sister, it turns out that shopping is so fun!” exclaimed Heling. “I now understand why my mother likes to go shopping all day long!”

The corners of Yansheng’s mouth twitched when she heard that.

Of course, she was also happy to go on shopping spree.

In her previous life, no one cared about her at all and Huan only gave money to send her away. She seemed to indulge in a life of luxury; but in reality, she was very empty. Her happiness in life was supported by all her shopping sprees.

Fortunately, she had a lot of money.

Those fake and plastic friends that surrounded her and clung to her were also after her money.

They pulled her into a drug pit; in the end, it was all for her money.

Money was a good thing and it could affect a lot of people.

“Okay, that’s it for today. Let’s go now.” Yansheng took Heling’s hand to go to the escalator. “There is a queen cake shop above.”

“Oh, is it delicious?” Heling began to look forward to it.

“You don’t even know what a queen cake is?” Yansheng was surprised. “It’s said to be the best dessert served for afternoon tea in K City.”

The little girl shook her head, indicating that she had no idea about it.

“Forget it, you are just a little bumpkin who doesn’t know anything,” said Yansheng.

Heling was speechless when she heard that.

Yansheng continued, “It’s okay! You will get to know more things when you follow me in the future.”

“Sister, this escalator is so long and tall.”

“It’s a cross-floor escalator. Look, it crosses one floor in the middle and goes directly to the floor next to that.”

“Oh wow!”

Yansheng shook her head and heaved a sigh. No one takes this little bumpkin out at all.

Forget it, I will just take her out for a walk in the future.

She thought as the corners of her mouth curled up gently, and she raised her head slightly as well.

On their side was the ascending escalator and next to it was the descending escalator. Yansheng raised her head and she could see the person on the other side going down.

The young man was on a call and he saw two young girls when he raised his eyes—one big and one small, standing on the ascending escalator.

People were naturally attracted to beautiful things when they saw them.

While listening on the other party on the call, the young man cast his gaze on the two oncoming girls.

The older girl just raised her head and looked to his side. She had pretty eyebrows and eyes, three-dimensional facial features, and a sense of heroism and coldness in her beauty, which was strangely inconsistent with her age.

This kind of contradiction was yet another attractive and unique temperament of the girl.

The young man couldn’t help but look at her more.

Yansheng raised her head and met the young man’s gaze.

He was holding a cell phone to his ear and staring at her. With deep eyebrows and a straight nose, he had a young and handsome face. His body was slender and he was well-dressed. His temperament was cold and reserved.

After looking at each other for a short time and brushing their shoulders, the handsome young man smiled at the beautiful girl.

That was the joy that human beings naturally showed when they saw beautiful things.

They crossed paths.

One was going up while the other one was going down.

He looked younger than what she remembered, but… the changes in the man’s appearance in his twenties were very small.

Yansheng’s figure seemed to freeze.

It’s him!

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    野模 – A wild model refers to a model who earns money from the model business, but does not belong to any company or an agent. It can also be called a part-time model or an independent model. There is no basic salary, no benefits, and the income depends on all kinds of work, which can support oneself.