April 7, 2022

Chapter 24: Can’t Be a Daughter-In-Law, Then Be a Granddaughter-In-Law

“What?! Zhizhi wants to annul the marriage contract? This won’t work! I won’t agree. I will agree to whatever you want, except this one!”

The old lady’s roar could be heard faintly from the reception room.

Yuchen hadn’t come back to see the old master and the old madam for a long time, and it was rare for him to come back during his lunch break today.

He unbuttoned his suit and walked inside.

His movements were noble and elegant, and the expression on his handsome and peerless face was indifferent. His dark eyes glanced at the old lady’s garden, which she usually loves to take care of. He took off his suit and handed it to Mrs. Lin and asked, “Where’s the old madam?”

Mrs. Lin took the suit and replied, “Miss Qin is here. They seem to be talking about the annulment of their marriage contract, so the old madam is very angry now.”

The man raised his eyebrows. “Annulment of the marriage contract?”


“I’ll go and have a look.”

In the reception room.

Zhizhi wiped away her tears and sat beside the old lady, crying miserably, “Mother, Brother Chen has found a woman he loves and has a lovely child, Zhizhi doesn’t want to be a third party to their relationship, boohoo…”

The old lady felt a pain in her heart, so she hurriedly hugged her and said, “Zhizhi is not a third party, it’s all Chenchen’s fault, that rascal! You can rest assured because Mom is in charge and that Bai Qinyun will not enter the Ye family!”

Jianwen, who was on the side, said, “Old Madam, I know you like Zhizhi so much. But I, Qin Jianwen, can’t let other people insult my daughter like this. Since Qingchen came back, Zhizhi has become a laughingstock for everyone in the imperial capital. As her biological father, I can’t watch Zhizhi suffer a little injury.”

The old lady hugged Zhizhi and looked at him vigilantly. “It was you who stole Zhizhi from me before, and now, you still want to steal her again!”

“How can you say that I stole her? Zhizhi is originally my daughter.”

“She is my daughter!”

Zhizhi was silently crying, then her crying became louder, while the two had their own world arguing.

When Yuchen approached the reception room, he heard the little woman’s fake cry that she couldn’t keep faking anymore.

He pursed his lower lip lightly, then raised his foot and walked in.

The old lady saw her eldest grandson right away, so she called him over and complained while crying, “Yuchen, Zhizhi wants to annul their marriage contract, come and help me persuade your aunt.”

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Zhizhi cried loudly again.

She gave the old lady a thumbs up in her heart.

This aunt thing is really great!

She raised her head and looked at Yuchen excitedly, waiting for him to call her aunt.

The man was only wearing a black long-sleeved shirt now, the cuffs were rolled up to his elbows, and the black shirt and trousers he was wearing made him look a bit mysterious.

His gaze was cold and indifferent, and he snorted coldly when he saw the expectation in the woman’s eyes.

His thin lips opened slightly and said, “Grandma, if I don’t call her aunt, does that mean that their marriage contract will be annulled?”

The old lady glared at him. “Oh, would you like to call her little aunt instead?”

“Pfft—” Qin Zhizhi was smiling uncontrollably because of the old lady, raising her eyebrows to see how he would answer.

“A little aunt who will be a stepmother?” he asked.

Qin Zhizhi’s smiling face condensed.

Her mouth flattened, her hands covered her face, and then she began to cry again, “Mother, look, even Yuyu knows that it’s not good for me to be a stepmother for someone else’s kid, so you should agree for Zhizhi to annul this marriage contract.”

“No way!” the old lady immediately exclaimed.

Yuchen walked towards Jianwen and sat down. The sense of oppression on Yuchen’s face made Jianwen uncomfortable, so he shrank and moved to the side.

The old lady also cried again, crying with Zhizhi. She even cried more seriously and miserably than Zhizhi.

Jianwen couldn’t take this exaggerated drama scene anymore and said, “Old Madam, you are trying to force Zhizhi.”

The old lady sniffed, wiped her tears, and said, “So what if I’m forcing Zhizhi?! She can’t be my daughter anymore! But she can no longer be my daughter-in-law as well?! You have already broken our mother and daughter relationship before, and now, you want to break us up again!”

“If she can’t be your daughter-in-law, then she can be your granddaughter-in-law instead,” the indifferent man suggested.

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