December 31, 2021

Chapter 27: Birthday

“It’s okay if you don’t want anything to buy yet. When you want something, just tell Dad,” said Huan.

Then Yansheng suddenly remembered something, so she stopped and said, “Hehe’s birthday is coming soon.”

“Oh, that’s right! What day in August is it again?” Huan suddenly remembered it as well.

“The second,” replied Yansheng. “Her wish is to go to the amusement park. She really wants you to accompany her.”

Huan’s youngest daughter had such expectations of him and he felt that it sounded very beautiful. He smiled and said, “Okay, I’ll ask my secretary to put it on my schedule later.”

Then he asked, “Will you go with us?”

It was impossible to just take Heling to the amusement park without Shuocheng. Since both his son and youngest daughter would go—but before he continued his thoughts, Heling, who was in front of them, suddenly let out a cry of pain.

Both of them stopped, looked forward, and saw Heling rubbing her arms as she walked. Yingying walked next to her.

Needless to say, Yingying might have pinched Heling again for some reason.

Both Huan and Yansheng frowned.

Yansheng snorted coldly and said, “I won’t show up with your wife at the same time.” She gave her father a straight face, then she turned around and walked forward.

Huan understood this skillfully. He smiled and said, “Then we’ll only take Hehe and Shuoshuo! Anyway, their mother can’t get up in the morning at all.”

“You can make the arrangement,” replied Yansheng.

After all, it was much better for them not to appear at the same time and place. It was either Yingying without Yansheng or Yansheng without Yingying.

Huan agreed with a smile.

However, he wanted to buy something for Yansheng just now, but he couldn’t spend his money. It was as if he hadn’t given his love, so he asked, “Do you have enough pocket money?”

Previously, after Yansheng became an adult, Huan gave her all the money her mother left for her, but she still often asked him for money. Even if their father-daughter relationship was already like that at that time, Huan was still happy to give her money.

And after giving her some money, he would feel relief.

But what he didn’t realize was that no one would probably refuse if you offered them a lot of money.

Yansheng replied, “Just give it to me.”

Huan was happy. He took out his cell phone and wanted to transfer one hundred yuan to Yansheng, but he recalled that he just bought a sports car worth three million yuan for Yingying. So he pressed the backspace key and deleted the one hundred yuan, the he entered two hundred yuan and transferred it directly.

After the money transfer, he also gave a reminder to Yansheng with a sorrowful look, “Don’t spend your money too carelessly, okay? Your mother said that you must not get accustomed to spending too much money.”

Yansheng glanced at the amount of money that was just deposited in her account. In fact, Huan was much more generous to her than Yingying in terms of money. Previously, her demand for money grew more and more, and he still satisfied her. She had never thought about this issue in her previous life, but now she thought that if money represents love, Huan still seemed to love his daughter more than his young wife.

Unfortunately, this love was standardized and measured by money, which made people unable to love it.

“Thank you,” she said casually, then she walked into the house.

Huan let out a long sigh. He realized that her eldest daughter no longer kissed him like what she always did before. When she was young, he would give her something to buy or give her extra pocket money, and she would kiss him and crisply say ‘Thank you, Dad’ with a smile.

It had been a long time, so he missed it.

After pondering about it again, he concluded that Yansheng was a big girl now and couldn’t be as close to her father as she was when she was a young, so he was relieved again.

This man could always find reasons, excuses, or ways for himself to relieve his inner guilt.

During the meal, Yansheng listened to Zheng’s constant fawning over Huan and Yingying at the dinning table. It seemed that accompanying Yingying to the Ferrari shop to pick up her car today shocked him.

“Actually, it’s nothing.” Yingying smiled happily. She put her hand on Huan’s arm affectionately and pretended to casually tell her nephew, “It’s just equivalent to the amount of money your uncle will spend on two to three watches.”

Zheng almost dropped his chopsticks. He opened his mouth wide and stared at the watch on Huan’s wrist. “Uncle, your watch… is it so expensive?”

Yingying had always enjoyed this kind of highlight moment in front of her girlfriends or her natal family. She opened her mouth and wanted to say the price, but Huan waved his hand impatiently and said, “Eat, just eat.”

In Huan’s view, Yingying’s naked show-off of wealth was really not a good moral character, but this was her favorite hobby.

Fortunately, she was quite familiar with her husband’s emotions, and when she noticed that he didn’t like it, she quickly closed her mouth.

The corners of Yansheng’s lips slightly curled up.

Is it going to happen so early in this life?

Zheng lived in their house for nearly half a year in her previous life, and the reason why he left was because Huan lost a watch. Since the price exceeded one million yuan, Huan had called the police. He thought that a servant had stolen it. Before the police came, Yingying yelled at the servants, saying that they should take it out as soon as possible or they would be sent to jail.

But when the police came and asked everyone, Zheng was the one that got locked up instead. After the police used interrogation techniques and asked him a few questions, he showed his true colors. It turned out that he was the one who stole the watch.

This kind of issue between relatives, who lived in the same house, often depended on the attitude of the person who had lost something.

At that time, Yingying was dumbfounded. She pulled Shuocheng to cry and beg Huan to let Zheng go. If her nephew went to jail, she would be ashamed and would not have a face to go back to her parents’ home.

Huan forcibly endured it and withdrew the case.

But Zheng was also driven away by Yingying, and her returned to his hometown in a desperate manner.

Now that Yingying bought a car and showed off her wealth in front of Zheng so early, letting him know that Huan’s watch was worth so much money, Yansheng thought, what’s going to happen next?

The corner of her lips twitched, then she clipped a chopstick of vegetables and put them on Heling’s plate.

The little girl was rendered speechless.

Heling looked at her sister sternly, but Yansheng raised an eyebrow, so she ate the vegetables with a bitter face.

This scene was seen by their father. Huan felt that his daughters relationship was friendly and warm every day. He laughed loudly and nudged Heling with his chopsticks. “Eat more vegetables, you’ll be healthier if you eat vegetables.” As he said that, he also clipped a chopstick of vegetables both for Heling and Shuocheng. “It’s delicious, don’t be picky eaters.” 

Just like a loving old father.

After the meal, Yansheng deliberately did not go upstairs and followed the rest of the family to the small living room. When Heling saw that her sister did not go upstairs yet, she also followed Yansheng to the small living room like a tail.

Huan’s fatherly love hadn’t finished yet and it was a good time for him to show this as there was a ‘guest’ in their house now—Liang Zheng. He took Shuocheng to the small living room and asked him kindly if he had studied hard recently. Although he knew that under the supervision of his two daughters these days, his son was too restrained to study.

Shuocheng put his hands on his waist and was very proud. “I will do my homework as soon as I get up starting tomorrow.”

Heling immediately retorted, “You are lying! You always play first when you get up, and you won’t start writing until I go to your room to urge you!”

Then Shuocheng replied smugly, “Then I will finish it before noon!”

Heling threatened him, “Because if you don’t, sister will definitely beat you up. So of course, you have to finish it.”

The little boy squinted his eyes. “Leh leh heh!”

Yansheng had never gotten along peacefully with this pair of siblings in her previous life. She turned a blind eye to Heling and Shuocheng appeared to be in disarray all the time. Later on, she loathed them even more, so she decided not to see them anymore.

She looked at Shuocheng coldly and thought that it would be difficult for him, who was still young, to become the same Shuocheng in her past life—not only because of the large difference in appearance, but also because of the difference in the character.

In her previous life, Shuocheng grew up taller than her and did something horrible. Although Huan spent a lot of money to settle it, he still used his belt to beat his son when he came back home at that time.

However, that disciplinary action was completely useless. At that time, Shuocheng was already thirteen and had been brought up like that, so it was too late to turn him around.

Even if Huan hit him with a belt and cut off his financial sources, it was useless. He would still be like that.

Furthermore, Yingying couldn’t help herself and secretly gave him money.

Later on, Shuocheng was completely ruined.

At that time, Huan had much more white sideburns and hair than he does now. There were three children in the family, two of whom were unsuccessful and one was worthless, which made him feel very frustrated. He was already more than fifty years old and his physical energy was not as good as it was now. The focus of his life finally shifted from himself to his children, so he was deeply disappointed.

Unfortunately, there was no regret medicine in life. In the past, he was unwilling to take care of his children. Then later, when he realized that he had to discipline Shuocheng personally, his energy was no longer able to keep up and Shuocheng was already stereotyped. It was too difficult to correct his son’s attitude, which exhausted his energy so much.

But the current Shuocheng was different.

Yansheng originally thought that he would be difficult to handle. When she faced him, she took the attitude of treating him as a rapist and someone who committed crimes and violated the law. At first, she even felt that if this little boy would grow into what he later became, it would be better to kill him one hundred times, so as not to harm other girls in the future.

But after she started to look after him, she found that it couldn’t be easier—he obediently obeyed just only after two beatings.

In fact, he was only seven years old now and he was still an elementary student. He would only be in the second grade by the start of new school year in September.

There was still enough time.

It also proved the facts to Yansheng, who was reborn, that some things could be changed.

“Sister! Sister!” Heling suddenly came over, and grabbed Yansheng’s hand and shook it.

Yansheng then came back to her senses. “Huh?”

“Dad said that when my birthday comes, he’ll take us to the amusement park!” Heling’s face flushed with excitement.

Not only because she could go to the amusement park, but also because Huan, who had always ignored her, suddenly paid attention to her, which made her flattered.

“Oh, okay.” Yansheng didn’t take credit in front of the little girl. She touched Heling’s head and said, “Have fun then.”

“Sister, you should come too. Let’s go together, okay?” Heling was really looking forward to it.

Yansheng did not agree and only replied, “Let’s talk about it later.”

The little girl still couldn’t tell the meaning of ‘talk about it later’, and only felt that Yansheng was about—that it was equivalent to agreeing to her request.

She was so excited, but Yingying came to splash cold water.

“Why do you have to go to the amusement park on such a hot day,” she said disapprovingly. “Just have the aunts buy you a cake, so you can blow out a candle.”

In the past, Heling’s birthday was celebrated like this. There was no need to cook more dishes for dinner, because the usual dinner table was very sumptuous.

But there would be more cakes than usual, and she would blow a candle and make a wish. There would also be gifts. Yingying wouldn’t remind her husband and Huan wouldn’t remember Heling’s birthday either. It was only when he saw a candle on one of the cakes during dinner that he would remember it. With a smile, he would just ask Heling, ‘What do you want?’

Heling usually would mention something that she wanted but Yingying would refuse to satisfy her wish on purpose. Huan would tell his secretary to buy it, then he would bring it back to the little girl.

Heling was very satisfied when she got what she wanted.

This little girl never thought of saying ‘hello’ to her father in advance, telling him that her birthday was coming, and telling him what she wanted.

Yingying’s attitude of disgust and harsh treatment of Heling made Yansheng feel incomprehensible, especially as she watched the expression on Heling’s small face changed.

The little girl was excited just now, but her smile disappeared and her bright eyes dimmed right after she heard what her mother said.

Yansheng was so angry deep inside.