April 5, 2022

Chapter 22: Move Him to Tears

Jianwen couldn’t bear to beat and scold this daughter, so he just scolded her a little bit, “You kid, why are you talking like that to Dad? Hurry up! Wash up and change your clothes, then come down for a meal. I have something to discuss with you.”

Zhizhi hugged the door and squinted. “I haven’t had enough sleep yet.”

Jianwen felt distressed when he saw her lack of energy. “How about I let you sleep for a little longer?”

Zhizhi’s eyes lit up in a flash.

She immediately regained her energy and the expression on her eyes changed as she looked at the old man. “Dad, have you changed your hairstyle?”

Jianwen’s expression immediately became a little subtle.

Last night, he thought that his hair was a little long, so he trimmed it using a hair clipper. However, he was not careful in the end and had trimmed a large part of his hair, so he has a bald spot at the top of his head now.

He coughed then replied, “Yesterday, I asked your Uncle Wang to trim it with a hair clipper. Who knew that he would not be so—”

Zhizhi grabbed his hands which stopped him from speaking. “Dad, your hair was cut so well, it makes you look ten years younger—no, twenty years instead! Your impressive and imposing appearance, tall and mighty, and elegant and graceful manner suddenly came out!”

Jianwen was praised a little bit by his daughter. He touched his head and asked, “Really?”

Zhizhi nodded vigorously. “It’s true! If Dad doesn’t believe me, then you should wake Yifan up and ask him.”

Then, there was a loud bang.

Zhizhi closed the door, turned around, and went back to sleep.

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Jianwen was pleased, very pleased.

It turns out that I have such a good image in my daughter’s heart! As expected, my daughter is the most affectionate and intimate one!

He came to Yifan’s room and knocked on his door.

He knocked like there was an emergency and his tone of voice changed as well. “Stinky boy, you haven’t gotten up yet? Don’t you know that you’re going to be late for school?!”

Who could guess what happened next?

After a while, Jianwen roared angrily, “How dare you to say that I am ugly?! Your sister clearly said that I even look twenty years younger now! This bastard! Did you not get enough beatings yesterday?!”


It was already noon when Qin Zhizhi woke up.

While she was heading downstairs for lunch, she found out that Jianwen did not go to the company.

He still looked at her with a smile, even with his bald head. “Zhizhi is up, come down here to eat. After lunch, we’ll go to the Yes’ house.”

Zhizhi’s footsteps paused and probed, “Go to the Yes’ house?”

“Yes, that’s right. Dad had thought about it. Ye Qingchen not only brought a woman back but also brought a son back. My Zhizhi can’t be humiliated like this, so we’ll go to the Yes’ house to annul this marriage contract!”

When he mentioned the annulment of her marriage contract, Jianwen cautiously glanced at his daughter.

When Qingchen just came back and brought a woman and a son from abroad, he discussed it with Zhizhi, but she dismissed this idea, and she said that it would be better for her to die than to annul their marriage contract.

Zhizhi held her chin to think about the plot.

Is there such a scene in the novel?

But she didn’t seem to remember.

Seeing her gesture, Jianwen thought that she was still not open to discussing this issue, so he got ready to persuade her, “Zhizhi, just listen to Dad’s advice. Marrying Qingchen is not a good thing, he—”

“Dad, let’s go and annul this marriage contract now! You stay there and wait for me! I’m going to change my clothes first.”

Jianwen was left there speechless as Zhizhi ran upstairs with a lot of vitality.

She remembered that there was such a plot, but this annulment proposal was strongly rejected by the original owner. The author just wrote about it and did not describe it in detail

For a man like Ye Qingchen, even if his father did not mention the annulment, she would definitely find a way to annul this marriage contract herself.

Furthermore, he was still the male lead and she was just a female supporting character.

Both the father and daughter set off towards the Yes’ house in a majestic manner. For the annulment of this marriage contract, Jianwen set aside all of his work that day and made preparations to persuade his daughter for a whole day

He never thought that his daughter would suddenly grow up and become clear-headed and mature now.

He was moved to tears.

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