December 29, 2021

Chapter 24: Cousin

Yansheng had a cold expression and deep understanding of what was going on.

Her father actually understood everything. After all, he was an old fox who had experienced a lot for many years.

If he wanted to intervene and took care of things, there was actually nothing he couldn’t do. He was the one who held the power and wealth in this family anyway. Yingying was nothing in front of him.

Unfortunately, in her previous life, he didn’t want to be on her side.

Yansheng felt dullness deep in her heart.

A servant came over to call everyone, “Dinner is ready.”

Huan took the lead to get up and smiled. “Let’s go and have dinner.”

The whole family followed him to the dining room. Heling turned her head and shouted, “Sister, it’s time to eat.”

Everyone turned their heads and saw Yansheng still standing there, with an unpredictable expression. It was not the usual coldness and indifference, but a bit of bitterness.

“I’m not hungry, you guys eat first.” After she finished speaking, she turned around and walked down the corridor on the other side, then went upstairs.

This made Yingying upset. Her nephew came but Yansheng didn’t join them on his first meal together at their home, which clearly showed that Yansheng didn’t want to give her a face.

Zheng’s face also didn’t look good.

First, the plan for him to live in a luxurious mansion had been changed. Then, the eldest daughter, a teenage girl, who was still so ignorant and naive, didn’t know how to accompany the guest to a meal. In short, everything was not going well for him.

This man usually claimed to be mature and sophisticated. But in fact, his face was full of emotions and the dissatisfaction was clearly showing on his face now.

So how could Huan fail to understand this situation? He was also slightly embarrassed. Originally, he wanted to give consideration to the affection for a relative. Zheng was a young man who had just graduated in college. If he wanted to take care of this relative, he could just give him some training and it would be over.

He could show his affection to whomever he liked, and he would handle it by arranging something casually.

He would definitely not begged such kind of poor relative to come to him. However, if one would come and demand for him to give some face, that was completely out of question because he didn’t have a pleasing personality. He was born with a golden spoon and was raised to be fawned over by other people, so he also couldn’t stand this kind of annoying person. But he didn’t want to waste his energy to deal with it.

Then, he remembered to tell Mrs. Luo—“Yanyan is not hungry now, so don’t forget to get her something to eat later.”—just like a loving father.

After dinner, Zheng called home in the guest room and complained, “I thought we had an agreement that I will live here, and yet I was asked to go out and rent a house, so what’s the meaning of this? Why didn’t she keep her word?”

He called home so the family would naturally call Yingying.

Yingying was also annoyed. “What’s the rush, isn’t this just his first day here? He’s not going to move out immediately, okay? He’ll stay here for now. Let’s talk about arranging the work first.”

Zheng would stay at the Zhangs’ house for the meantime, so he was full of dissatisfaction. On the first night, he took pictures everywhere and posted them on his Moments, which caused a lot of envy.

He replied to all the comments one by one and gained a great sense of satisfaction in his heart. Those previous grievances had also dissipated a lot.

The next day was Sunday. Huan didn’t go to the company and went out to play golf.

Zheng watched the driver open the car door for Huan and then closed it as well. He was very envious of this kind of big boss’ style and he imagined that he could be like this one day.

He wandered around the house while holding his cell phone to record a video. “This is the reception room, this is the small living room, this lounge is dedicated to my uncle’s collection of wines and other alcoholic drinks. Look at the wine on this wall, let me ask you, just this wine, can you guess how much is it? You probably can’t guess…”

Then he went upstairs. “This is my room. Oh, look at this bathroom! Isn’t it bigger than your bedroom? How magnificent!”

Next, he came out again. “These two rooms here—this one belongs to my little cousin and this one belongs to my eldest—”

Before he even said the word ‘cousin’, the door suddenly opened, and he did not see anything. He only felt that his eyes flashed and his hands were empty.

Yansheng waved her hand and knocked his cell phone to the ground.

“What the f*ck?” Zheng bent over to pick it up. “My new cell phone! My new cell phone!”

Fortunately, the stairs and corridors were carpeted, so his cell phone did not break. This was a new cell phone he bought specially for fear of being underestimated by the Zhang family before coming to K City.

Although it was not broken, Zheng still felt distressed and his face was a bit distorted. “What are you doing?! Look where you’re going!”

“As soon as I came out, there was someone holding a cell phone in front of me. I thought it was a pervert taking a sneak shot of the girl’s bedroom,” said Yansheng.

Zheng choked up. In the early morning, he was indeed recording a video on his cell phone in front of the girl’s door. He could only ask bitterly, “Will there be a pervert in your own home?”

“Yes, I am also surprised that someone was taking pictures of my own house,” replied Yansheng.

Zheng still wanted to speak, but Yansheng already closed the door and went downstairs.

When Yansheng went upstairs again, Zheng was no longer on the second floor. He already went up to the third floor.

He actually wanted to take pictures of Huan’s bedroom. He heard that the master bedroom of such a large mansion was super luxurious. He wondered what kind of walk-in closet, what kind of large terrace, and what kind of luxurious big bathtub would be there. He wanted to open his eyes to his poor friends and for them to envy him.

Unfortunately, Yingying hadn’t gotten up yet as usual and the door was closed tightly. So Zheng sneaked into Shuocheng’s room instead.

Shuocheng was playing with his new game console in the room. When he heard the door opened, he was so frightened that he stuffed the game console behind him. Seeing that it was only Zheng, he breathed a sigh of relief and complained, “What are you doing? You scared me to death!”

Zheng was amused and replied, “What are you afraid of? What are you doing, huh?”

“I thought it was my sister who came to check on my homework!”

Zheng became even more amused. “Are you that afraid of your sister?”

Shuocheng replied looking unhappy, “My eldest sister told me to finish my homework before noon every day. My second sister is responsible for the inspection. She is so annoying that she will come up every hour to see if I am doing it.”

Zheng then wandered around the room. “So that means you haven’t started it yet, right? What are you doing? What are you playing with? F*ck! Is this the latest model? Is it licensed?”

He rushed over and was very enthusiastic about the little boy’s new game console. “Come on, let your brother play with it for a while!”

Shuocheng had no playmates at home, and neither of his sisters were likely to play with him. But someone of the same gender appeared suddenly, which was a bit novel, so he lend the game console generously.

However, Zheng didn’t return it to him after playing and dying in the game, so he was annoyed. “It’s mine!” He reached out to take it back.

But Zheng blocked the little boy’s hand with his elbow. “I’ll just play one more game.”

Unfortunately, Shuocheng didn’t have a good temper. The novelty of getting a new playmate just now had faded and he had become bored with this cousin. He snatched the game console and exclaimed, “It’s mine!”

Zheng hadn’t had fun yet. He rolled his eyes and began to coax the little boy, “Look at you, you have so many toys, so you can just give this game console to me. I am a guest anyway!”

“No way!”

“Stingy! Your family is so rich so just let your mother buy you another one.”

Shuocheng didn’t have a complicated mind to think about what to say and just blurted out, “Then ask your mother to buy it for you!”

So Zheng choked up and cursed bitterly in his heart, this little bastard!

But he suppressed it and persuaded the little boy, “Lend it to your brother to play for a while—”

“I don’t want to! I still want to play with it!”

Annoyed by the entanglement, Shuocheng said, “You can borrow it from my sister! She has one too! It is also the latest model!”

“Which one of your sisters?”

“My second sister!”

When you spoke of the devil, it would appear for sure. As soon as Shuocheng mentioned Heling, she appeared. She smiled and asked directly, “Why haven’t you started your homework yet? Do you want to be beaten again?”

Shuocheng hurriedly replied, “I’ll just play for a while and will do it soon!”

“Sister said that the plan for the day lies in the morning. When you wake up in the morning, you have the clearest mind, so you have to use it for learning! That’s why you’re only allowed to play in the afternoon! Hurry up! If you still won’t start writing, then I’ll tell sister to come here!”

Zheng saw a little child that was restrained by another slightly bigger little child. He thought that this scene was so funny.

However, although Shuocheng stood up and was about to start doing his homework, he put the game console in a box that looked like a pirate treasure chest box, and secured it with a plastic lock. He put the plastic key in his trouser pocket and took a deep look at Zheng.

Zheng was too stunned to speak.

This little bastard!

Heling looked around and asked, “Where’s Auntie Wang?”

“She went downstairs to send the dirty clothes,” replied Shuocheng.

“Oh!” Heling didn’t want to look after Shuocheng because this younger brother was very annoying. She saw Zheng there so she said, “Then cousin will watch you do your homework.”

Did she just give me an order? Zhengyi was amused. “What about you? What are you going to do?”

Heling replied confidently, “I have to do my homework too. Sister asked us to study in the morning. Okay, I’m going down now.”

Zheng took a look at Shuocheng who was sitting at the desk. He kept on squirming and twisting on the chair, and he couldn’t sit still at all. Who wants to look after this d*mn kid studying?!

So Zheng got up and chased after Heling downstairs. “Hehe~ Hehe~”


Yansheng went upstairs with a glass of juice and heard some noise in Heling’s room.

“Don’t go through my stuff! Don’t go through—ouch!”

The last sound was an obvious cry of pain.

Yansheng heard that and thought that something was wrong. When she saw that the door of Heling’s room was unlatched, she didn’t knock and just pushed it open.

Zheng didn’t notice that he hit Heling with his elbow and was still looking through her cabinet. “Where did you put it? Hurry up, don’t be stingy. We are cousins!”

Suddenly, he heard a cold voice. “What are you doing?”

As soon as he turned his head, he saw Yansheng standing at the door and her face was frosty. He thought that this cousin was not very pleasant to speak with, but she was really beautiful and had an aura of a matured woman.

“It’s nothing,” he replied. “I told Hehe that I want to borrow her game console to play with.”

Is this what you call borrowing? You just want to steal it, right?

Yansheng’s cold gaze made Zheng a little uncomfortable. He pretended to be intimate with Heling and pinched her nose, “Little stingy! Okay, okay, I know!” After speaking, he went out.

Yansheng dodged him sideways and closed the door.

“Where’s the game console?” she asked.

In her previous life, Zheng lived in her house for nearly half a year, but then something happened before he left.

She was so disgusted with this person. One of the reasons was because he was from the Liang family, and the other reason was that she felt sick of him as a person.

At that time, she was caught on this man’s camera because he secretly took photos of her, which made her sick. In particular, there were several photos inside her room when her door was left open. She was only wearing a camisole without a bra in her bedroom, and she didn’t hear any movement outside due to the loud music. This man secretly took several private photos of her from the crack in the door.

So now, since she bought the game console for Heling and if this little girl dared to lend it to that man with the surname Liang, she would just break it.

Heling turned around and ran to her bed. She opened the drawer of the bedside table and took out the game console from there.

It turned out that she liked to play with it for a while before going to bed, and she would keep it directly into the drawer of the bedside table after playing. When Zheng came in and asked to borrow her game console, she didn’t want to lend it. Zheng didn’t have the face to bully the little girl shamelessly, so he rummaged through her cabinet but couldn’t find it.

“Fortunately, it’s here,” said Heling with a pouting lips. “I’m so annoyed at him. He asked to borrow my game console, but he is an adult already! I said no, so he turned my bookcase upside down.”

Yansheng raised an eyebrow. “You don’t want to lend it to him?”

“I don’t want to!”

“He is your cousin.”

“He’s annoying.”


Heling couldn’t tell why or what happened.

“Well, my mother took me and Shuoshuo back to her hometown last year, and I find that he’s kind of annoying.”

Yansheng finally understood. Children couldn’t tell exactly why because the antipathy was in the person’s attitude when speaking and dealing with things, and girls were especially sensitive to this.

Heling also hated Zheng, so Yansheng was in a much better mood.

As soon as she saw Heling frowning and rubbing her chest when speaking, she asked, “What’s wrong?”

Heling’s gritted her teeth. “His elbow hit me just now and it hurts.”

Yansheng looked at the little girl for a while and asked, “Has they started to develop?”

Heling raised her eyes. Those eyes were dark and big, and showed a very confused look.