April 6, 2022

Chapter 23: You Can’t Even Let Your Father Off!

“Zhizhi, don’t we really need to bring gifts?” Seeing that they were about to arrive at the Yes’ house, Jianwen took out a hat and put it on. “Or should I ask your Uncle Wang to go back and buy something?”

Zhizhi was fiddling with her nails while sitting in an elongated luxury car and sighed with her red lips. There is not enough time to get a manicure, she thought.

She lifted her eyes and glanced at her father. “Dad, we have to set a good attitude. We came here to question them and ask to annul this marriage contract, not to go there as guests and reciprocate their courtesy.”

Jianwen was still not convinced so he said, “But it’s not polite for us to do this. The Ye family is not an ordinary wealthy family.”

“Oh~” She rolled her eyes. “Dad, since you want to give them gifts, then just let Uncle Wang stop and pick a bunch of flowers on the side of the road.”

When Jianwen heard that, he thought, how could that work?

How embarrassing was it for him to give flowers as a gift? Furthermore, it was going to be given to the Ye family.

He thought about it again.

It was too late now, so a bunch of flowers was better than coming empty-handed. After hesitating, he glanced out of the car window and said, “All right, just let your Uncle Wang stop the car and I’ll go down—”

His words stopped abruptly.

Staring at the rows of chrysanthemums outside, he couldn’t speak anymore.

The flowers were blooming brightly and they were all white.

Zhizhi looked at her father’s expression, then she tilted her head and laughed. “Hahahaha! Does Dad still want to give them flowers?”

“I’ll give them some shit instead!” he exclaimed.

If he sent chrysanthemums to the Ye family, they would probably bury him directly under the chrysanthemums and serve as fertilizer for the chrysanthemums.

The car drove all the way to the Yes’ manor and a servant came to greet them.

Seeing Zhizhi, a servant called out to her passionately, “Miss Qin, you are finally here! The old madam talks about you every day!”

As soon as her feet landed on the ground, she was dragged away by a middle-aged woman.

She staggered and almost fell like a dog eating some shit.

The woman gripped her with so much strength that her wrist was about to be broken.

Does this servant have a grudge against me?

Despite that, she still suppressed her temper. “Auntie, do you know that I have a dog?”

“Oh, I have not heard it from the old madam,” the woman replied.

Jianwen also commented, “Zhizhi, you don’t have a dog in our house.”

“I just got it recently,” she said and winked her beautiful eyes at her father to stop him from speaking.

But he raised his hand to stop her. “There are rumors out there that you are crazy, but I still didn’t believe it. But I somewhat believe it now, you couldn’t even let your father off!”

Zhizhi was rendered speechless. What is he talking about?

The woman was still a little puzzled, so she asked, “What kind of dog does Miss Qin have?”

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Zhizhi ignored her father and said, “My dog ​​is not very obedient. When I took it for a walk on a leash, it would rush forward desperately just like you, Auntie, as if there was a piece of shit waiting in front of it.”

The woman opened her eyes wide and understood it now. She was basically saying that she was like a dog.

She was about to scold Zhizhi, when a child rushed out of the manor, ran over, and hugged her leg. “Grandma, where have you been? Zijie has been looking for you for a long time.”

Zhizhi narrowed her eyes and looked at the child.

With fair skin like a porcelain doll and a pair of roaming grape-like eyes, he looked very cute.

She pondered about his name—Zijie—the male and female leads’ son.

Her facial expression changed in an instant.

The woman, who was so hostile to her, turned out to be Bai Qinyun’s mother.

However, she wondered why she was at the Yes’ manor.

“Is Zhizhi back?”

Suddenly, a kind and older female voice sounded in the manor, and they saw an old lady with white hair walking out.

The old lady looked very good, her complexion was ruddy, her face was fleshy, and her body had a graceful and luxurious temperament.

She had four sons and only Zhizhi, an adopted daughter, was raised by holding her in the palm of her hands and pampering her since she was a child.

As soon as she hugged Zhizhi, she began to cry, “Oh, my Zhizhi, are you angry with me? You don’t even want to come to see me anymore.”

Zhizhi also cried, “Mother, it’s not that I don’t want to come and see you, but I’m just so sad, boohoo…”

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