April 8, 2022

Chapter 25: I Don’t Want to Be Zijie’s Wife

The other three people in the room were all stupefied.

The man’s soothing voice dropped and the entire reception room fell into a kind of eerie silence. All of them stared at him strangely, all with shocked expressions on their faces.

Zhizhi’s crying stopped abruptly and she couldn’t help but raised her head.

She actually thought about currying favor with Yuchen.

But he was a man with a child.

She didn’t know when the child’s mother will show up.

In the end, she could only sigh in her heart and thought, oh girl, you can only rely on yourself.

She pretended to wipe away her tears and said, “Mother, I don’t want to be Zijie’s wife. He is still so young. When he grows up, he will realize that I am an old lady by then and he will definitely dislike me.”

Yuchen’s expression turned gloomy in an instant.

While Jianwen was stupefied once again and thought, did I get it wrong? Could it be that the grandson Yuchen was talking about was not himself?

The old lady even forgot to cry after hearing that.

She opened her mouth and it took a long time before she could say a word, “Yuchen, Zijie is still so young, this kind of joke can’t be mentioned again, okay?”

Yuchen picked up the tea prepared on the side with a cold face this time. He poured some for himself in a cup and took a sip.

The tea was the finest Longjing tea, with a slightly astringent and fragrant taste in the mouth, and the fragrance would linger on the tip of the tongue for a long time.

It was like the smell of someone.

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He raised his eyes, glanced at the woman who was looking down and pretending to be crying, raised his hand, and pinched the center of his brows.

This woman was lacking too many lessons.

But if he told the truth to the old lady, it would only make her angry.

He exhaled a sigh of depression and said, “Oh well, I just said that to ease the atmosphere.”

The old lady breathed a sigh of relief, then thinking about her heart that was about to jump out of her throat just now, she stood up, pointed at him, and scolded, “You are considered to be his older brother, so how can you make fun of such a small child?!”

Jianwen didn’t have the courage to scold Yuchen too, so he only said, “Yeah.”

Old Master Ye heard the old lady’s voice when he came down from upstairs after his lunch break. He followed the servant with his cane and came to the reception room, then said, “What are you talking about? I heard your voice from far away.”

The old lady complained when she saw the old man, pointed to her eldest grandson, and exclaimed, “Do you know what your eldest grandson said? Zhizhi wanted to annul the marriage contract, but I disagreed. But he actually told me that if she can’t be my daughter-in-law, then she can be my granddaughter-in-law!”

The old man frowned and glanced at Zhizhi.

She didn’t say anything and just kept crying.

It was as if she had suffered a great grievance.

The old man’s expression became gloomy, but he concealed his curiosity and displeasure. He was about to speak again but he was interrupted.

“He actually asked Zhizhi to be the wife of our little grandson, Zijie. Do you think it’s fine for him to say something like that? How old is Zijie?!”

It was the old man’s turn to be stupefied.

The old lady gasped for breath and abruptly blocked the old man’s words.

The old man knew that he had just made a big mistake and he stared at his old wife with some complaints, “How old are you? You are still acting like when you are young, you don’t know how to speak clearly at once!”

The old lady stared at him fiercely. “What’s wrong with me? Are you disgusted that I am getting older now?!”

“All right, I was wrong, okay? Let’s get down to business.”

Jianwen stood up and greeted him. “Old Master, you must have known the meaning of why I brought my daughter here. Zhizhi is not worthy of Qingchen and I hope that you will agree to annul their marriage contract.”

The old man looked at Zhizhi again, who was still crying, thinking that he had almost misunderstood her just now, so he felt a little guilty.

With a gentle gaze, he asked her, “Zhizhi, do you really want to annul your marriage contract with Qingchen?”

Zhizhi raised her head with a sob, her eyes were red after crying for so long, and it was very painful to see.

A certain man frowned, with displeasure hidden in his eyes.

“Father, I think—”

At this moment, a cold voice suddenly sounded outside the reception room. “Qin Zhizhi, you witch, why have you come and look for my parents again?!”